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  1. Hope it's that Baldwin jerk from SNL.
  2. Have to be pretty desperate to eat any roadkill anything. Ever hear of brain wasting disease? Not knowing if that animal had that before it committed hari Kari is not something I would play with. Hunting allows me to observe the behavior of the animal before I kill it. Of course it could be in the early stages then you may never know, but take a chance on roadkill....nope not me. As for the squirrels disappearing, I have seen tons of Turkey vultures lately circling the area..I think they only go after wounded or dead things though. My vote is all the round up people use is killing them when they eat those tainted buried nuts. I used to hunt and eat them upstate only. Tasty as hell but a tease. And I read recently they carry some kind of wierd bug that's linked to human Jacob's crutchfield. That's enough for me. Back to rabbits.
  3. You contradict yourself. Stop voting for the same two parties but vote for the best from both parties....which do you want folks to do and why are you calling out Trump when Clinton and Obama were worse. And to answer your first question in general. Yes I am tired of all people in power getting away with priveledge...this includes Hollywood stars who commit treason and incite riots.
  4. Lol ...emoluments... she learned a new word but got the definition from the wrong children's book. yeah I guess Clinton and Obama didnt have any emoluments during their tenure. And cant have any emoluments from that bad Amazon corporation........socialism at its finest hour.....and stuff.... Also think he had her at three....she can't count that high
  5. Didnt read all three pages. Pure and simple Trump is Guilty of the worst crime any president can ever commit in today's twisted society. Yes folks he is that dirty P word all housemates are disgusted by and half of Congress abhors. From the football coaches to the girl scouts yes the P word is just too horrible to bear and this president must go down for it. Clinton and Obama would never be this. How dare he inflict these morals on our innocent children. How dare he talk openly in public about it. Disgusting I tell you. Just too dirty to mention here but i will try in the Hope's of not getting censored. Trump is Guilty of ..................... PATRIOTISM. That cursed flag lover. Burn him at the steak.
  6. Spent
  7. If you sleep in separate bedrooms it's no fun farting and pulling the sheets over your own head without someone to share it with.
  8. I dont have a choice now. My cologuard test came back positive so I have to follow up. I am nervous as hell but its gotta be done.
  9. I was thinking about this today...Tell me if this makes sense. So for for about 15 grand over 3 years you turn it in and get a new car.....30 grand over 6 years and 90 over 9 if you keep turning them In.averages to about ten grand a year. If you bought and sold them at the same rate every three years....on a 35k car you would probably sell if for about 15k so you would be down about 2O k on the first cycle. Do it again in three years now your down about 40k plus your down payment. Third cycle same thing your at 60k and with all the down payments maybe your at 75 or even 90. But you got a car that's worth 15k in the 9th year (every cycle actually) BUYING gives you equity back.......leasing the restrictions on mileage. Leasing pays if you can write it off or dont want to put a big down payment down to keep the payments low. but otw, depending on the amount you pay you might be better off buying and selling if you keep your cars pristine and have a bigger down payment to keep using.. I am not sure I will lease again after this unless it's like 180 a month.
  10. Actually the angles around the fireplace weren't that bad. I have 3/4 of floor down today and I couldn't have planned the fireplace any better if I tried. Piece ended right at the edge of the 45 I need to cut.
  11. I am not mr. Angle when it comes to cutting. Struggle a bit with the saw but for the most part it gets done. Getting around the fireplace might be a challenge. I hope to have this mostly completed today
  12. Most people I that position of high stress would look sickly, pale and thin. I would say she either has a serious eating disorder or has a high daily junk food intake to keep her adrenaline going for those press briefings. Ellar......need some glasses? When was the last time you had your eyes checked ?