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  1. Yup. Mixes it w vasoline and smears it all over his plugs using the same hand he smokes cigarettes w all night long ... Horrible mix he keeps in a little vasoline container in his car.. I honestly won't even stand near him when he uses it.. little bits fly off as he casts, I've gotten it all over me a few times just being too close to him..
  2. Look at the okuma komodo 273 (or any size really).... the exterior is basically just a plain unfinished looking matte gray... Nothing fancy at all.. they spent zero effort at snazzing up the looks, but the guts are bulletproof
  3. I won't even consider it bc of the nightmare smell it creates in storage... But my buddy uses a paste he makes from bunker oil.. he absolutely swears by it.. but his person, his car and his basement smell more pewtrid than words can describe... If that was the price of catching fish, I'd never fish again.. Only time I've ever tried scents was on off brand soft plastics for fluke.. gave pro-cure a spin hoping it would suffice on bargain worms in place of gulp.. to spite their "money back guarantee", it didn't seem to make a lick of difference, gulp was way better..
  4. I've used the TD minnow in FW.. they come (or used to come) in smaller sizes. I know I still have several around in 60mm and 95mm.. the smaller ones may not still be available but the larger ones I have seen on the bay frequently enough..
  5. I love copper spoons.. and its funny you bring up the black and color spoons bc I have a few like that including a me'bius that has been very productive for me.. and a few that are almost all black too that have worked well in the warmer months (I had always assumed they resemble a leach maybe?) I hope that you find the me'bius to be as effective as I have. It really is a unique little spoon in my experience so far.. the single barbless hook has really become my go2.. I haven't experienced too many lost fish and the ease of hook removal and release is absolutely worth it.. these specific hooks that come on the me'bius are almost a sickle style single which I've found very effective at securing the fish once hooked.. This color sounds like a combo of 2 of my favorites.. and it's funny because I just ordered some small handmade brass/copper combo spoons.. I wonder how similar in color they will be to this gold turbidity.. Thanks for your feedback Jay. like a lot of guys here I'm sure, I always look forward to your posts and advise. Thank you
  6. Yup. Single inlines is the way to go... you can keep the split rings and the hook will sit correctly.. ..
  7. Hey brother. I'm very happy they are working out for you. My favorite spoon by quite a wide margin.. I'm happy to hear your finding them as effective as I do. I'll definitely pick up a pack of those cultivas, they look perfect..thank you
  8. Just measured.. Vanford 4000 is 23mm. Type A
  9. I will measure to be sure and let you know... But I had checked japan tackles website and I thought I saw the TP and the vanford were both type A in these sized reels... Gonna double check now
  10. Your awesome brother. Much appreciated... I'm going to attempt replacing the paddle knob on a 4000 vanford with this knob..
  11. Hey all, I'm looking for the small eva power knob that comes on the twinpower TPXDC3000XG... Just the knob. Everywhere I see sells the whole handle assembly which is not needed.. I see japantackle has the shimano yumeya that's perfect, but also sold out.. So my search continues.. let me know if any of you folks know where I may be able to find one. Thanks
  12. Something none of these guys even consider when they're after the next best instagram photo... it's all about What rod? What reel? Is my go pro positioned correctly? Smh.. I don't even bother anymore.. let them loose a hand or foot.. let them find themselves w a protected species, beached and thrashing as a gaggle of Karen's flock around taking pics and videos and posting them all over "the mom's of south bumblef#¬Ęk" facebook page.. let fish and wildlife come and he can sort it all out in court... lessons learned the hard way are often times only learned once..
  13. Ballistic 1000 on a 6'2 black hole Tai special... Bsb, fluke, weakies, albies, a few spanish and chub mack last year on a jig.... Whatever I hook really... That little 1000 size reel has 300yds of #10 j braid grand on it, so what I can't turn with force, I can turn with time...
  14. Curiosity got the better of me and I got a little carried away on the knockoff site... Some stuff was garbage (as expected) but some stuff was good.. I hope some of you are able to find some use for the below.. since I can't post the links, you can just pm me if you want to find some of this stuff... These little hooks are knockoffs but I'm impressed with the quality. Sharp, strong, consistent quality in the batch I got... I've been replacing all my spoons and spinners treble hooks with single barbless.. these were so cheap I was hesitant to buy more, but now after receiving them I'm ordering more tonight. Sizes seem relatively in line with what's expected (the size 6, 4, & 2 I got are within the range of other 6's, 4's and 2's)... they were available with an inline eye also... These are the exact same size and very similar in shape to the powerbait nymphs I use. They were available in a multitude of colors.. and I'll be buying more.. These are the same size as the powerbait nymphs but they are a different shape. They come scented in something that is so God awful smelling that it is absolutely going to catch.. the scent is similar to but 10x more smelly than the food you'd feed a pet fish (or at least that's kinda what it reminds me of).. these baits are absolutely going to catch, I have no doubt at all.. And lastly (for tonight)... these were just a curiosity, and I'll admit they're a smidge larger than I thought they'd be, but still I like them a lot and I'm looking forward to trying them out.. seems like a very life-like replica of some sort of larva, I just wish they were half their current size...
  15. Some new spoons... these little skagit spoons really produce.. Another MIU.. I've never fished a spoon at night, but this one glows... And some orange gold abalone