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  1. Oh its not a threat ? Oh excuse me then ....i must not know the threat meaning then. Save effort , im out of here. Useless ...
  2. Of course , its in your achives now like you said . Stay forever there. You should know , you deleted it.
  3. Od course , when they insultwd me and threatening me , there is nothing happen . Thanks a lot
  4. Oh dammm , spot burning , pole 235 . Oh right ... he was allows to do canal report with pole number . **** it
  5. *** Your content will need to be approved by a moderator *** What if just delete my account , that will be the same thing . I didnt break any rules at all just for your information. I dont care . Just glad my posts had been read .
  6. Went fishing this morning around 4am. Why there are a lot of people in the canal? (shoulder to shoulder) Parking a lot is full from other states ? Ny , nj , ct .... even canada. What s going on there ? At least , fishes bite
  7. Someday , i let u know . Have more stuff to do than fishing
  8. They will be there saturday morning at pole 90
  9. I dont own that spot , i didnt buy that spot, it 's a public spot , anyone can go at that spot and fish. There are a lot of fishes at the canal.