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  1. Yeah that was a great tutorial. Most plugs have the trailing hook facing up, have you had better hookup ratios with your configuration?
  2. I'm on a musky mission this winter. So far only bycatch:
  3. I also target schoolies, mostly because I haven't gotten into any bigger fish. I stick to ultralight gear, usually 5 lb test but bump it up to 8 lb during Rocktober. It's about 45 minutes to the western shore of the middle bay, so I make it out about once a week. I discovered a couple new spots, one of which consistently produced through the summer if the tide was right. Didn't find blitzing fish at any of my spots, but did stumble onto a decent topwater bite one morning which produced 5 or 6 fish, only one keeper. My goals for this year were to get a striper on the beach, a keeper fluke, wild browns, a tiger musky, spanish, and a keeper speck. Got the first three of six so I'm calling it an average year. And by that I mean good. I had fun, learned a few things, got on some decent bites. Good times. Merry solstice, or whatever holiday you celebrate, and happy new year!
  4. Very impressive. You're killing it down there. I went back to my spot today and found no life. Here today, gone tomorrow.
  5. Nope, it was Anne Arundel. I was also surprised to find a post-cold front bite. 27 is solid!
  6. Nice. I fished a point on a western shore tributary and got on a decent topwater bite Friday morning.
  7. Fished midbay western shore shallows and got only one rock at 19" before dawn on a talkin' popper. Hit with about 8 feet of line out. Borderline legal so he went back.
  8. Slow pick of rocks yesterday morning. Predawn bass took a white Zoom Fluke, midmorning bass took a gold Mepps #3. Got enough perch for a meal too.
  9. Fished near Chesapeake Beach this am, got four specks 9-11"
  10. I appreciate these monthly reports, so here's my contribution: Fished an inlet to a salt pond, middle bay, western shore for a couple hours this morning. Lots of silversides around. Fish were feeding but it was far from a blitz. Got three or four short stripers, the first and largest of which on a tiny spook, the rest on a gold spoon. Good fun on ultralight gear. Also got a cute little speckled trout and an 11" perch on a soft plastic jerkshad.
  11. Brownsuit...gears turning...sandbar shark? Or...
  12. Looks good to me. Especially with a cold bottle of Hite...or soju.
  13. Damn that's pretty severe.
  14. Nice! Did you eat him? I threw for Spanish Friday morning and got a slow and steady pick... ...of snapper bluefish =\