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  1. This was just made but it's a little heavier than I thought it would be. Only ever test casted once, never fished. Butt is around 25in but can get an accurate measurement if you ask. 10', Good 8 and bait rod or heavy canal jigging rod. Trying to fund a different rod. $210 picked up Philadelphia.
  2. Looking for the tumbleland or will sell for $190 shipped pp. These are basically new. Really hoping to trade.
  3. Pm sent. PayPal received.
  4. Thanks sounds good! PM me with info.
  5. Still available. USPS will no longer ship packages this size. Must be ups or fedex. $160 shipped if local east coast or $130 picked up philadelphia.
  6. Right hand, standard retrieve
  7. Bump $190 or $175 picked up in phialdephia.
  8. Ok sounds good. Thank you!
  9. I've already dropped this down further than I wanted to. How about we meet in the middle at $287.50 and I'll give you a plug, jig, or a couple bucktails.
  10. $300 picked up or will possibly trade for a daiwa tournament ballistic surf rod in the 11' 2-8 or 4000-4500 size Catalina or Saltiga and will add money.
  11. Payment received. Thank you
  12. Ok awesome. Really appreciate it!
  13. It looks like shipping could be pretty steep depending where you are but if you cover the approx $5 for PayPal fees I'll cover the shipping. Edit: And that would be great! Let me make a call and see if I can find a tube and if you're on the east coast I'll just cover the pp too.
  14. Can't go that low. I'm guessing shipping and pp fees will be atleast $20.
  15. One more bump for a great rod.