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  1. $465 for the 150?
  2. Needles still available?
  3. How's it going, id like to order some of the Smilin Bill's.... 2 x 1/2 Oz 2 x 3/4 Oz 2 x 1 Oz All of the "full dress flash" please
  4. You guys think he'll be selling his cart any time soon?? Lol, jk glad he's okay
  5. Gotcha. Sorry about that. 65 picked up?
  6. PMing
  7. What should we do if we plan to attend but are reluctant to reserve a spot? Would they not allow the event to go on unless everyone is accounted for beforehand?
  8. Do you end up strapping down the front and back with something too?
  9. Thats a good idea! I bought the rhino rack set-up and installed it to the cap on the bed of my truck and last season i pretty much just threw my hobie onto the bars and tied them down with some ratchet straps....... But i later heard that tying the kayak down with ratchet straps could start damaging the plastic or contorting it? Not sure how true that might be but i began to look at other options after hearing it
  10. I've been looking into several different carriers for the kayak to use with my roof rack but with so many on the market, it's been difficult deciding. I have been looking into this setup which looks nice and fairly easy to load up. But I'd still like to see what other guys have been using and to anybody that might have these, how do you like them? Thanks for the help -Mike
  11. Older model seems better than the newer IMO
  12. I'll take it if you can do $50 shipped. Respectfully, of course.
  14. Where are you located? Would you do 25 meetup?
  15. Dudeeee you should've sent me a message. I would've taken this instantly