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  1. This is just what I need. How much for everything but the toolkit and toilet? I can meet in nj. I just got a new awd vehicle and really need this stuff for ibsp
  2. Bump. Also would accept super strike needlefish
  3. Thanks! I heard they were a bit lighter duty which is why i asked. I decided on the m.
  4. If I was going to go that route I'd get a zeebass. I like my vs but after playing around with a zb if I was going to spend the kind of money the lefty vs are going for I might as well get a reel that in my opinion is higher quality and more easily serviceable
  5. This is my issue with bailess reels. I'm mostly left handed but have always fished with "right handed reels". I cast left handed and have to switch hands to pick up the line with a bail less reel which is somewhat awkward. For this reason I mostly fish manual bails. Maybe I'd like bailess more if I tried a right hand retrieve.
  6. Perfect mechanical condition with ht 100s. Really want some of the older 1 ounce mag darters and 6inch sp minnows or bombers. Let's see what you have.
  7. I figured this was the best place to ask this question since the lami gsb blanks are more popular for custom rods. I'm using the fast track warranty from lamiglas to get a new gsb but I'm wondering if there is a difference in action between the 1 piece and 2 piece since a 2 piece is my only option. I'm stuck between the 10ls (1202l) and 10ms (1202m). I'm more concerned if the two piece will change the weight range the rod can throw. I'm looking for something that can throw down to ounce and smaller live eels but with enough backbone for jetty fishing. It seems there is different opinions of what these blanks do best but it's always concerning the one piece models.
  8. I can possibly meet next weekend
  9. Thank you! Sounds good. Avid sold.
  10. I have the factory 1201l, xs101ms if that's what you're referring to. $105 picked up. I'm in Philadelphia but fish in Jersey. This isn't the newer gsb with the concept layout but it's the same blank
  11. Price drop. $180 for the avid, this rod comes with a lifetime warranty $105 for the lamiglas.
  12. Its 1 piece. It's the same blank as the 1201l. Says 2-4 on the rod but the revised rating is 1-3. I've used anywhere from 3/4 ounce swim shads and 1 ounce bucktails up to eels with no problem. Very versatile rod.
  13. I'll probably be a little further south. Can you meet halfway? I could meet near belmar probably going to be down around pt pleasant tonight. Otherwise next week would work if I cant tonight.
  14. Avid is rated 3-8. Shows some light wear but in good condition. $190 picked up. Lamiglas 101ms shows regular wear but no guide rust or blank damage. $110 picked up Located in Philadelphia but can meet in south Jersey or in Monmouth county on a weekend