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  1. Well I didn't mean PBswiss for my precision jobs although they are leading supplier of tools in services and repair of medical equipment. Neither I suggest using individual bits but rather their sets. For reels power screwdriver is perfect but I wouldn't be using them on 6K camera or 20K lens. Have been trying possibly every on of them for my daily profession (robotics, electronics and computers) and for me the best and the one I am using for few last years is also DeWalt but bigger brushless Xtreme 12v cordless (DCF601B) with Wera bits. Perfect, precise clutch, light and with 7Ah battery will last few days of heavy wiring. And I can put it on table or bench and it'll stand up ready for next grab. For small jobs- one of Wera sets or JIS. I stayed away from gyroscoping, feeling it's to small/weak for wiring terminals plus add voltage not compatible with Dewalt 12 and 20 volts batteries. Following your recommendation I will order one tonight and give it a try on small electronic jobs. Thanks Scooby-Doo.
  2. Whatever works for you, good for you. Just saying, for very tiny screws I will find on lenses or camera bodies only JIS assure correct tightness. You certainly know that, but for guys who don't - Phillips or pozidrive is designed to slip after reaching certain torque (coming out) and JIS is not, it is more "pointy". For somebody who is using German tools everyday I can attest that Wera line of tools is excellent just like Knipex. Talking about Wera screwdrivers and I have them literally by dozens, as good as they come, for me nothing beats PB from Swiss Tools - although this suckers will cost you 3-5 times more then Wera. Just my personal preference.
  3. Hi Scoobydoo, if this is Japanese than it isn't 000 phillips, but Japanese 000 JIS standard (Japanese Industrial Standard). they are slightly different. I am working a lot w canon lenses and Phillips will destroy those tiny screws. Guys working on carburetors on snow mobiles like Honda, Yamaha will know. Yes you can use Phillips but must be careful. You can buy set of JIS online, they are not expensive.
  4. “When I see you again”
  5. I will never complain about USPS, all my junk mail is delivered on time or ahead of it. Every day, like a Swiss watch...
  6. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all! Ps. I will need help trading some coal for fishing tackle, anybody with experience here?
  7. Not what, who. Mariano Rivera, he is Panamanian! You must be obviously Red Sox fan.
  8. Move to North Carolina, you will feel at home. Talking from my own experience. Also expect buying guns by dozens...
  9. Don’t know about this one, but know old European adage. When fishing always carry soap and towel. In case you catch a sh...t.
  10. Pitch in Panama? I will look up to #42
  11. Why don’t you just start fishing in six different locations at the same time?
  12. Take it easy gentleman, monocoque is just women version release of BG!
  13. You been drug free for many years, that is awesome!
  14. And if 1000 ways don’t work, 1001 you just steal from somebody else. Nicola Tesla for example...
  15. Guess all this doubt is coming from t-shirts he is wearing... I would never question guy in Yankees or Giants attire!
  16. Not only life of battery but capacity express in amp/hours.
  17. I think they call it “Halászlé“, Hungarian Fisherman’s Soup.
  18. 1. Hogfish 2. Halibut 3. Kergulena
  19. Merry Christmas everyone!
  20. And what rod you testing now?
  21. One in Florida, another in North-East? Not so uncommon for some.... Private plane to commute between? 18 years beer assistant, or two...
  22. If there is any chance for prostate to "fall off", then I am not wearing shoes anymore...
  23. I'm working only with AutoCad Electrical, but for 3D rendering I would go with Solid Works.
  24. Got you sir, never suspected you of measuring in millimeters, nevertheless still impressed. And no, I play with the other team.