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  1. I’m not selling. I wanted to do a straight up trade.
  2. Looking for another magged reel with a clicker. I would prefer something with a powerful gear train and metal frame. A magged saltist would be nice but I’m also looking for a newell p229 or p235 that I can mag myself. Also maybe abu 7000 series. This reel is perfect mechanically, the mono mag offers precise adjustment. It is a very easy reel to control.
  3. Thank you! Pm coming. And I’m aware of this. If I had a yak I’d be using internationals with longer standup rods for sharking, in most places this requires too much work and distance is really important as is staying above the waves. I haven’t gotten into it yet but I know a lot of people who do this and are very successful
  4. that CTS is super nice and I might pick that up from you in the future when I have money if no one buys it, that’s a great deal. Unfortunately I need a spinner right now or I’d grab that one. Any chance you could do $325 on the ballistic? That’s about what I’m working with for a rod right now.
  5. I’m looking for something a little better. I’ve had rods like that and they work great but I want something different this time. I’m really interested in this ballistic, I have the 9 foot and it’s great
  6. Could you take some more pictures of the ballistic? Does it come with the case? That’s definitely close to what I’m looking for, I need something for sharks this summer and chunking bunker heads in the fall
  7. Did you mainly use the ballistic for spinning or conventional? It appears dual rung? I had the same CTS and regret getting rid of it, I have a 1305 now. the 12 was a little easier for me to handle the only problem was it was the old 2pc/1piece style so transport was difficult
  8. Thanks but I’m looking for something a little different than this. As far as st croix I’d want something in their 6-16 oz rating range and preferably a newer model with k guides
  9. Thanks! Definitely looking for something on the heavier side though.
  10. Looking for something for 8-10 and bait. Maybe a black hole surf ii heavy, lami super surf, st croix, century, CTS, etc. not looking to spend much over 300 range
  11. Thanks! It’s a nice rod but looking for something heavier
  12. Will this throw 8 and bait? You say a 3-7, is that for full pendulum casting? Or would you compare it to a 1305?
  13. PM’d i_like_poppers. Closing thread.
  14. Sounds good!
  15. Looking to trade this for a century slingshot 1329 or ODM Jigster. Looking for something that can throw bait and also do double duty as a heavy lure rod. This is a bit light for what I’ve been using it for, I’d say it’s more of a 2-6.