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  1. Something in good condition but not trying to break the bank too much on a new reel. Looking for black or silver preferably
  2. Bump. Going to try one more time
  3. This is a want to buy thread.
  4. Looking to see what is out there. US made, single pickup.
  5. Sounds good! Sending PM
  6. Last try at $130. This is a great deal for these glasses. My lose, your gain. Barely ever worn. Lenses are perfect, never used for fishing or sports. Not a single mark on them.
  7. Bought for $250. Didn't like how they looked on me they are a little sportier than I like but are amazing glasses. Would sell for $170 shipped paypal or trade for a different pair of Maui Jim's. Really looking for Tumblelands. Like the Onshore as well.
  8. Pm sent. Going to meet up with @FISH BUCKET as soon as I am back in town.
  9. Sounds good. I think I remember you being from somewhere close by your past postings. We will definitely meet up as soon as I get back. I am interested.
  10. Where are you? I'm in philadelphia but I'm in Florida til next Friday. If you wanted to meet up then, I'd like to check it out
  11. Looking to see what is out there. Also would be interested in a surf machine.
  12. I'm in philadelphia. Is it the stealth 2? Let me know if you change your mind about shipping. I have no problem covering costs if it comes to that. Would also be interested in the 1326.
  13. Thank you for the offer. I'm going to hold out for now. Really hoping to find a stealth.
  14. Last bump. Might also be interested in a surf machine 10' 1-5.