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  1. Just put together a few new combos for the fresh and wanted a recommendation on what leader material you guys are using.. I know a lot of guys have recommended that I stick with mono, and I understand your reasoning, but I'm much more comfortable fishing braid for the majority of the time.. I did keep a fuego lt 1000 spooled with #4 silver thread for days when line freeze is an issue, but put braid on my other 2 reels... I have a fuego lt 1000 with a full spool of fireline #4 and a ballistic lt 1000 topped off with #6 832.. My question is, what are your preferences as far as leader material is concerned? flouro? Mono? #4? #6? Other? And what knots are you using to attach the leader to your braid? I'm mainly targeting trout right now so leader strength is a non issue, but will be going out next week to find some pickerel and I'm assuming I will need heavier leader for them.. #10? #15? Just doing anything I can to keep the winter blues at bay.... Thank you in advance for your help guys..
  2. Im on LI.. Got my first for the year on new years day.. had many that day to a over 20lbs.. it's gotten sparser since, but I still managed a few here and there.. i would be finding more if I hadn't turned the better part of my attention to freshwater recently... IMHO, fishing freshwater on a nice sunny afternoon beats roughing the frigid cold windy nights blind casting in hopes of enticing a cold and lazy holdover to hit a lure... Holdovers are still around if you know where to look.. but you gotta remember, it's a different type of fishing this time of year.. seasons closed so its STRICTLY c&r.. and that said you gotta give the fish the best chance of survival.. I only fish crushed barbs.. and you have to try not to remove the fish from the water when you unhook and release. I realize that sometimes its unavoidable, but exposure to freezing cold air can cause serious damage to the gills... also, keep in mind that a the survival rate drops as the salinity of the water drops, so if your fishing estuaries and rivers and such, you should be especially careful.. Im not one for bait fishing all that much so I couldnt say for sure, but I keep hearing a lot of guys have more luck with bait this time of year. If you do go that route I would have to recommend circle hooks w crushed barbs only, so as to give the fish the best odds of minimal injury and successful release... Have fun.. Edit to say.... I have been "scolded" no less than 4 times in the past 2 months by (I'm sure well meaning) individuals who claim fishing for bass is !!!ILLEGAL!!!! Outside of the season... while some people may feel strongly about it, the law is the law, and I'm just gonna pop a copy of it up here for the sake of clarity.. Taken from the NYS DEC regs, readily available online..
  3. Strictly speaking about bass here.. I'm a plug guy and really dont enjoy soaking bait at all (for bass anyway).. that said, I have a friend who swears by bunker oil.. he mixes it 50/50 with vasoline to get it sticky and then slatheres it all over his plugs... does it help him catch more? I've never noticed a real difference to be honest.. I am not however discounting that there is a time and place for everything and maybe, just maybe, I havent given scents a fair shake yet... what I have noticed is that his plugs and plug bag, his car, his waders, and even his person usually has a pungent bunker-eske aroma attached... I remember the last time we fished together in december.. he held out his rod and said, "this is it, watch this plug catch me a 40".. stupidly I reached out in the dark to grab the plug and get a better look.. a few moments later I wiped my runny nose, and for the rest of the night I was dry heaving every 3 minutes. I think I can still smell it... I will admit that although I dont give much credit to scents most of the time, in preparation for that perfect time and place, I do have a small glass vitamin bottle in my car containing 2 dressed trebles and 2 dresses siwash hooks, all soaked in pure bunker oil.. I can count the amount of times that jar has been opened on 1 hand... but when all else has failed, I have talked myself into swapping a tail hook for a dressed and soaked version of the same... I cant recall it ever making a difference.. All that on the table... I find it hard to believe that a company can offer a guarantee as good as pro-cure if their products didnt work.. so reading stuff like this makes me question my own experiences. Purchase price PLUS SHIPPING? Those are some pretty confident words backing up a tube of gel... Worth a mention.... Outside of bass fishing I have found scents to be extremely effective on lots of other species.. I have a mix I make to soak my fluke strips in that could clear an auditorium and strip the paint off a car.. it smells so bad I've considered sending the recipe to the us military as some form of chemical warfare... but it leaves an oil slick a hundred yard+ behind my jig and has found me more double digit fluke than anything else ...
