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  1. yeah pretty much, I have a couple acres in delaware, I bought down there strickly for investment. you should check out the water issues they are having there, both tidal and ingestible
  2. that is a lot of stuff going on in there right now, I only bought property in there and after seeing everything going on I may sell it. I got lucky and bought it for 300 bucks so if i sell it for the same amount I may be able to fish in delaware every weekend.
  3. are they in the cove too? my parents are building there and I bought a lot then had twins that put my house on hold
  4. i liked your post on the FB great explanation of everything and this picture here is a perfect example of why
  5. the fact that is the moon and not the sun is amazing!!!!! beautiful picture
  6. my bad i dont see where it is spot burn if it is just showing the structure of the beach nothing about catching fish, and it is delaware we all know fish hate delaware
  7. well memories last a life time
  8. so every chance i get i watch the camera at an inlet in delaware This just looks amazing
  9. hopefully dnrec will let it sort itself out but this looks amazing
  10. last storm there was a nice bar that looked like it went out about 400 yards right at the coast guard station
  11. the north side of the inlet may be a little while. I was watching surfers having to jump down what looked like 10 feet from the cameras.
  12. i see what he is saying for Delaware law, but nothing for Maryland law here is a Delaware link
  13. This is the first year i didnt get a tag since i was old enough to buy one. I may still get the off season one. I am just really disappointed that since I was working and didnt have the ability to keep trying to get a tag, I was unable. It was more of a statement of how many weekly travelers wont be making as many trips this year because of how much it will cost them to come down, or the entrance areas will be loaded up so they dont burn fuel driving up the beach
  14. with gas prices i wonder how many of those tags bought will ever be used
  15. we just bought property across the bay the same week we found out we were pregnant, then later on we found out it was twins. ooops ooops