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  1. Would you sell the rod only?
  2. Sold
  3. For sale 2006 sailfish Center console, Yamaha 4 stroke 90 hp appx 260 hrs, 2017 load rite roller trailer. New humminbird helix fish finder with chirp and side scan loaded with navionics map card. new battery.Asking $11,500 boat is currently Located on Long Island south Shore, west Gilgo beach.
  4. Iloco I would agree on $200 for the setup. I PM you
  5. Dropping the price $215 min willing to split the rod and reel up as well
  6. Sorry I already have that range covered, I m looking for something in the 10’5-11 ft range that can handle 2-6oz... that’s a sweet rod though
  7. I have a penn spinfisher V 6500 bailless and a St croix Triumph 10 ft rod for sale both are in like new condition, the reel is spooled with #40 super slick. $225 for both. Local pickup on Long Island preferred
  8. Any recommendations for someone to do a custom surf rod for Long Island. I was hoping to get a rod from Lou Caruso but I can’t seem to find his info, website is down, so I’m not sure if he’s making rods anymore
  9. Great thread
  10. Well in that case I guess the rules of the sea apply. Like I said you would be surprised what these things are capable of. Bring it for service and take it from there
  11. I agree run the serial numbers and see who owns it. You would be surprised what these reels are capable of even after being submerged for a long time
  12. I’ve had this knot hold for entire season, make sure the braid is pulled tight to the leader, when you have finished the weave tie several half hitches and locking knots, not 2 or 3. The FG knot when tested beat out every other type of connecting knot for strength, when tied correctly nothing compares... try watching a few different videos rather then the same one on how to tie
  13. I had a penn spin fisher 6500 bailess, I switched to VSX200 and it’s night and day VS are quality and they hold value this is a striper page and VS is the top of the line in terms of surf fishing reels so it makes sense that people will buy and sell them here, I don’t think there’s any thing to read into about it. On Craigslist there are a lot of BMWs for sale, what does that mean?
  14. At least a shellfish farm would have been somewhat positive for the ecosystem in the bay