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  1. Obviously
  2. Listen, if by broad you mean a question that might require a little more thought than a 2 word quip , then yeah I asked a broad question. Maybe I could have been a little more specific but clearly there were people who understood what I was asking and gave helpful answers. Maybe you should re read the thread and see who’s being a dick.
  3. Pass the salt, will ya
  4. Relax TBag21
  5. 1. Its the Main Forum 2. I'll post where ever I want.
  6. I bet.
  7. Otony, and the others who gave the question a little thought, thank you for your input, truly. Thats the kind of answer I was looking for. As far as how many posts I have, I don't give a damn if I had zero posts prior. If someone is being a tool, I'm gonna tell them they're a tool.
  8. Are you always a tool ?
  9. Thanks thats brilliant
  10. What makes a good surf rod a good surf rod ?
  11. We had that one day WITH jetskiers on top of him...It was a special day
  12. You fish at Breezy too ?!
  13. Fishing a pocket from the surf...googan decides to walk out on the jetty a little and start casting across me into the same pocket Result....2 tangles...he leaves. Next googan steps up....same spot....same result...except this time ...have to cut lines and re tie...smh
  14. These still available?