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  1. After receiving a message about the out of the box reel drag on another website my suspicion was true. Person stated it was 12lbs of drag directly out of the box and the reel comes with 5 1” by 1/4” drag washers. The gear shaft is approximately 3/8” so the guy cut his own carbon washers but thicker. He now gets 22lbs drag. Ive received recommendations on the Diawa Saltiga and Ocea Jigger which I’ve explored before. Would like to get hands on the Saltiga but probably will explore the JDM Ocea Jigger again.
  2. Honestly since I’ve done that my catch numbers have sky rocketed. Obviously it isn’t always bigger is better and sometimes the smaller bucktails are the ticket. Also I’ve read a bit about the presentation with the smaller line. Obviously less line drag in the current and keeps everything a vertical as possible which I’ve found is key.
  3. My bad if I came off a little hostel. Didn’t want people thinking I thought you needed that much drag to do some simple bottom fishing.
  4. Relax. It was merely a question as I know a lot of reel manufacturers advertise a reel with a certain drag poundage and when tested it’s a fraction of that. The reel will be used primarily for flounder and sea bass so no I don’t need 28lbs of drag I was only curious if this number was put to the test. And yes it’ll be spooled with 30lb JB braid possibly even 20lbs. I’ve found the lighter braid suites me well and my numbers have improved to show.
  5. I’m hoping to get one and use it primarily for fluke/sea bass/tog with the occasional use on stripers/bluefish. It’s funny I posted on a west coast website as well and got nothing but negative reviews on it. Seriously considering it now especially since The Reel Seat is a dealer. I’ll probably match it with 30lb Jerry Brown. Any one actually see if it dishes out 28lbs of drag? I had a few recommendations to go with the Accurate Tern. I’ve seen a lot of them used for sale which concerns me considering it just came out. Not sure if somethings wrong with them or people just don’t like them. I have a Boss Fury which I like but the lever drag is a PITA trying to slow pitch jig sea bass.
  6. Anyone else with any input?
  7. Guess I'll bring some west coast braid to the discussion. Jerry Brown Non Hollow Spectra best braid I've ever used.
  8. That was my speculation. A lot of the negative reviews were older models noticed the newer they got the more positive they were. What were you using it for ?
  9. Looking to get this reel to match with a black hole challenger for a light weight jigging setup. Doing my research I’ve seen a 50/50 split on good and bad reviews. I personally like the release bar along with 28lbs of drag and tiny profile. Seems either people love them or they fall apart/break. Any input would be appreciated.
  10. I've only ice fished it once and that was last year off Ironwood. I collected massive amounts of info on the lake and up to the day fishing reports and went my way. A lot of the spots pointed out to me were only accessible via machines as the walk from public access is over a few miles. Unfortunately a great walleye spot was mentioned to me but due to the walk I haven't sacked up to try it. The normal two spots I hear of ice wise is Ironwood and Ledgedale. Fortunately for the day I went I picked Ironwood and it paid off in a ton of perch. Studying the lake on Navionics helped as well. I was able to hit depths and features other people were mentioning getting the fish on.
  11. Think I'll be giving that place a shot
  12. I miss Illgs as well. Family used to go there on the regular loved the meats. Was bummed to see them close same with the store in reading terminal market. I’ve only ever used Herring Bros to process deer I’ll have to give them a shot.
  13. I as well am a big fan of bison meat. Lean but tasty. Only issue with bison is how quick it cooks. Take the amount of time you cook normal burgers, bison is about a fraction of the time. Cooks super quick and that's all cuts. As for beef burgers I like to add Worcestershire sauce, Montreal steak seasoning, salt & pepper.
  14. I appreciate the honestly
  15. Could you pm me a picture of it ?