  4. Well otter tails are thinner. And can be snipped and split just the same... But remember...if off the shelf strips arent giving you what your looking for, dont be afraid to get your hands dirty and play around with some home mades... My best strips, hands down, no comparison, are the ones I make myself.. I use a variety of mediums from leathers and other skins to silicones and , that will produce different actions.. I use scents and dyes and enzyme treatments and all sorts of stuff I find to waste some $ on.. lol. I'm not going to rattle off a list of DIY steps... but for the actions your looking to achieve think about fish skins.. scales on will give a stiffer presentation while scales off and shaved thin will give a nice flutter.. different kinds of fish skins and even different parts of the same fish will have different actions (belly skins vs back skins)... some skins you'll find to be very durable, especially after a good freeze while packed in kosher salt... they're already pretty well scented, just dye them to you preferred color.. Hope this helps.
  5. Depending on where you live, I believe it's illegal to possess feathers from certain birds of prey... not 100% sure on the details, but I'm sure others here will have more info.. I think its some obscure old law that's rarely enforced. But with a mention I think... I could be wrong too, please someone correct me if so..
  6. For bucktails and trebles you really dont need anything special... if your going to start tying art on size 10 flea flickers then you may want a nice rotary vise.. but other than that, a 19.99 fleabay special is MORE than capable... The old arrow and Indian analogy come to mind here.. I like to tell myself I tie some fairly nice stuff, and the vise couldnt be any less important
  7. Great decision.. If you like fishing LT, then boyyyy are you gonna love that rod... I have the 10 and it's an absolute pleasure to fish.. spent a good portion of last fall bending that rod and it never once let me down.
  8. Suzuki u say?..... Great choice. Which one?
  9. I dont own one... yet!!.... no one does. It's still a prototype. I was just able to play with it a few times... still not a light reel. But obviously a better fit for the 20 size spool.
  10. Lmao... Mary hasn't lost her wife...luckily, Mary (then marty) married a wonderful and accepting woman.. she understood his need and now they will remain married as a same sex couple... I wish there was some way we could eulogize the man that once was... then a little party to warmly welcome another avid female angler to our community... She'll probably go for a sponsorship or something now. You know how that works....Hold a fish in front of your boobs and all of a sudden everyone wants to throw you free gear and make u sit on a yeti cooler.. . She will enjoy all the attention I'm sure
  11. Ohhhhhh Its a little more than a vasectomy brother.. she went for the whole snip it and flip it... ... ... But remember, were a community of friends here and we gotta be supportive of the new lady angler in the group... I'm sure Mary will chime in as soon as shes up and about.. dr has her pretty looped up right now while she healing... I stopped in to visit her today but it's mostly rest for another month or so.... On the up side, she dropped $500 last November on some fancy new waders with a zipper.. I guess that zipper is kinda a moot point now, so maybe I just I inherited a sweet new set of waders..
  12. I'm a little late to the party and im not gonna read 3 pages of braid suggestions... So by now at least 4 or 5 people MUST have recommended sufix 832.. Listen to them, they're smart... If you've got somethin' against 832, then I've had some really great experiences with the new j-braid grand in 6lb, 8lb and 10lb, though it hasn't been around that long so I cant speak to its durability... Also the 10lb invisibraid is nice for finesse stuff in the salt, but not as durable as I'd like ... Also 832 and j-braid grand are on the less expensive side.. 300yds of either can be had for $20
  13. Elect tape is time tested and proven. But I used that self fusing silicone wrap from HD last year and it's been awesome.. the stuff has a good tack when wet and holds the reel in place solid as a cement.
  14. Well we all know retirement can make us a little nuts, so I'm sure this may not suprise many here. I know @reelfire is already in the loop.. Marty has had some major life changes recently and really needs our support now more than ever... hes been on the fence about making a huge life shift for the past 2 years and finally decided to pull the trigger (or snip the trigger I guess)... thanks to the loving support of his family and friends, he has decided to change a few things about himself that have made him uncomfortable in his own skin for a long time.. This is the last text I got from MARTY.. this pic was taken by his loving wife only moments before he went in for gender reassignment surgery 3 weeks ago... It's going to be a long road to recovery. And obviously a lot of uncertainty may be ahead for him.. but moving forward she would prefer that we refer to her as MARY... Mary will be back on the water this summer with me and @reelfire doingwhat she loves most, catching big bass... I just ask that this community of gentlemen (and women) please be supportive if you see her out in the surf or posting again here on SOL... Thanks all for your understanding. And here's to wishing Mary a speedy recovery.
