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  1. I've made multiple trips to CMC along with trailering a boat thought there were more PA tags than NJ.
  2. Just when I thought the dead horse was actually dead.........
  3. Man the first year we were allowed to print the licenses ourseleves I got into it with a Fish guy. This guy had a nuclear meltdown it was on white paper and not yellow. Thought I took the time to make a fake license.
  4. My biggest issue with the grand were the ungodly amount of wind knots I was getting. I had zero experience of the other issues. First time I ever had to stop fishing to strip line off and get a reel re spooled.
  5. Price drop $300
  6. Only cosmetic issues noted in picture 3.
  7. Selling a lightly used Saltiga 15L. Mechanically 10/10 cosmetically 9.5/10. Spooled with 20lb PP V2. Asking $350 OBO. Located in Philadephia PA. Will post pictures later.
  8. Jerry Brown hands down. Little more expensive but far superior braid. I’ve tried them all it comes out on top every time. J Braid would probably be a close second. Tried the 4x on a spinning rod and I’ve never experienced wind knots like I did with that. It was to the point where I had to stop fishing strip the reel and get 8x put on. I like the 8x color fades a little quick but it seems to hold up very well. I’m on my second season with the PP V2 so can’t give a full report on that. I do like it haven’t seen any issues with it.
  9. Ole lady saw one a few years ago and I’ve been looking for one ever since. Don’t care if it’s cork handles or not. Lets see if anyone has anything me. Located outside Philadelphia will pay for shipping.
  10. My take on it is, it’s ironic, it originated in the same location of a Chinese Biological Warfare lab. How many years have these wet markets existed all over China and Asia selling bats and pangolin but now something happens? Ironic enough when all the protest in Hong Kong are occurring. It’s enough for me to scratch my head on why this hasn’t happened before then.
  11. Yeah just saw that. I was talking about the masks I’ve seen 100% of the general public wearing. The paper thin doctors ones. Those won’t stop you from inhaling the virus just keeping it to yourself. Hence why emergency personal are putting them on suspected patients. Just make sure your respirator has the correct cartridges in it. Not all cover everything.
  12. I’m talking masks not respirators. Two totally different things.
  13. Little late but 3/24 went to a local SEPA lake for the spawning perch bite. Went a few days early and got into them good but with the rain Monday threw a wrench into things. Spent about 2 hours searching for them but finally found them at a familiar spot. 4 hours of casting and catching. Fish were all decent sized 8-12”. Also caught maybe a dozen over 12”. Great day all on soft plastics.
  14. Other than the city of Philadelphia the PA burbs have been pretty quite. Not seeing too many ODs anymore seems that potency has dropped significantly. This isn’t a recent trend seems to be the last year to year and a half.
  15. Unless it’s an N95 the mask won’t do anything for stopping the virus. It’s the only mask that will catch the small virus molecules. The mask can also be reused per the CDC. Don’t think anyone here would be exposed long enough to gunk up the mask and render it unusable.