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  1. Thread closed
  2. Ok awesome! Thank you
  3. If its the Polaris one that's definitely the one I want then how about one of the used pencils with that?
  4. Ok cool well so far the guppy 3 oz pencil in the package. And one more question which ocean born popper is it you have? Do you have the regular Polaris one
  5. So far I like that big yellow and white popper, the bottle, needle and some of the pencils. Let me decide. Could you do a couple plugs and the money?
  6. Bump $180. Would also consider a tuna jigging rod or blackfish rod.
  7. Who made that darter? And thank you! Sorry for the trouble but could you post the pics of the other ones too and I'll decide
  8. You said you had some daters too? Honestly I have never really fished pencil poppers. Those guppy ones do look nice though.
  9. What do you have as far as minnow plugs, hand carve swimmers, needle fish, and metals?
  10. What do you have as far as plugs go? Btw do you happen to have a buck tail pouch or a pair of manley or sergeant pliers? I'm sure we can work out some kind of deal.
  11. I feel the same way. And sometimes it does seem that confidence plays a big part. It's also important not to panic, when you try too hard you're more likely to lose that fish then if you just treat it like any other fish. I dont catch alot of fish because I won't do what other people are doing and just give in to fishing for the smaller fish and sometimes I'll feel like i have no idea what I'm doing after awhile. Once you catch one though and your confidence goes up the next one is easier.
  12. Probably not going to be near the Cape anytime soon but I doubt I'd throw anything more than 3 at any time in Jersey. Let me think about it. I can check out the blank this weekend in the tackle store
  13. That's fine. I'm not concerned with stuff like that. Just as long as it performs and isn't really beat up or ugly lol. Btw do you think its good for its upper weight range? I heard these could throw anything within their weight range and were very versatile
  14. I like that. I've been looking for something to go with my vs250 and the guide layout and wraps would match nice. How's the condition of the blank and guides? It looks good from what I can see. As long as all is good with that I'll do the trade for that.
  15. Let me know about the 1206 when you get the chance