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  1. Any DE spanish?
  2. I also fished a DE inlet for a couple hours last week, got an 18" fluke.
  3. No action despite my best efforts. Skunked four times since DNR stocked Lake Elkhorn. Tried rivers near bmore for pickerel this morning and got the big skunk there too. Winter fishing is a struggle.
  4. Solid! That's a fat bastard.
  5. All you need is a 4 lb test outfit and a few gold and silver spinners and spoons. Prepare for elegant and fatigue-free entertainment! I'll probably hit the middle river to try for those slime darts you got into a couple weeks ago...
  6. Finally found some relief from the winter doldrums: a limit of freshly stocked rainbows from a pond in PG county. There was no surface action and the bite was pretty slow. The approach of random casting a spinner and hoping for the best yielded two fish early, then after about 90 minutes of nothing a cast to unlikely nearshore shallow water got a third and better quality fish. Figured that one got separated from the school and was thus panicked and more likely to feed (like my dimestore fish psychology?) so I switched up my strategy to target lost fish, focusing on unlikely spots. It quickly paid off to complete my limit. Five ranbows in the 10-13" class, no palominos this time. Yay first fish of 2019!
  7. Got into some fish last week. One perch, one spec and about six stripers including one keeper. Fried him up nice with a ginger/garlic/soy sauce. Stripers were blitzing tight to shore. Check out my vid if you want to see the action.
  8. Croaker, short fluke, and cocktails on Gulp at Bethany the last three mornings. Nice beach lip fishing on ultralight tackle.
  9. Yeah I'm learning to be judicious with my power when the bite's cold.
  10. That's some casting distance! I can't get 1/4 oz out that far but it's pretty much my strategy for the incoming. I made a little viddy from last week's trip.
  11. Incoming tide at KN was dead. Sharp contrast with last week's action. One fisher caught short rock and perch on clams. I threw plastics and spinners, no bites. Headed over to GH creek boat launch for a very slow perch bite, got three between 9 and 10 inches, two throwbacks.
  12. Holy crap 60 fish at one go? Egregious.
  13. I hit NP last summer and agree it's a nice spot, tons of prime perch habitat. The bummer is it opens so late, like 9am iirc. That's usually the time I'm calling it quits and heading home! Maybe I'll try it again sometime for an evening bite. I've heard schools of big perch to 14" sometimes show there. What do you consider a harvest size perch? I throwback <9" unless I happen to gillhook 'em.
  14. I don't get the poaching. I understand if it's subsistence fishing, but in that case why not just target perch? They're easy to catch, plentiful, and with no size or bag limits there's no legal risk. I was happy to see that all the stripers I caught were beautiful and free of sores. One had clearly been caught before, nice to see C&R working too! Slow morning at Church Creek. No stripers hit my topwater before dawn and the perch action was weak after--only got 3 throwbacks.
  15. I did well at KN Wednesday morning. Got about 10 peppy stripers 13-16" on plastics.