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  1. I understand thanks for the reply
  2. Wondering if anyone has used this epoxy for lure building I have bin using envirotex lite and I have no issues with it I just picked this up to try something new?
  3. I can offer 100 shipped?
  4. Looking to buy arsenal lures and grs anything out there not worried about condition if the price is right gonna get fished anyways
  5. WTB any wonderbread grs new or used gonna be fished
  6. Sorry did not see it my eyes are no good.
  7. Let’s see some wood musso collections
  8. I was wondering if anyone else has a maxel hybrid reel and is having issues with the anti reverse. Bin fishing my reel on cold days and as your reeling and let go of the Handle it decides to go backwards on its own.
  9. Heard you are not allowed to get in the parking lot until 5am this is gonna get interesting for all the guys that were planning on going Saturday afternoon to start waiting online especially that it’s gonna be cold and raining can’t wait.
  10. Was wondering what airbrush paint is best for lure building? I bin using createx and haven’t had any issues but I’ve heard there are better paints out there wanted to try something new.
  11. Super strike does show special lures that are only made in limited amount specifically for that show sometimes they are given away in random bags given away at the entrance and sometime they are given to vendors to sell at tables for regular price which is from 17$-23$ I seen some sell for 30$ some tackle shops had left overs that they did not sell at the show so they have a few they can sell in there shop once those are sold the only way you can get them is if someone is willing to sell it and they usually charge double if not triple the price there are some people out there that are willing to sell what they paid for plus shipping but usually ur paying an arm and a leg if you want it that bad.
  12. These are some of my mussos that won’t leave the display I’m not a flipper and I didn’t not purchase any plug I own thinking I was gonna re sell to make a profit I have many high end plugs that I have payed much more then what they go for at the shows I have Arsenal’s,Luna’s and a few others that I have payed a lot for but I will still fish. but there’s something about wood mussos that I feel they have that history especially that some of them I have came in package with the “sure strike” before the became “super strike” not to mention most of them are signed by the man himself (don musso) and these plugs are most likely older then me
  13. Well said! That’s the way I see it as well.
  14. I hear what your saying and believe me I have wood mussos I fish but then again there’s the plastic super strikes you can fish. As for plugs with the jewels on them that’s not my thing either but I’m not gonna knock the guys that do like them. I pretty much just collect old would mussos everything else I fish.
  15. So I have bin seeing a lot of this going around the internet people complaing about people who collect plugs saying all plugs should be fished. I personally collect and I also have plugs I fish I don’t think there is anything wrong with collecting.I think there are plugs out there that have history and should be in a display case. me I have wood mussos I collect and rather see them in a show case and not see them get destroyed by bluefish. Thoughts??