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  1. I'll take 27 & 29, if still available.
  2. Very sorry to hear that and my wife and I will say a prayer for your mom. Sorry for the impatience. I will pass on the lure.
  3. Sorry to hear that he is not feeling well. I will wait to hear from him. Thanks for the info.
  4. Thank You. I know that it is Christmas day. He posted on Christmas Eve at 9:30 am and I asked a question with an offer at 11 am. I know Logan. It's all good. Merry Christmas!
  5. Are you going to respond???
  6. Those are just unbelievably beautiful, Roy! Makes my green macs look pretty ordinary. Great set!!!
  7. If the Jr. on the bag in the Capesams lot has a date written on it ("05" or "06") I will take it. Thanks.
  8. Wanted to post this set. It's my favorite Capesams and I don't think that Steve made a lot of sets. He is an unbelievably talented builder.
  9. Respectfully offer 200 shipped for the Capesams flag. Thanks for considering.
  10. I am embarrassed to say that I didn't notice! Good to know. Thank you
  11. That is a great collection and presentation! I was lucky enough to pick up a couple of Pichney tins with the same bucktail as his bullet plug.
  12. Really, really nice! Congrats!!!
  13. If you decide not to take Mark L's offer, I will take lot 4 for asking.
  14. I'll take this. Please tell me where to send the preferred money order. Thanks
  15. I'll take the top and bottom lure of the middle row. The gray translucent and the red mottled. I will pay first thing in the morning. Going to bed. Thanks