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  1. I know that area and have fished it for years. As a local I see much of what your talking about on a regular basis. The illegals in unregistered boats (with motors) is absolutely out of control. No lights at all. Zero safety gear. 10 guys sitting on coolers in a dinghy built for 3... The undersized fish they clean on the town ramp is a frigging joke... Many many many times I have called the authorities.. many many... Most of the time I will stay until they arrive.. I see a lot of people chiming in saying that the DEC does their best, and I'm sorry but I'll have to respectfully disagree. I have seen these illegals cleaning dozens of undersized fish and by the time dec arrives it's all in bags.. many times I've seen them check the bags and a broken English conversation starts about where the carcasses are and what's a legal size or not.. I've only seen a ticket written ONCE.. one single time!!!!.. I have even confronted them afterwards asking wtf was that about and why are they letting them off so easy... unregistered boats. Short fish. No licenses. And no f#%$!ng tickets.. And the more I bitch the more they get up my ass... 10x plus I've heard from dec that writing a ticket to someone with no ID and no legal status is pointless because they wont show up to court.. every time I ask why are they letting them leave with their gear then.. confiscate EVERYTHING.. sell it off when they dont show.. there you go, revenue earned and a lesson learned.. but no. Nothing gets confiscated. No one learns a lesson. And they are back again the next night.. I've tried calling the local PD as well and they are just as useless. Why are these boats not being taken? Unregistered... no town permit for the ramp... no safety gear... overloaded... What really burns my biscuit is that if it was a legal citizen with proper ID they would recieve a ticket for any and all infractions... why? Because you have something to loose so you will show up in court and pay the fines... I watched as a local PD cop sat in the dirt lot one night writing parking tickets. He clearly watched as 2 boats came in with about 15 ppl total between them. He saw them use the ramp. He saw everything and did NOTHING. when I confronted him about it he said I'm not DEC what do you want me to do.. I asked why no ticket for ramp use and he just basically ignored me... They are allowed to get away with it and that's why it persists... It's almost to the point where I'm looking to do something about it on my own. Because I'll be god damned if I loose a local spot to that ****, even if the fishing has sucked there all year so far..
  2. Ive only used it in more rugged saltwater reels.. I was servicing a seigler that my buddy dunked and abused for about 3 years with zero maintenance.. when I ripped it open I expected the insides to be in even worse condition than the outside.. much to my surprise the inside was remarkably clean and the grease was still in great condition considering its treatment and age.. I was so impressed by what I saw that I contacted seigler to see what grease they use at the shop. they said all they use or recommend is ultra tef-gel.. So I bought some.. It comes with a page outlining a variety of uses including many marine applications and also fishing reels. Aside from most of my conventionals, I also have it in vr's, vsx's, and zb's.. I don't use it on my shimano spinners.. I would imagine it would be a too thick and sticky for any finesse type reel.. its definately like a stickier version of Elmer's.. But the stuff stays where its applied and will not let water pass.. Definitely not for every reel but it has served me very well so far in the ones I have used it in..
  3. Im using ultra tef-gel on most of my reels now.. I've never seen a product adhere and protect so well..
  4. Looking for a little feedback on the Alps Tri-RB (tri20rb-ft) reel seat for a surf rod build.. Picked up the new 10' BH striped bass special blank last week. I have always opted for the Fuji seats on my rods, but these rubberized Alps tri seats have had my attention for a while now. Looking to see is any of you fine folks have put one on a surf rod yet and what your thoughts on them are...
  5. Best of luck down there brother
  6. Give J&H a call. They will have them shipped out asap.
  7. The BEST fishing buddies I could ever ask for... and they never burn my spots.
  8. X3... great headlamp. Have an old one that's still going strong. Just picked up a new one as a spare.. I've never had water get in and its definitely been through the ringer..
  9. Barlows.. lurepartsonline.. jans netcraft... and others lots of places that supply the same and similar stuff.. if all else fails, and you know exactly what your looking for, search flea bay..
  10. Already been mentioned a dozen times here but... I'll toss in another vote for the tiderunner.. bulletproof belt.. made in the USA. And dealing with Steve is a pleasure.
  11. 10000 gosa is a big reel in the surf... People are going to need more info if you want good recommendations... what size rod are you looking for? What conditions will you be fishing? Assuming not a boat... inlets, jetties, out front, back bays, canal? What's your price range? General weights you'll be throwing? Try to be as specific as possible and that will help these fine folks give you some good options.
  12. I've used the savage gear squids. And I've used the yo-zuri squids.. they both work fine.. but nothing looks even close to as realistic as the chasebaits squid.. I picked up several colors and sizes a few weeks back. Haven't had a chance to put them on fish yet but played with them for a bit and they look as close to a live squid as I could ever imagine.. crazy how they move in the water
  13. I wish I could tell you.. I order stuff from everywhere.. most from china.. Just all mixed up in a big bag..
  14. In the first run I poured them from 3/4oz -3oz.. I like smaller stuff for shallow water, under 1oz usualy... bigger ones for deeper water, I like 2-5oz in Montauk depending on current and depth... I'll pour these up to 6oz a some point week.
  15. Absolutely agree. I prefer ball head over spro head 100% of the time for vertical presentations