  15. I will say that the avid is a more durable rod... The Loomis rods are amazing and light weight and sensitive to a level of absurdity... but they are also thinner walled, especially the NRX inshore series.. that makes for a little more concern if your fishing around jetties or rocks and such.. dings on a thin walled blank can equal a snap in the not too distant future. That said, I have never broken one, and if i did the warranty is pretty solid. At $675 a pop, I think they factor the warranty into the price... The Loomis pro green I referenced is a less expensive option to the NRX, around $260 I believe.. the rod is a tad heavier due to a slightly thicker blank wall. Still insanely sensitive.. Will owning a Loomis ever be the difference between catching or not catching? No chance in hell Is a Loomis a more sensitive rod than the avid? I'd have to say yes.. Is that marginal difference in sensitivity worth $400 more over an avid at around $250? That's a question only you could answer.. also, some food for thought here... If your fishing a $675 rod (the NRX) are you going to be focusing on the fishing or focusing on not damaging your rod? Once again, a question only you can answer.. Everyone's budget is different.. If it was me, and the cash was not immediately expendable, I would go avid for sure... its durability and lower price point would likely focus your attention where it belongs, on the fishing, instead of on the rod... and at that lower price, it leaves cash on the table for some other gear you may want as well, or even a second rod.. The avid is nothing short of an amazing rod brother. Please dont in any way look at it as a downgrade, it's a different rod... both are very capable of doing what your looking to do.. I build rods, so when I buy I factory rod I cant help but scrutinize every single detail.. st croix in the only factory rod I've consistently found the guides properly places on (or very close to) the spine of the blank.. that says a lot about their craftsmanship. And their warranty is pretty solid also.. Hope this helps make your decision easier..
  16. This is some really good advice brother, thank you.. I will give this a shot for sure ... much appreciated
  17. The last 2 pics are the current prototype.. I would equate it in size and weight to a VS150 I guess, shooting from the hip... although I think the vs may hold a bit more line with slightly larger spool, but dont quote me on that.. I dont own a 20 size spool for comparisons... If you want a new 22, the easiest way is to Reach out to J&H.. talk to Josh or matt and tell them what you want.. they do have at least 2 in stock now I believe. If they don't have what you want, he will order through ZB immediately for you.... please be aware though, if you order you may wait a bit.. they are made individually by hand. The parts are manufactured in small batcbes and consequently there is usually a backorder list... a new reel can take time (months sometimes) to get made shipped out to you... If you do order, Just please be patient with both the shop you order from and also with ZB, it's not coming from a Chinese sweat shop and the quality will reflect that when your reel arrives... in fact, it may serve you well to just order today.. lol.. its winter and, depending on where you live, you probably wont need it until spring at least.. too many times I've heard of the impatient customer who 'NEEDS' their new ZB now (in the dead of winter)!!! What's taking so long!!! Probably even a few rants here on SOL if you dig around a bit.. but all the ranting and daily phone calls one can muster will not hasten the process.. order, sit back, enjoy the winter, sip some tea, and wait patiently knowing you've made a great decision... Whatever your decision winds up being, im sure you'll be happy... best of luck brother Edit... wow I didnt even see that.. good catch man.. yes, in the background of that prototype pic, you can see the dream reel 25/27 combo that was made for little Owens fundraiser..
