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  1. New penny shrimp used to be my go to but once I switched to white swimming mullet I haven't looked back. I normally tip the 5-6" swimming mullet to the bucktail. I can say although I catch less fish on the bucktail with the larger gulp than the teasers, when I do hook one its normally 20"+. So its just one of those things the wait pays off. This season I've switched to a rubber skirted style bucktail 1oz, and have been fishing that in the back, and it's been getting annihilated by shorts and 18-19" keepers. Now I'm using the smaller 4" swimming mullet but when that gulp is paired with a spro I rarely got shorts. It's to the point I had two consecutive trips the skirted bucktail smoked the teaser. First was 25 fish caught 2 on the teaser next trip was 20 fish caught 7 on the tease. I've never had that happen before especially two trips in a row bucktail out fishing teaser.
  2. I will say in the past never had an issue and got all items way quicker than expected. That being said last month I entered the retail store twice in a three week span and to say it was a little light was an understatement. Bucktails and jigheads were cleaned out. Went back that second time and it looked exactly the same. Other tackle throughout the store and braided line selection were wiped out. Curious if there's a supply issue as well.
  3. Just target structure you’d normally target tog and they should be there.
  4. Personal preference is shredder crab seems to do the best for me but I don’t use this scents too much.
  5. CMC our back. Fished 0700-1100 this morning. Had 5 shorts first drift then the action slowed up a bit. Picked away the rest of the morning with the action shutting down around 10. Probably missed the most fish I’ve ever missed in one trip. Not sure what it was. Ended the day with 20TBs and 1 Keeper. 90% of fish on a white jigging world bucktail with gulp.
  6. Glad someone shares the same thoughts. Honestly don't think anything he does is super revolutionary but gets rewarded as such. I think its his spots versus the "Skinner method" that brings him the fame. I personally know the rig either as the tap dancer or bucktail rig.
  7. I got a Yeti 65 for a deal and I like it a lot. I think the longest I’ve ever had ice in it without replacing was 5-6 days. That was a combination of being in a boat, my car for a few prolonged times, then inside. My only complaint like others is the weight. Now with all these performance coolers and negative reviews I think a lot of people aren’t properly icing the coolers down which inhibits performance. I noticed if I under ice the cooler it usually doesn’t last more then two days. Proper icing and cooling everything I can get 5-6 days no problem.
  8. I feel like the 90 is under filtered which is leading to the main cause of the ammonia spikes. Two filters rated for a 60 gallon will not suffice for a 90. You really want 3-4x turnover of your tank via filter. AquaClear 110 would be my recommendation rated for tanks up to 110 gallons with 500gph turnover. So all the water in your tank would filter thru 5 times an hour. You may possibly want to look at running a sump filter over any HOB filters as they have many benefits and great turnover ratios. With the heavy stock loads you may want to also consider 50% weekly WC the fish will benefit way more.
  9. This past weekend I had a hard time finding fish at a spot that’s normally pretty consistent with fish. Began to target two crab pots and first drift by I had two shorts as soon as my rig hit the bottom. Targeted that the rest of the morning and ended up having a decent day. I’m guessing those pots started holding bait fish and the fluke weren’t far behind.
  10. Little late went 6/15 outback CMC for fluke. Had a late start 830-1230. Fished bucktails with gulp and plain hook above. Ended with 2 keepers 10 throwbacks. From what I saw I was the only boat consistently catching. Really had to work for them outboard was running all morning. All fish were caught on the gulp with the bare hook.
  11. Pretty similar to yours Back bay,Beach, Inshore Tap dancer unless the current is ripping I'll use a chicken rig inshore. Deep the chicken rig. Everything Inshore-backbays is 15-20lb flouro and deep water I bump up to 40lb flouro. Very interested why you gave up on flouro. Tap dancer is normally spro, **************, or S&S bucktails on bottom then 8-12" above a size 6 O'Shaughnessy hook. Usually tip the top hook with a 4" swimming mullet and bottom with 6". Agree on the top hook teasers I've used the tsunami glass minnows with no luck. Bare hook and gulp has been proven for me.
  12. I'd avoid buying a used cop car like the plague. Depending what department it came from, I know the municipality I work part time for they run 24/7 and are never turned off. They give us inspectors the old cop cars and the amount of maintenance that goes into them is unreal. Both the Tahoe and Expedition are on a pretty strict maintenance schedule but it can't help all the wear and tear thats been done. Currently both of ours are out of service due to failed breaks and a significant oil leak.
  13. Spool lock is great for when you snag bottom. Puts the strain on the lock instead of the reels gears.
  14. I’d step up to the Saltiga 15. You definitely get what you pay for awesome little reel with tons of power.
  15. As stated fishing Strathmere is one of my favorite places. Not incredibly different to learn you should be able to get a few fish no problem.