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  1. Hey guys, somewhat new to striper fishing and was curious if anyone could provide insight on when to use top water lures vs. when to use shads vs. when to use darters? Which are most successful under which conditions? How do you know when to stick to a lure rather than switch it out?
  2. Took a peek at the surf (So. MoCo) during lunch break. Looked worse than the days prior to Florence. Tides were ripping, tons of white water, waves crashing over the jetty. Only fisherman out there were trying for blackfish in a well protected area. Some might call it unfishable. Hope this passes soon.
  3. One thing I’ve learned is the bait and tackle guys will always take your money. Most tackle shops should have crabs now that fluke season has ended.
  4. Sounds familiar...
  5. TimS... you're cheating with the fish tank. Everyone knows that's not allowed. Much cooler when ya think about things Dragon's way. Sort of like a watch dog at home haha. While I have your attention; can you try to explain how to feel the difference between a smaller fish and a big fish? I really don't want to keep gut hooking the little guys as they're probably not surviving each blow.
  6. Thanks for the info! So basically, this time of year, it'd be difficult to find adult sand crabs on the shoreline? Have to wait another month or so before finding them in the sand?
  7. Question for the sand crab/sand flea specialists out there. I was curious what time of year sand crabs spawn. Are they found year round on the jersey shore? I went digging for them near a popular inlet but just found babies and no full grown sand crabs. Will blackfish munch on them year round or only during their spawn? Thanks.
  8. Thats some great advice right there.
  9. Do you guys find when you're jigging for blackfish it's more common to foul hook (gut hook) the fish rather than lip hook? I'm fishing in shallower water (max 10 feet?). First time jigging - fowl hooked 3 out of 3 shorts
  10. When jigging are you still keeping the bait still similar to how you would with a conventional set up? Also how do you hold bottom well if youre using such light weight?
  11. Pm me
  12. hey guys, trying to revive this thread as tog season approaches. Looking for some advice on tog jigs. Dos/Don'ts and advice on sizes, ounces, colors is appreciated!
  13. Saw some bait fish splashing while out in the water with the little ones. I was near the Hilton hotel. Good structure with some troughs and bars. Didn’t get a chance to fish. I’m not a big fan of pier fishing due to crowds but I’m sure you can get some advice there or the local bait and tackle. Plenty of charters too!
  14. Spec rig?
  15. Spec rig?