  18. First of all, anytime ZB comes up in a post topic its basically popping open a ... Second.. did u want a pic of it with a common object? Or another reel its size? Either way I think I've got you covered below ZB22 with common socks ZB22 with a partially used roll of TP (was gonna go with a fresh roll, but a partially used roll seemed more common) ZB22 with a beer. And finally... a ZB22 with a 6000 sized stella Next up, rod selection.. this specific 22 has sat on several rods but it found its forever home on a GSB 1201L. It's an absolutely fantastic combo and I have a hard time putting it down sometimes... but I'll tell ya, I ordered another 22 a few weeks back and I'm literally chomping at the bit to put one on that new 10' L BH prototype rod as soon as it's available.... played with it at the show and it doesnt take a PhD to know thats gonna be a combo to recon with.. It may even retire my GSB (but I'll deny ever saying that)... I know a lot of guys put them on 9 footers and a lot of others who have them on 11s... it's really going to boil down to personal preference more than anything else, and dont let anyone tell ya otherwise.. keep in mind it's a heavy reel.. Aaaaaand lastly.... my experience with ZB.... oh boy. Here we go.. this is usually where the s#!t hits the fan I love my ZB reels and I can not say enough good things about the company, the owner, the employees, or the service... If your asking this guy, there is NO better reel made for the surf, hands down... I have now, or have had, probably every single other reel your going to see guys pop in a mention.. VS originals and X's, VR's, all the viable PENN options, Shimanos of every variety, Daiwas out the a$$ and all the other usual suspects... in this one man's HUMBLE OPINION, ZB is the king of the hill.. I have a list of reasons at least 4 post-it notes long why it's my favorite, but I'm not gonna go on and on about it because I'll certainly find a few who will adamantly disagree with me and it's never worth the debate.. if your still curious feel free to PM me... Suffice it to say, if your looking for a true surf reel made to be used hard on real fish without problems caused by the harsh surf environment, you'll be hard pressed to find any better than a ZB.. plus its USA made, which should still mean something I hope. Side note... imho the ZB20 is a waste of time (yes... many will disagree)... still a very solid and well built reel, but not as aesthetically pleasing or proportioned as its siblings.. the body of all 4 ZB reels is the same size. Consequently, the 20 size seems like the sibling with a disproportionately small head, if that makes any sense... it feels like, and looks like, the spool should be larger to fit the body with better symmetry.. If your heart is set on 20 size, maybe reach out to them and inquire about production on their ZB lite prototype.. it's a 20 size spool and a significantly smaller body.. pics of the prototype below
  19. Im not exactly sure what your budget is, but I'll second (or third?) The avid inshore series a few guys have already mentioned. I have several and love them all.. The 7"6 or 8' in the ML or M would be my choice for your intended use... Although, I would take the good advice of several of these fine individuals above, and go bend some rods at a local shop if your able... I toss unweighted soft plastics very very frequently.. The rods I use are chosen by not only their ability to feel the action of, and properly work unweighted plastics (like keitechs specifically), but also to be capable of delivering them a good distance with accuracy.. Additionally, I want to know that while I may enjoy a smaller fish with the rod, it's got to have the backbone to handle that rogue monster that will sooner or later show up... The combos I use from shore are as follows... * Avid inshore 8' - VIS80MLF paired with a 3000 Saltist back bay spooled with #10 832 * G. Loomis 7'8 - NRX 923S MR - paired with a VR50 spooled with #15 invisibraid * G. Loomis 7'4 - NRX 882 MR - paired with a Ballistic LT 2500 spooled with #10 J-braid grand * G. Loomis 7'10 - ProGreen PGR943S paired with a Stradic 3000 spooled with #15 invisibraid. If I'm in the yak or on the boat I would obviously opt for a shorter rod..
  20. I'm in love. Have a great story for you also .. give me a ring when ur free
  21. Those avid rods are so sensitive I can feel a fish thinking about taking my lure..
  22. My buddy bumped into Kil today fishing FL... Said he got a chance to fish that 10 Suzuki special but it was cut down to a 9 foot.. I believe the word he used to describe it was magical...
  23. Thanks for all the replys.. very appreciative for all the input and recommendations... The #6 STS has been perfect the last few outings.. supple enough even with the 1/32 and 1/16 jigs. And it's more than strong enough, after all its trout were talking about here... one of the spots my buddy and I plan to visit soon can hold good sized sea run browns and frequently a few schoolie holdovers in the mix as well.. I'll likely add a spool of #10 STS for these purposes..... My big question is still the recommendation for pickerel leader.... all I read about is how toothy they are, and I'd rather not loose $100 of lures to a few afternoons of boredom therapy... I'm planning on going with #20 blue label... unless some pickerel sharpie out there has yet to chime in with a more suitable option..
  24. good advice here... with a little practice, fat cows produce COWS I love the fat cow strips but I think many people are not familliar enough with the actions of the different cuts.. the split tail referenced by the OP has always proven deadly for me. I find that style of trailer needs more a much more lively retrieve.. its needs a lot of popping and bouncing through the water collum for its presentation to be more effective... Imho, if your looking for that slow fluttering action on a more controlled straight retrieve, you may prefer the eel tail model. Also, let's not forget that we can modify these things with a razor blade or pair of scissors.. one of my favorite mods is to split the eel tails down the center for about 3/4 of its length... absolutely deadly fluttering action