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  1. There should be a bearing on each side of the main gear and one on the pinion. Just look at the schematic.
  2. Hey sudsy let me know where to sign up that's the general area i fish in so I would definitely be interested in getting involved.
  3. When my dad passed away I stopped fishing for awhile. It's definitely not the same anymore by myself. I feel like fishing is something that can be more enjoyable with friends. Having someone with the same passions as you and being able to share them is the most fun you can have in life, it becomes more of an adventure. Plus the safety factor, it can be dangerous to be out there alone and having someone with you if something goes wrong could save your life. And sometimes having another person can help you catch more fish by trying different methods and covering more area you can figure out what works faster. I joined this site hoping that I could eventually learn from people with more experience than me since reading about it and being on the water are two different things. When it comes to surf fishing I've had to figure out most things myself through trial and error.
  4. I like fixing my own reels but it doesn't make much sense when you are paying less for sending it in. With some reel companies you end up paying a service charge and getting most of the parts for free. It depends what is wrong with the reel, even bearings which are the first to go most times are very expensive if bought from the company or even from other sources
  5. That's not bad! Especially since you dont have that long boat ride. I'm assuming alot of that is fishing time. Is it bring your own gear? Thank you for info! I will look into this. The adventure itself would be fun and then theres always the chance to do some inshore and surf fishing while there I'm sure
  6. How much if you dont mind me asking? I'm guessing it's one of those things where you have to find other people online to charter together or are there bigger boats where you can just pay to get on? The problem that always comes up is being able to find other people to fish with and share cost
  7. I'll look into it. That's a shame. I hope the cow fishery is not doomed. I'd imagine it's cheaper to go out of Mexico anyway? Not as long of a trip.
  8. I wonder who found all my plugs when I got washed off a jetty earlier this fall in jersey. I'm sure if I waited til low tide they would have been easy to retrieve but I was tired and beat up, driving home bleeding all over myself lol. There was an ls69 darter in parrot, a custom made white/wonder bread norcalkat danny style plug, a nice wood popper and a few sp minnows. Luckily I was able to find the one hand carve that fell out. I dont have a ton of nice plugs so it was a big loss but I didn't care at the time. I had to wade around just to find my torque and arra. Hopefully someone found those and is putting them to good use
  9. You ever hear the story of the guy who pretty much pioneered standup fishing? I forget his name. He was fighting a giant bluefin tuna and ended up getting pulled into the water. The fish dragged him under, he was able to put the reel in freespool and just barely make it to the surface in freezing water. Instead of worrying about getting hypothermia or the fact that he came within an inch of dying he put the reel back into gear, fought the fish and got it to the boat. And he released the fish because he reasoned that it deserved to live after that I guess if big game fishing isn't your thing, hand over the rod, but I want to catch the biggest fish in the ocean. If anyone ever needs an extra hand though I'll work for free. Just bring me along and you can give the rod to me when you get tired
  10. There are no shims in the reel and you sure you have the right gear and pinion? Take the spool off and spin the rotor and see if it spins smoothly. Sounds like you have either too many shims, a lot of times those reels need none or very light shims. Turn the handle very slow and see if it is getting caught up. Also check if your shaft is bent. And you never mentioned replacing the bearings. Is one perhaps seized up?
  11. I know I've heard of them before but can't find any info on them when I searched except they were made by a member of the site
  12. Deal. They look cool. I like the idea of the bunker oil infusion