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  1. White folk dont get cool names like that because they are afraid to admit their crimes. But hey. Killary hillary sounds like a good start for BLM activist.
  2. Better yet.. I would like to see the looter trash and burn the cars and houses of all the politicians that are backing them. That karma would be so much more rewarding.
  3. Bottom line , the money he stands to lose being ousted overruled his ethics and his ability to stand strong. Puzzy
  4. I think it's all relative.. you either have a good experience with any of them or you dont. All depends on the agent you get on the other end of the phone that handles your claim. As for prices my experience is the few bucks I saved with geico didnt pay off when I needed them. And they raised their rates or are quick to want to drop you right after a claim. Had similar issues with home insurance etc. I'll bet now with all the riots and looting and damage they are all going to be suffering major losses and have new standards for paying out. Read the loopholes.
  5. Had them a few times and nothing but bad experiences with them. When we needed them for accidents they gave us a hard time about paying out. My daughter was t bones at a light and the medical stopped while she was in therapy and still hurt. Had to fight for my kids car payment when he was hit. His car was totalled and they refused to total it. Just a bunch of horrible experiences. I switched to allstate and have no issues. Pay a little more but it's worth the peace of mind. On the flip side my in laws in ny have them and have their full prices returned and cars fixed when they had issues..they love them.
  6. That's the wrath of god reigning Down on all the violence. To be followed by meteors and earthquakes and sinkholes
  7. We have mayors of several places telling looters it's ok to loot while they tell us it's not ok to fight back. Cops are not being backed up and people trying to protect themselves are getting killed. Criminals are let loose and people sitting on a beach are arrested for sunbathing. Looters and rioters are masquerading as protestors and vigilantes. We all worked hard to get what we have and keep our families financially stable and secure. If someone wants to break into your house or burn it down Its safe to assume you are intending to be harmed and should have full access to shoot to kill. Maybe a warning shot to people coming on your property and defacing your car but if they dont run then all bets are off. This is war. There is nothing wrong with standing guard outside your home or business and shooting a trespassers or bashing his or her head in.
  8. Be interesting to see what happens to all the municipal bonds etc as cities and states go broke over all this destruction. My guess is taxes will go up tenfold to make up the difference and all our market profits will be ahniliated . I am getting really worried about staying the course for another 5 years or so.....retirement may be a thing of the past.
  9. Its up to the people to force him out. Storm his house and demand he resign. They wont do it. They voted for him. And then last election made NY almost 100 percent liberal. They got what they asked for. Where are the other leaders and why arent they stepping up..they all seem to be too busy defending the rioters. I bet if Trump declares that any city that refuses the national guard in the first few days of mayhem is exempt from receiving any federal aid, the guard will be there in an instant.
  10. Adam sandler movie. It was pretty funny and awful at the same time. Spade is the guy you hate to watch for any length of time but waiting for rob Schneider to make an appearance is always worth the agony.
  11. Nobody is screwing with the guys standing vigil armed to the hilt. If they know they might get shot by more than one person they will walk away. I just heard a story of a philly gunshop owner who stood vigil in his store. They broke through three doors and he shot them. The way it should be.
  12. A product of the liberal radical colleges they attended as well which act as recruiting stations for these punks.
  13. Double post
  14. Reading all these facebook posts it's hard to refrain from commenting and invite knocks on the door, but this is what the 2nd admendment is all about. Protecting ourselves when goverment cant or wont. Look at nyc and it disgusts me to see the farce of a mayor and governer blame everyone around them and encourage these punks more and blatantly refuse the natl guard while they work behind the scenes to strip folks of their rights to bear arms. You dont see them looting in the towns where the business owners are guarding their stores with arm's. World is changing. Hold on to your guns and stay locked and loaded.
  15. I used Cabot Australian timber oil. Its holding up pretty good