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  1. I think I only need the one. Thank you!
  2. @CC Rider sounds good to me. I’ll take it! Any chance for a local pick up? I’ll DM you about that. Thanks!
  3. Looking for a Penn Spinfisher V 3500. New or used in good condition. Just hoping for a better price than new from store. Thanks!
  4. Still looking for one more line!
  5. Ok I’ll take it. PM coming.
  6. Looking for two 8wt intermediate sinking lines. Let me know what you’re selling!
  7. Found a pocket knife at Wentworth Coolidge Mansion. Contact me with a description if you lost one in the area.
  8. Haha alright. I was hoping Cape was for Cape Cod and I could pick it up this weekend. Never mind that idea. Ill take it. PM coming.
  9. Where are you located?
  10. Is that intermediate and 8wt as well?
  11. @Cape unfortunately just saw this. Do you still have this line for sale?
  12. I actually called NH Fish and Game to get an official answer. Fishermen are fine below the HIGH tide line, FYI.
  13. What is New Hampshire’s law on shoreline access for fishermen? I know Maine and Mass. both allow access to fishermen, hunters, travelers in the tidal zone of private property, but I cannot find anything for NH. Thanks
  14. Sounds just a little too big. Thank you anyways
  15. After looking the sizing up, these would be too large. Thank you anyways