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  1. np going to list it for sale just too many rods right now good luck with your search
  2. some parents go crazy to protect their kids, kids today are vicious and mean but mostly on social media seen it a bunch when confronted most coward down or start making excuses when they see an asskicking coming, my baby brother is a vice principle in an school sees it all the time! Heard this one my kid is a good kid heshe wouldn't bully anyone, yeah right hide behind that screen name, internet muscles
  3. A female officer made a stop the guys fled she said she saw a gun, hers the rub the car had really dark tints, the officer who shot the 2 guys said they pointed a gun at him, he got out of his car on 3 different occasions and shot into the car, the body cam and other transmission seem to contradict was he's says, if he's convicted he could go away for life, a former cop doing life go figure! The are prosecuting him to the fullest we shall see what happens!
  4. 1.I have this rod got 2 prefer the heavy version for what I fish for, this one has been fished 1 time then put in the rod rack in storage. Its in excellent condition asking 110.00 or reasonable offer excepted picked up 2. St Croix Mojo Surf Rod 9' 2pc rated 1-4oz in great shape hardly used 125.00 picked up
  5. ok SOLD! Pm coming!
  6. he said there was one that's the key to the case
  7. The Newark cop was indicted and arrested for this shooting
  8. hey man I'm home now will post pics of the mojo in a it
  9. Thinning the heard Diawa Saltist BG30H Conventional Reel Black and Gold, reel is in great shape fished a few times then put away, spooled with 40lb jbraid, no box asking 135.00 shipped
  10. Horrible! Horrible ending waste of time if u asked me lazy writing I tell ya!
  11. Got a stcroix mojo surf 9' if ur interested 2pc rod in great shape
  12. one last price drop for 8500SS 75 shipped
  13. hey I have newer version saltist 30 somewhere in the reel vault I will did it out and take some pics when I get home tomorrow
  14. quick sale price 135 picked up