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  1. So thinking about this a little harder is this the beginning of a socialistic regime. News agencies are reporting the news biasedly mostly favoring the lying liberals and their socialist agenda. Afraid to sway from status quo for fear of "professional or personal suicide". This is how it starts. And once the lying liberals who state "I am not a socialist" get elected, they will raise your taxes and push the free health care and college for all while they turn the United states into little Venezuela.
  2. I just got goose bumps
  3. Yes. And she is no dummy. She did the math and figured 25 thousand jobs were not enough to help them all so go away amazon. Gotta hand it to some of these college kids...they are whicked smaaat.
  4. Awesome. And they could hand all those flyers in the men's rooms stalls on the parkway or text them to folks.
  5. Realtor or by owner you can have a hundred people come thru your door and get no buyers or get your first one and get lucky. If you are going to sell on your own then make sure you do your homework and price correctly and know your market. There is nothing worse than having your house overpriced and sitting on the market too long to be considered a good buy. Know your demand in your neighborhood and how quickly they sell. If the average house is on the market for 3 or more months then expect it will be hard to move on your own. If they dont last long then you may have a chance to move it quickly if you dont over price it. Also do your own marketing and blitz it out for your open houses. Advertise all over. Balloons on all major corners, signs, flyers. Stage it right. No clutter, minimal wall what the pros do. Have all guests sign a sheet they were there. You will get mostly realtors looking to list you and you may be able to bargain with them to take an open listing where you pay them a commission If they bring you a buyer and exclude the ones you find or come to your open house. Most realtors won't touch the paperwork unless your giving them 2 or 3 percent. There also is a MLS listing for owners that will put you in the book for a hundred bucks but again only realtors will canvas you mostly. If your house is on a main street or in an area where its hard to sell or the back woods well then it might be worth it to get some realtor exposure. As far as paperwork goes that is what attorneys are for. You will pay more but still less than a re commission if you sell on your own. Good luck
  6. Cut
  7. They should hold the clowns who dropped this ball responsible. The only way the current laws will be enforced is if the negligent enforcers that don't do their jobs properly are flogged in public so the rest can see.
  8. I cant imagine what it must be like going to school all those years to learn how be a good journalist and really thinking you are going to make a difference then landing that 6 figure job and being handed a script to read. Kind of like being an overpaid car salesman selling junkheaps. Anyone know the suicide rate for newscasters?
  9. WIENER FOR PRESIDENT.......pass it on
  10. Hey I got a joke What do vampires and hippocrates (aka liberals) have in common???? They don't see their reflections when they look in the mirror. .. Bada da da da dumbbbbppfffff
  11. He Should have said "CUTE AS A PONY" then we would all be agreeing with him.
  12. My guess is this guy was about to be written off the show and had no prospects so his PR person cooked up a hairbrained scheme to get him in the news. Typical Hollywood scandal fashion for washed up actors to regain their limelight. Ingenious dont you think? Never even knew this guys name till now, but now his name is on everyone's tongue in america. Only this time it seems to be backfiring. Well at least he got what he paid for. He is famous.
  13. Most of the ones you get in any restaurant are from the can. The only ones I found to be palatable since the embargo are from France and frozen in the shell with a pesto type sauce. Nothing like the ones I made and took a while getting used to but better than not having them at all. Nice eric. I can see you now in your kayak paddling through the croc infested swamp with your flannel shirt and a machete on your side.....crocodile flan-dee.
  14. Flavor of the week. On to some other distraction. This is like having alzheimers. Too many things to keep track of so its FIFO on the brain dump. By the time the primaries come around we all will be so overloaded we will be thinking Hillary is the fresh new candidate.
  15. These days it is pretty easy to piss off liberals. They are all mad at the world for everything they don't agree with and one simple syllable uttered to contradict them gets their blood boiling......maybe that's why trump chose signify the blood oozing our of their...well you know what.. I think I'll get me one and wear it to church next time I go. Do they sell bullet proof vests on that website too?