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  1. Were the rocks around Fort Constitution and the Coast Guard station always off limits to fishing? Or is it only allowed during their hours of operation? Fished these rocks this morning and as I made my way back to my car, two guardsmen explained that I was on private property. I thought I read about people fishing there and I know I’ve seen pictures of it (one being at sunrise) so I’m a bit confused.
  2. Wanted to revisit this discussion after having great success using a Bomber this past weekend (never had any luck beforehand). I was fishing a rip at a new spot where I’m really not sure how deep the water was or what the ground structure was like. I could feel the bomber hitting ground on every retrieve. I’ve never felt it this much with an SP minnow. This could’ve just been a very shallow area but I was wondering if the bomber vibrates more on contact or if it dives deeper? This was frustrating because I was catching fish at this depth, but was also getting hung up or catching weeds on every cast.
  3. I struck out around Odiorne Saturday morning. Saw/heard some fish going after small bait (rain bait or something similar). I just didn’t have anything small enough to match that. I’ve never fished the fall run up this way but plan to this year, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to DM.
  4. Same flies up here in NH the past week.
  5. Haven’t heard many reports about NH stripers recently. I haven’t been out for more than an hour or two over the last couple weeks so I’m just wondering how things have been. How has the river, beaches/shores and anywhere else been?
  6. Not sure if the guy had the engine running or was just going with the current but he came through the fog and slammed the jetty no more than 10 feet away from my brother and me. Not sure if the guy was drunk, if he was having engine problems, or if he was just lost in the fog. Just wondering if anyone heard any details from police.
  7. Anyone around the East end of the canal last night see or hear the sailboat hit the jetty in Sandwich?
  8. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be sure to stay away until he’s caught.
  9. This all sounds like a pretty good plan to start managing the fishery, but in reality, how likely is it that we will ever see this happen? I wish it was easier to get laws like this passed because this is one of the only somewhat reasonable solutions I’ve heard of.
  10. Just kidding. But I thought people might get a kick out of this one.
  11. At my spot by 3 Sunday morning. still had to walk a quarter mile further just to find an opening. Not 30 minutes later and two guys set up less that 50 feet on each side of me.
  12. Anyone know of any good fishing related deals on Amazon today?
  13. Forgot to add: one part of the weekend I enjoyed was when two guys set up no more than 50 feet on each side of me and proceeded to snap off their plugs on each of their first casts. Gave me a good laugh to lighten my mood.
  14. Saw someone posted a comment earlier basically stating “just because you’re allowed to keep one per day, doesn’t mean you have to.” Then I saw this picture on a fishing app. I understand some people use fish to provide for themselves and their families, but it was sad seeing how many fish were left flopping on the bike path or dragged to a car. Another low low point of the weekend was overhearing someone say “I’ve never caught a fish before. I don’t even know how to scale this thing, but I’m keeping it.” I’ve always avoided the canal on these crowded streaks until last night/this morning. It really was shocking and I saw everything awful that I’ve ever read about on here.
  15. Anyone get any good pictures of the madness this weekend? Trying to explain the crowds to my girlfriend but I think a picture would help.