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  1. I use siwash hooks for that purpose... Mustad or VMC
  2. Not sure they even are a brand... It's all china crap. But it works so... Just search vehicle rod holder on Amazon and you'll see a bunch come up just like these... You can get them around $5/6 each..
  3. 100% agree... Call every time.. Good info... Everyone should have this info on them... I've actually stopped calling the main DEC report line here in NY.. it always took them too long to get an ECO to the scene... I've found most DEC officers to be very friendly and more than willing to give their personal cell #s.. Over the years I've become friendly with most of the ECO's in the areas I fish and have their cell numbers in my contacts now.. I usually call them directly, or send a group text to a few at once and see who's able to respond quickest.
  4. I kinda figured it was a beaurocratic red tape issue.. as upsetting as that is to hear, I guess it's par for the course.. Sad state of affairs when issues of such importance always come down to cost... I really believe that confiscation of gear is just about the most effective way to deter people from poaching.. especially a certain demographic of people who are notorious for taking anything they catch, and don't necessarily have a extra cash to spend on new gear if confiscated
  5. I wholeheartedly agree with all gear being confiscated and auctioned off, for everyone regardless of what language they speak.. these auctions hopefully providing more money for that specific state environmental conservation agency.. Here on LI the DEC is horribly underfunded and under staffed.. they would stand to benefit greatly from auctions like this... I have actually had this exact conversation with a DEC officer last summer after calling them in to bust some poachers at a local spot I fish.. a few foreign individuals had illegally launched an unregistered overloaded vessel and came back with 40+ short bass, porgy, and tog.. as they cleaned their catch on the ramp (leaving fish parts and garbage absolutely everywhere) I called the DEC.. When they arrived they wrote tickets to all the men involved and confiscated all of the fish.. but then allowed these asshats to leave with their gear and small boat.. Afterwards I went over to talk w one of the ECO's and ask why they had allowed them to leave with all the gear they needed to do it again.. the officer agreed that confiscation and auctioning of illegally used gear would be a much better solution.. I would not be ok with this scenario if the money went anywhere else in the state other than the state game enforcement agency and environmental conservation efforts.
  6. Gear seizure may not be permanent? What type of bs is that... I think all gear should be forfeited for any poaching infraction... boat included if it was used in the act of poaching... If you lost your whole set up for taking a small fish (or multiple small fish), I 100% guarantee that you'd think long and hard before making that stupid decision again
  7. IMHO. One of the best quality and most budget friendly rods that will suit your needs is the black hole Suzuki special 9'6.. love my Suzuki's. The 9'6 throws ½ without an issue. And can handle 3 very nicely as well.. Very light weight and fun rod to fish.
  8. This guy's fillet work is painful to watch... May as well be using a butter knife.. And my god he has to stop calling it a "fillettt"...
  9. I do.. I have 2 of these straps set up.. one in the far back and one above the passenger section .. holds 5 rods very securely, and very much out of the way... Reels stay on (not like the picture)... Rods hang neatly..
  10. If your keeping it under 2oz then the 10' Suzuki special is the perfect rod for lighter early spring fishing ... I have both rods.. my Suzuki 10 is my go2 spring rod... The sb special is used the majority of the rest of the season..
  11. Suzuki wouldn't be the rod for tossing 4... BH Striped bass special ¾-4 would be my suggestion.. great rod.. using it last season it quickly became my daily go2
  12. BH Suzuki special 10' is the perfect early spring rod, and the only rod I've carried so far this year. Excels at small offerings, strong enough if you happen to get lucky..
  13. I'm in eastern LI.. all but 1 closed by me as well. the local sushi spots also.. Definitely has something to do with this being called the China virus 9 million times on TV..
  14. Ryukis come rigged with trebles or weighted singles (poke around on the bay.. both options are available there)... The toto comes rigged with trebles.. I replace the rear hook with a single.. not sure what size.. I used a scale to determine which one was closest in weight to the original treble... They don't swim the same. I find I can work the toto a little slower.. the ryuki responds more crisply to twitches of the rod during retrieve.. Both cast like a missile
  15. In deeper water, the Spearhead Ryuki is my go 2 out of the gate every time. ... Tetra works toto 48hs is extremely effective as well