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  1. Thanks but that is too much for me also given current retail prices for this model
  2. Yes. Interested in this one. Will pm you
  3. Ok. Just let me know
  4. Looking to purchase a VHF handheld. I’m getting into kayak fishing and this for me is a must have next to a PFD. Not requiring anything fancy. Just a good working handheld with sufficient battery life (8 hours +).
  5. So I’ve had my eyes on the Saltiga 4000h now for a while. Now I read all these raving reviews on the Ballistic. So let’s say I would buy the Ballistic 6000. In terms of braid capacity it’s almost the same as the Saltiga. In weight it’s almost 5 oz lighter than the Saltiga and drag is even 4 lb more. All according to the marketing materials of course. So where would the Ballistic fall short? Smoothness? Water tightness? Or less rigid for fighting bigger and stronger fish? Value your opinion SOL.
  6. Sold to Greeny. Closing the item.
  7. Sounds good. PM sent.
  8. Thanks for the offer but I'll pass on that one. Saving the money to buy a Saltiga.
  9. Selling a new in box Daiwa BG4000. Paperwork and spool rings included. Never used nor spooled with line. Retails around $90 at the moment. Yours for $85 including shipping to the lower 48 States. Paypal works for me.
  10. Closing due to no interest.
  11. Not really. More looking for the cash right now. Would only consider a Daiwa Saltiga 4000h as that one is still on the bucket list