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  1. I want one of the big ones! I know those are probably going to go fast though.
  2. If you bring it to surf day I'd like to see it. I'm looking for a 10 foot rod but I'd like to check out the action and see if it would be good for what I want to do with it.
  3. Tuffline xp. I used to use it on a 525 for bait fishing. It was either 65 or 80. Also used it for cod fishing up north and tilefish. Same line lasted for years and eventually ended up on my surf setup. Very waxy and abrasion resistant, I couldn't see it breaking under any situation and it never showed any signs of wear. Much thicker than regular braid though from what I remember. I would probably go with 30lb fireline though and a heavy leader.
  4. PM sent closing thread
  5. Popping seems as if it would be equally as fun as jigging. 20-30 fish a day for a few anglers sounds better than anything going on around here tho
  6. If it was next year I would have jumped on this. Maybe next time I would like a chance to be able to jig for tuna.
  7. Very nice! I'm in
  8. I dont have time for that anyway. I'm not a collector and If I wanted a grs it would probably be cheaper to buy a used one off here instead of driving all the way out there twice.
  9. The thrust bearing was a great idea. Theres one in the fathom i have located on the left side of the spool. Since it's a pull style drag when the shaft is pulled against that left spool bearing it wont bind it. Meaning less resistance when turning the handle under higher drag and less likely to over load a bearing. I dont know why more reels aren't using this yet. With a pull style drag the drag is usually on the right side though, in which reels have you seen a thrust bearing being used at the drag plate, okuma? I had a seigler that suffered the same problem as the avet did which is that it would bind up when too much drag was applied and this was at reasonable drag pressures used for bottom fishing. I personally like star drags for bottom fishing except when a two speed is needed.
  10. So where's the sign in list for the line lol. Not like I'll be there the day before anyway.
  11. I've heard alot of good things about the angler. I havent been on there in a long time but if I was going out on a party boat I'd choose them. Theres another open charter boat up there that I heard is great, can't think of the name though. But 20 people you're probably going to need a party boat
  12. This is what I always used to do. But it was a mess. How do they cure and do they have the same action afterwards? Luckily I'm not going to run out of uncle Josh anytime but there is one other alternative and I forgot the name I'll have to check when I get home but they are like 10 dollars for a jar of 6 it's ridiculous
  13. Let me know form of payment btw and I'll PM you.
  14. That would be great I would love to see it