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    If not fishing, chilling by fireplace with good scotch.
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  1. PayPal sent.
  2. Didn’t get your PM so far...
  3. Great, send me your email, final price and will make instant PayPal transfer.
  4. North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey. Currently fishing in N.C. I didn't want to low ball your offer so I can split shipping with you. I see avionics card on picture, is it included?
  5. I can do 350 PayPal if this will help you.
  6. Right stuff, I carry TFC 14 plus BH 55.
  7. ... still don't have guts to take my 1DX and 500L on a kayak... Jeez, why not? It's only about 11000$. Not sure Manfrotto is making any kayak attachments.
  8. Spring? Clams!
  9. Good for kayaking around too?
  10. Al Lindner?
  11. Drink we can see, what for food? Grass from inside? I personally prefer their "Luksusowa Potato Vodka".
  12. Ask me in ten years, it's a lot of ground to cover.
  13. Actually it is, in Polish zloty, about 18$.
  14. Agreed, also near Slovakia border. By the way, they (Poles) making woblers of better quality and performance than Rapala - "Salmo Lures", at least for fresh water.
  15. ...Is anyone else having a problem with pop-ups on SOL?