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  1. Yes life of truck. Im not worried about collision company , they are a good one pissed at insurance co for letting it get that far And not listening to them.
  2. Got my baby back today...6 months to repair..there outta be a law. Hooefully its good to go and will get my planned ten years..we will see.
  3. The movie was built around a main character and his fight for honor, not around a monstor. It was the frist godzilla movie to have an actual story which made it different. And the story was about unity and people coming together when their government failed them. There is alot more hidden meaning in there than most people realize. I think alot of people missed that plot. Still some cool effects and nice to see godzilla unanimated.
  4. Liberal parents of today are the product of participation trophies yesterday. We have no one to blame but ourselves for letting it happen. Its way too late to stop it.
  5. I predicted this a few months ago. Its not rocket science. Helps set the tone for the election with the masses that are straying Its like a reign on a horse. We are due for one or two more before September. If they really feel like they are gonna lose, you can expect a few abortion clinics to get vandalized and it blamed on right wing groups and three more women to come out and say trump raped them fifty years ago.
  6. When you look at pa and how fetterman won over oz, and how newsome was recalled and voted in again..better prepare yourself for a headbanging 4 years in 2028. And i think politically retarded is a wrong term. Many retarded individuals can reason, they just cant articulate well. The voters who vote for these fools are just stupid braindead airheads.
  7. Sure they will. The question is will they be allowed to continue their violent rampages of destruction or will they be stopped before it is allowed to escalate. My guess is the sheep will still sit back and do nothing while they are allowed to destroy qhats left of civilization.
  8. Been a few weeks. Still waiting for a locksmith....dont buy these pieces of garbage
  9. If i go will you sing happy birthday to me
  10. In a way yes he was right. Nyc would still be much safe than it is now.
  11. I boycott going to the movies to support overpaid liberal actors...but i did go to see godzilla. He eats everyone without prejudice and doesnt get political.
  12. Being godzilla was originally a product of the nuclear age, i didn't see a different hidden meaning than the original . But unlike other godzilla movies, this one had a significant story built around it. I guess you can conclude a significant message is being implied by the ending. But I also wont give any spoilers. In the end it was well done and easy to follow like Surf said. I actually liked this godzilla over all the others. The cinematography i thought was spectacular. The cutting from color to black and white was some nice effects. I went with my wife who is a real sport for going with me and i was a like a kid at a sponge bob fest. Lol. The only thing missing was the little kid or old man pointing at the sky yelling godzrilla and his lips not synced. If it happened i missed it yelling it myself while wifey rolled her eyes.
  13. Great movie. It was fun seeing him o n the big screen. Glad they got some bigger toy tanks. I ate a whole big tub of popcorn and a large drink. Im sure ill pay for that tonight.
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