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  1. Working on some new stuff for the upcoming season.. Im sure the fluke could care less, but I'm kinda lovin these eyes.. Your thoughts would be appreciated folks.. Interested to see what you all are making also.. lets see some pics.
  2. I wish I could tell you.. I order stuff from everywhere.. most from china.. Just all mixed up in a big bag..
  3. In the first run I poured them from 3/4oz -3oz.. I like smaller stuff for shallow water, under 1oz usualy... bigger ones for deeper water, I like 2-5oz in Montauk depending on current and depth... I'll pour these up to 6oz a some point week.
  4. Absolutely agree. I prefer ball head over spro head 100% of the time for vertical presentations
  5. Thank you.. these are for vertical presentation.. boat fishing .. I use different heads for casting..
  6. Of the rods you selected I have most.. I wouldn't be so quick to cross off that charter special as the only 2 on your list that I would recommend for your intended dual purpose would be the tsunami 701H and the charter special 6'8... Both rods can handle fluke and tog without an issue but are very different rods when compared.. The tsunami 701H- Pros... this is probably the most capable budget priced rod I've ever fished.. I have probably a thousand+ fluke on it and countless tog including many over 10lbs.. I've also put it through the paces on lots of other fish including dozens of 40+ bass last summer in mtk, dorado, albies, a few AJ's and more.. Rod handles anything I've ever thrown at it with ease.. almost seems indestructible (believe me I've tried).. it's a amazing for light action jigging also.. Cons... there is really nothing bad to say about this rod except that the action of the tip is more moderate than fast and sometimes when I'm working a fluke rig I like more control over the action of the jig.. this does not come into play with ½-1½oz back bay jigging, but it does factor in when I'm using heavier weights in deeper waters off montauk... there is literally not one single other thing to say negative about this rod.. The charter special 6'8- Pros... in the spirit of full disclosure, I havent put enough time in with this rod yet to make a FULL assessment (especially on BIG fish) but the experiences I've had so far speak volumes and more than cover your uses... this rod is an exceptionally strong rod that is more than capable of besting your intended species.. much like the tsunami rod above, it's versatility is almost unbelievable.. while fluke and tog are fun on this rod, I can feel that it has the backbone to handle some real brutes.. lifting 8-10lb angry tog away from a rock piles was a breeze and I could feel that it didn't even come close to what the rod is capable of.. for me what really draws the line between these two rods in comparison is the action of the top ⅓. The charter special has a faster stronger tip that is more capable of working heavier deep water jigs with more contact and precision.. as mentioned above, keeping control over a heavy jig on deeper drops can be the difference between proper presentation and skunked... also, I find the charter special to be significantly more sensitive than the tsunami. you can feel much more of the bottom/structure your working and it definitely conveys even the slightest tap with much more crispness than the tsunami will.. Cons... once again there isn't much that I can say bad about this rod. However, if I had to pick something it would be that you will not experience as much of a bend on smaller fish. Given its stouter/faster nature smaller fluke aren't going to be as fun to catch as they may be on a softer bending rod.. it's not really even a bad thing, but if you spend more time on smaller back bay fluke and really like seeing a good bend, you may want a softer tip section.. Summary: both rods are more than capable of targeting the tog and fluke you mentioned. What would be the deciding factor for me is, where do you spend most of your time fluking? If your usually in more shallow water and using jigs in the ½-1½oz range, then the tsunami would be my pick.. if your spending more of your time in deeper water situations and frequently use rigs in the 2½oz+ range, then I would opt for the charter special... Bottom line is you really cant go wrong with either rod.. Last note pertaining to both rods.. I love split rear grips and almost always opt for them.. however, they do tend to get chewed up in a gunnel and I've seen them get damaged badly and even snapped off from damage to the exposed blank section.. to remedy this I always wind up putting a layer of winn grip wrap around that section so as to put a small cushion and protective layer between the blank and the rod holder..
  7. Wow.. never even noticed it actually says Smack-it on this brand also... even more convinced it's a China product now.
  8. I almost never fish western long island because I really can't stand driving out there.. but my buddy convinced me to run west with him last night and fish a few spots we seldom venture to... I'm glad we did.. THE BAIT IS HERE!!!! This video is from last night.. there were big schools of spearing (really big spearing) that were too quick to get with a little dip net.. but 1 scoop pulled up some smaller spearing, shrimp, and hundreds of glass eels (baby American eels).. This is a great sign. Hoping this reasonably warm winter will have a positive impact on this years spring run.... FWIW there were some very decent fish in the mix as well...
  9. Good luck brother.
  10. Google this Traxxas 5124 4x7x2.5mm Replacement Precision Ball Bearings MR74-2RS about $10 for a 10pack
  11. Small and white... I'd opt for a tsunami shad first
  12. I went east the last few days and found them all the same.. im Pretty sure they are all around the island right now... 99% of what im catching is coming on a megabass oneten SW jerkbait or a white kietech
  13. Not sure what kind but they were inexpensive also... They are aluminum and come with bearings to replace the bushings currently in the handle.. in all honesty the bearings it came with were trash but I you could easily use the bushings with the new knob or I chose to order a pack of sealed bearings in the same size and it's a sweet knob now.. wasn't expensive either.. I ordered them a few months ago but I'll see if I can dig up the name..
  14. Out of the package I dont remember the off-brand names. But I will let you know tomorrow, the shop near my house carries one of them and it's not the smack-it..
  15. I didn't even realize this until I was looking over the pics this morning.. It looks like this fish may have enjoyed getting caught more than I enjoyed catching it... Can someone please tell me what this is dripping all over my hand... I have a feeling there's going to be an awkward silence if I wind up seeing this fish again...
  16. More bait!!!!... Some video of large spearing my buddy and I found 2 nights ago.. Found several schools and they all seemed to be pretty large in size (the spearing, not the schools).. And a nice fish release from a few days earlier...
  17. Lmfao.
  18. Yup And a smaller sized knob on my 3000
  19. It does say that on their website but I would have to call a big 'ol BS on that... There are 2 other brands that sell the EXACT same popper.. one has a different rattle sound and one is identical in every way.. I mean identical in every way shape and form, even the slightest features of the body design. No way in hell that smack-it is manufacturing their own product and certainly not in the US... Most likely buying from China and dressing with hooks and packaging here (if anything at all), then feeding the market a line of s#!t to boost sales... can't stand it when companies sell China crap as us made.. still a good lure, but by no means a USA made lure, IMHO... These are 2 different brands... dont mind the hook sizes, they were swapped by me.. every crease, crevice and seam matches perfectly.
  20. Said it b4 and I'm sayin it again... lures lures lures... Picked up a few more last night.. first 2 took a suspending megabass oneten SW... the last one took a white/silver kietech weedless rigged on a weighted hook slowly bounced off the bottom..
  21. There was a guy out in mtk years ago that would rig up the shell of a lobster tail with a hook and rattle in some way and catch slobs with it.. didnt know him personally but a buddy of mine did and swore that dude could rattle up the biggest fish in the area every time with that rig.. said the dude had it down to a science... That's the only time I've ever heard of someone using a lobster...
  22. Lmfao... Marty pic fo sho
  23. Good tip. And it serves other purposes as well.. I've been doing this with almost all of my plugs for years. Eliminates, or at least significantly reduces, line twist..
  24. What a waste. I'm hearing is a delicacy. Lol.. And nice fish also bro..
  25. Your message has been passed along... he said thanks.