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  1. Closing due to no interest.
  2. Not really. More looking for the cash right now. Would only consider a Daiwa Saltiga 4000h as that one is still on the bucket list
  3. That's weird indeed. Let me try again.
  4. Selling my brand new Shimano Twinpower SW 8000 PG. I bought the reel for a trip which unfortunately is not going to happen soon. Don't use it here locally so decided to sell it to finance the fishing hobby. The reel is brand new as you can see from the pictures but I don't have the box or papers anymore. Asking $500. Local pick up is possible here in New York City. I can also ship it against a small fee. Will ship insured. Paypal works for me. IMG_3791.HEIC IMG_3792.HEIC IMG_3794.HEIC IMG_3795.HEIC IMG_3796.HEIC IMG_3799.HEIC
  5. What do you mean with torque / cranking power in this case?
  6. I'm using J braid and it can hold a 300 yard spool of 50lbs. So spool wise I'm OK. I prefer the lightness of the reel for all day popping / jigging. The 8,000 Saragosa would be an option but that on is 22 oz I believe compared to 15.5 oz for the Ultegra.
  7. Most likely will be going on a kayak fishing trip to Panama somewhere this year. We will be spending a week at the Pacific side with daily kayak trips for GTs, Roosterfish, small tuna's and Cubera Snapper. Will be doing a lot of jigging and popping. I have a Shimano Ultegra CI4 5500 XTC that I use for beach fishing and was wondering if that would work for kayak fishing in Panama. I like the weight of the reel plus the drag but don't know if it's a good reel from a kayak. Any advice welcome.
  8. Having trouble deciding which reel to put on the Triumph Travel MH rod (rated 8-17lb / rod weighs 5.5 oz). Can't decide between the 2500 Luvias or 3000 Luvias. Both will do the trick for inshore fishing I guess but which one balances better? 2500 is of course lighter (7.6 oz vs 9.0) oz but also has less line capacity and a smaller handle. Value your opinions......
  9. Does anyone know good fishing charters on Ambergris Caye / San Pedro? Most charters I can find seem to combine fishing with barbecue which looks like more a standard touristy tour than true fishing. Advice welcome.
  10. So I have a chance to go and fish in Belize and would like to buy a new travel rod. I'm having trouble deciding between the H or MH for the 7.6 ft St Croix Travel spinning rod. What would your advice be? Of course I'm using it both on the flats as well as on the reef as I will only bring one rod. Any advice is welcome.
  11. I have the BG4000 on a 10ft St Croix Triumph and like it very much. I deliberately choose the 4000 for it's weight as anything larger will become quite heavy during a day where you're throwing plugs. Loaded it with 30lb Powerpro super slick 8. Next time I might go down to 20lb as I think I'm overdoing it on the fish I catch.