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  1. Any other questions let me know.
  2. Good mechanically and looks pretty good too.
  3. It's in pretty good condition. I'll let you know after work.
  4. I have one I'd let go for $65 shipped. I'll get back to you after 4 with pictures if you're interested
  5. Got korkers rocktrax I posted up here. Size large.
  6. $60 shipped. Size large
  7. Happy birthday Tim! Hope you enjoy your day
  8. Dropping the tsunami to $40 picked up
  9. Sounds good! Thank you. It's a deal. Send me your info.
  10. I'll split the shipping with you if you want to do that? It should be about 7-10 dollars at the very most. Just make it 69 and you have a deal. This reel is flawless btw.
  11. You are right though. I would not recommend filing down that part of the shaft if you dont understand what you're doing and are not mechanically inclined. The shim under the rotor if done in the way I described can be done relatively easily but as always if you aren't use to doing this stuff let a professional do it.
  12. Yeah if its top heavy this will work. If its bottom heavy remove shims. But I'm familiar with this problem with the torque and sometimes it needs to be shimmed under the rotor or even in the extreme case of having to file down the shaft. In some cases even with no shims it is bottom heavy which is why this won't always work. It's a great reel but this is just the reality for some where you can't get the line lay right
  13. No I put it up as pick up in Philadelphia. Shipping has been so expensive lately. I can see how much shipping would be and we can work something out.