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  1. Whatever..its not worth the argument with anyone...everyone has their opinions and wont convince me its safe until we know the long term for covid, i know many who had it and got over it with natural remedies if caught early..there is always something left out of each story. Msm keeps pushing for it and now it has to make you wonder why they cant give some of it away . ill take my chances before i put that crap in my veins.
  2. I think im done. I got careleless and most of my seedlings are done in. Whats left is outside to harden. I just might be taking a haitus this year
  3. From what i read the explanation simplified was the antibodies produced by the vaccine take over for the natural antibodies and push them out of the way becoming the dominant defense....this reduces the bodies natural immunity and can supposedly cause other issues later on for other natural immunities for other virus's. If its true, the theory makes it sound like the bodies natural defense to the common cold could even be compromised.
  4. Thats what i said until the blood clot issue went over as it turns out has a pretty crappy history hurting people with its product
  5. Agree on all points except Its not a vax....its a shot of spike does horrible sheet to your immune system..but if you feel safer getting it, so be it. Maybe its really a purge weapon and thats why biden is so eager to share know green new deal and all..gotta reduce emissions somehow..not enough cowfarts in the world to make a difference..but people. Yes.
  6. You are not a true surf fisherman if you have never reeled in a gull or stern.
  7. Nope...but the part of mental health is a little on the crying room agenda...maybe it will work...dems hate seeing their kind emotionally upset
  8. Has anyone actually gone to the vaers website and do a search on the vaccines? I did..i entered phiza and moderna, looked just reported deaths, and permanant disabilities for age 59 and over and showed symptoms and meds and history......very interesting results. Its amazing to see how many people died within days of the shot that had allergies to latex or other things as well as how many just were found dead after getting the shots with a diagnosis of unknown cause.. You all can keep your supposed vaccine thats still not approved while you still need to wear your masks until they figure out if it works or not. I have a special zombie gun im saving for the apocolypse.
  9. So if you had covid you must have antibodies....natural immunity. Why the need for a shot? The shot is supposed to increase herd immunity.
  10. Fox sucks more and more. I told my wife today i dont want to watch the news anymore...mostly i watch fox business for the stock market info but its all gloom and doom and i swear stu varney thinks hes hosting a horserace each day.. Oan is great at reporting everything ..yes with bias towards america first and preserving the constitution and our rights...none of which the libs support so yes i guess its a pro trump network since hes all for america and they support him. Unfortunately its all repetitive though but there is actual journalism there over just biased opinions of every other station. I used to switch to cnn or msnbc once in a while to see what the idiots are saying but they are all so woke its sad. Lemmon and cuomo and madcow make me want to puke through my butthole. Even cartoons are censored now. True journalism is dead. First amendment is under attack and losing the battle. The woke crowd is taking over. Its time to sit quiet and watch the crowds eat each other and be ready to defend yourself.
  11. Ill bet she learned that rehtoric from her favorite college professor too Sad part is it affects the innocent who cant move from the overtaken hoods Why isnt this all over the news? It portrays the typical woke liberal lunatics they dont want the rest of the world to see thats why....but if whitey flipped her the bird you can betchya there would be protests and looting...these people are animals pure and simple I would have thrown the book at her but you can be sure if he did it would be all over the news for a twisted version of harassment. Hopefully the judge sees fit to find a way to give her max penalty
  12. I just burn mine
  13. Its just an organized sanctuary city that will be supported by the dems to garner their votes...they will infiltrate the white neighborhoods in peaceful riot protests, loot pillage and burn and then run and hide to their protected little haven... Like i said large target is an easy takedown...forget the fence.
  14. I think its great...the city will be entirely indigenous racially biased rioters in one place....let it get filled to capacity then build a giant fence around it and keep the animals at bay.
  15. I dont know whats worse..4 pages of garbage over a photo or READING ALL OF THE POSTS.. i wish i was fishing more and working less...should have never retired..