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  1. All sold. Thanks SOL
  2. $165 for both works. PM coming. Thanks.
  3. Thanks a lot. I will PM payment info.
  4. I will let this thread run a little while. Thanks.
  5. Could you meet in the middle at $85?
  6. Yours if you are still interested. Please read the discussion above.
  7. Thanks for clarifying.
  8. Lou, thanks for clarifying. I thought it’s a old run of Mike’s. I am happy to remove this listing.
  9. I do not have another needle. I will hold off till someone verifies this is a Mike’s.
  10. Here you are.
  11. I recalled that I bought this mack jetty from MorningWood. The eyes were probably not by Bill but I am not sure.
  12. 1. Yellow CCW jetty new in package $95 shipped, sold 2. Mack CCW jetty, no package, bought as new a few year ago. $90 shipped, sold 3. Mike's Nightstick Needle. I bought it in a plug lot. No sign of usage. A few storage marks in epoxy coating (pointed by the black arrow). $80 shipped Take $5 off if you buy more than one plug. Thanks.
  13. Thanks. I will try to find the rods in store if there are any.
  14. Thank you, Mike. I will look for 7 or 76 rod. Which model is Calstar grafighter?
  15. I did a search but can't find answers. I fish on Eastman boat. Which rod is a good option for bait fishing haddock/pollock (250-300ft, 16oz sinker)? Anyone has experience with Trevala 66H? Does it have soft tip but enough backbone? Thanks in advance.