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  1. Sounds like god was playing with his flashlight again.
  2. Lol that's my bro in law This is me
  3. It would make more of an impression if they used a mannequin and stuck each hook I the same place they removed it from....ouch
  4. Amazon's payback to AOC for ousting them. Everyone will be ordering lanterns and flashlights when they go on sale prime day and the couriers will flood the streets.
  5. That was a fun night. I was about 15 and remember everyone outside riding our bikes through the neighborhoods with our lights on in the pitch black. All the neighbors were outside like one big block party.
  6. 20160702_100316_001.mp4I got a portable rotisserie and we use it upstate over our firepit and I set it up at home as well. Love cooking over wood. Poor little piggie
  7. It's supposed to rain this weekend. Trying to let them dry a bit more before I pick them debating just pulling them today. Not sure if I wait a week if they will get too wet with the storm
  8. I started picking these yesterday. Thinking I could wait another week see if they get any bigger
  9. Congradulations...... I never win anything. I am so jealous. I like cool stickers.
  10. Most carriers offer some third party call blocker you can download. Check with them or google for free ones with no ads.
  11. I would love to see this go to the supreme court and win with a favor for transporting guns to second home from out of state residents as well. I live in nj and cant take my pistols upstate sucks
  12. "The boat ended up passing him between him and shore, probably 100' or so away. Obviously, the guy had to stop fishing and turn into the wake to avoid swimming. " The big boys seem to like to tread on the little guys and not use common sense. All he had to do was slow down as he passed him and be considerate. Guess he didnt use common sense or didnt care enough to. Exactly why I never kayaked out front.
  13. There are tons of I considerate boat captains out there. From the charters and privates that come right on top of the guys in shore to the ones that speed past others and create dangerous wakes. Bringing a kayak out front is akin to risking a motorcycle in nyc. I was never comfortable in it even in some parts of the bays with all the idiots around. Let's face it. Look at all the rich folks moving Into the beach houses and putting up fences to keep everyone out. These are probably the majority of the captains like that that think they own the water too.
  14. Great advice thanks. Rain in the forecast next few days is preventing me from picking them. Rained all night and now sun is out. If I can get two days of dry I will pick them
  15. Mike what is your curing process once you harvest them obviously I want to keep some for planting but the rest for the winter. How long do you let them dry in the sun before taking them inside..etc