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  1. I have this yellow one (diver with a dot). $70 pp shipped.
  2. Very nice reel. Thanks for the offer. I would prefer Ci4 or XTD/XSD 14000 which is a slightly newer version. I will give this thread a few more days. Regards Wen
  3. Hi, Mahigo, How much would you take (shipping to MA)? Thanks. Wen
  4. New or used. Thanks in advance.
  5. I will take these. Thanks.
  6. Looking for STRATEGIC ANGLER MIKROS-S or similar sinking stickbait. Thanks in advance.
  7. Deal. Please PM your payment info. Thanks.
  8. Respectfully offer $45 shipped to MA. Do these lure come with hooks? Thanks.
  9. I will take this lot. Thank you.
  10. I will take this please. Thanks.
  11. Is this still available? Thanks.
  12. I will take the reel. Thanks.
  13. Would you take $300 money order for the 2018 - 25k Gossa (shipped MA)? Thanks.
  14. Offer withdrawn.