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  1. I’m willing to take the arsenal as stated earlier
  2. Looking to buy arsenal lures
  3. Offer 60 for the arsenal if split
  4. What color is the top one do you have better pics?
  5. I’ll take it
  6. Can you do 50 shipped?
  7. That wahoo for sale?
  8. Is this still available?
  9. Offer offer 60 for the pajama?
  10. I’ll take it for 70 shipped if still available
  11. Respectfully offer 60 best I can do
  12. I understand thanks for the reply
  13. Wondering if anyone has used this epoxy for lure building I have bin using envirotex lite and I have no issues with it I just picked this up to try something new?
  14. I can offer 100 shipped?
  15. Looking to buy arsenal lures and grs anything out there not worried about condition if the price is right gonna get fished anyways