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  1. Too early to make assumptions on anyone's part. No real info on the shooter other than his race and sexual confusion from his pics. You can't make statements over gun co trol and the like until you have the facts.. Just pretty strange how these things seem to happen just before major elections giving the dems another narrative to push to enrage the haters (leaked scotus ruling calling for a summer of rage, two mass shootings but no word about the Brooklyn subway shooter). All timed perfectly to enrage the masses just as the polls show the dems are losing. And all the shooters are seemingly deranged people who the system pushed aside. Bidens words mean nothing. He is inept and In coherent. The push is on for red flag laws now and thats the new agenda. They want your guns and will do anything to get them. Just like they didn't want trump and did anything to get rid of him. They won't address the real failures of our mental health system because it does not serve in their interest or gain new voters. But rage does when you rile up the masses and tug at their tear strings. I think society today is lost as a whole. Most of us boomers were raised by parents who taught their kids to respect weapons and people around us. Single parenting, drugs, video games, two job parents with no time for supervision, dispaced the real world values we learned from real adults. Todays kids are victims of a mental media, mental liberal teachers, screwed up science, and violence in movies and video games. They are being taught confusion, rage, bullying and vengeance along with entitlement for being put on this earth. Until we go back to teaching basics, playing stickball, tag, and riding bikes, and old fashioned parenting there, there is no easy fix for the mental destimulation we are letting society and politicians burden them with. Very sad day for these parents and kids. Prayers sent for them all.
  2. Hey river. 2013. That's too low, for brand new unused. If I dont sell them I'll just leave them for upstate and get boots. Sorry brother but my bottom line would be 300. Tom
  3. In today's age of cameras everywhere, its hard to imagine the authorities won't be able to confirm the suspicion he met somebody. Maybe even a few on the bay to give some accounting.
  4. Yeah it happens from time to time
  5. Not even gonna try and make sense of that jibberish.....yes a peacock..two of them.. figured they escaped from great adventure
  6. I've been 25 years and only heard of three or four bears ever spotted here. Not common but expected as you said. I saw peacocks once in my yard which was a rarity. It doesn't bother me as a hunter. I have been waiting for the next siting anyway. I would be careful leaving my dog out for sure and I would be cautious going out at night so its good to have an alert they are here.. I just get a kick from all the folks posting fox and raccoon sitings on ring like they never saw one before. Run and hide.
  7. They are building more and more down there, pushing them out. It was only a few blocks from rt 9. A mile from my house. It has to be running those woods from Micheal tigh Park to turkey swamp. I walk my dog in there all the time and mushroom hunt in there. I'll look for tracks next time I go.
  8. Started my tomatoes this morning. I'm doing seeds for cukes and squash so I'm a little late but I'll try to finish up the rest this weekend
  9. Too late to take stop losses and goto cash? I have alot in small cap I want to move over to large cap but not sure if I should wait for a rebound
  10. I saw one or a mountain lion years ago in town. Ran across the road in front of me at 2am in the fog. Long tail, big cat. I knew what it wasn't and I'm sure they are here along with the yotes. Stonehouse section by 537 and jacksons mills. Someone's yard a block in from the main road. Probably in turkey swamp by now
  11. Someone back yard cam. Don't know the facts.
  12. Scary what power the dems have to cancel the opposition just like that.
  13. Scary what power the dems have to cancel the opposition just like that.
  14. Not saying it isn't concerning, but some People here friek out over fox on their ring cams. And a bear most likely isn't going to attack you unless you corner it or it has cubs.
  15. Got this video of a bear in the neighborhood last night. Be interesting to see the mayhem It causes with all the new city transplants. Another Garden Video_001.mp4