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  1. I actually called NH Fish and Game to get an official answer. Fishermen are fine below the HIGH tide line, FYI.
  2. What is New Hampshire’s law on shoreline access for fishermen? I know Maine and Mass. both allow access to fishermen, hunters, travelers in the tidal zone of private property, but I cannot find anything for NH. Thanks
  3. Sounds just a little too big. Thank you anyways
  4. After looking the sizing up, these would be too large. Thank you anyways
  5. Looking for stocking foot waders. They’ll be for someone who is just getting into fishing, so just looking for something basic for now. Size 11.5 shoe. Size Large thanks in advance
  6. Still looking for flies the ones above. Any info?
  7. @KironaFly Alright I’m definitely interested. Sorry for the delay but I’ll have to wait until Saturday night to give you a definite answer.
  8. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. I saw one just like that in a picture at some point, but I have not been able to find a source. Do you only have those two? And would you be willing to part ways with them?
  9. Looking for 8 or 10” eel flies. Or if someone can point me in the right direction of a shop that sells them. Thanks in advance.
  10. Let’s see what people have for pictures so far
  11. I don’t know what to make of this, but I saw just the opposite. Almost every time I went out, it almost only schoolies. All season I was thinking to myself how promising this must be for the fishery in a few years.
  12. Not sure if there is a NY hunting post yet for 2018. I know MASS has one but I scrolled back a bit and didn’t see one here. Please just point me in the right direction if I’m wrong, and if not, let this serve as the opening to share anything hunting.
  13. Like many people have commented before, this season was not like most others for me. I’m used to seeing breaking fish for at least a short time almost every morning I go out. This year I saw a huge blitz the very first morning I went out in May, and that was the last one. I caught fish throughout the year, but I was shocked by the lack of visible fish, whether that be swirls, splashes, or blitzes.
  14. After telling my girlfriend and myself “this will probably be my last time going out” five or six times, I found myself trying again today. One schoolie in about 20 minutes of fishing.