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  1. Wow, big difference in capacity from 6000 GT spool to the 6500. I would definitely need at least a 6500 spool.
  2. That makes sense. So I would need either the 7000 or 8000 spool to give it the line capacity of an 18,000-20,000 reel. The question is if they fit. The reel itself I’m sure can handle bigger fish and sharks. I miss my 4500z, the gearing on these reels is top notch and they are easy to self service. I’m looking for a reel to go on a ballistic 6-16 for targeting larger sharks from the surf, potentially up to 400lbs.
  3. I should have asked how it compares to the new sizing. I have a 10,000/14,000. I can fit about 400 of 50 x9 on the 14,000 spool. Looking for something bigger for sharks. I remember the 6000s being pretty big. Would it be about the size of an 18,000?
  4. What’s the real world line capacity on this? I might be interested in a few months if you still have it available. I just need to save up.
  5. Sounds good! Thank you. Will send pm now
  6. Looking to sell for $270 shipped PayPal ff. Willing to negotiate a little though. Perfect mechanical condition.
  7. Ok. $210 works! unless we decide on a trade.
  8. What do you have to trade? Otherwise how about $220?
  9. Bought this rod from another member on the site. Asking $230 picked up in south Jersey or trade for 10’ red st croix avid, daiwa ballistic 10 or 11’, genesis 10’, or super surf lami. This rod was cut down from the butt to 10’, super light and low diameter but will throw from 3/4 to 4 ounces. Guides could use rewrapping as the epoxy is starting to fade. Worked great with VS150 but would work fine with 200 or a 6000 size shimano.
  10. Let me know if you’re still interested! I could throw in a plug or 2
  11. I might be interested in that. Can I see some pictures?
  12. I’m going to bump this back up. I’m interested in trades for surf rods as well. Looking for daiwa ballistics in 10’ and 11’, odm genesis, black hole, or red avids.
  13. I put carbontex in my saltiga 30 and they worked great. It’s definitely worth the switch. It’s an easy reel to work on and completely break down too.
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