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  1. Have not received plugs either. No response to PMs.
  2. I see. Great advice. I meant cod/Pollock fishing in <200 feet water on party boats. The rod is paired with Torque 30 star drag with 50lb braid. I also have a Tora tamer 7 feet 20-40lb rod (TOE7040CV, lots of backbone). Which rod is better suitable for cod? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the info, guys. Much appreciated. My saltist rid is indeed quite stiff and has lots of backbone. BTW, I saw a nice blackfish rod rated as: 15-25lb line, 2-8oz sinker, 3/4-2oz lure Is sinker weight much higher than lure/jig weight?
  4. A newbie question. The line rating of this rod is 150lb and the lure weight is rated 7.5oz. I tried to fishing for haddock using 12-16oz sinkers (bait, not jigging) and the rod handles the heavy sinkers quite well. Does lure weight mean jig weight? Is it ok to use sinker above the recommended lure weight? Thanks for your advice. Model Number Power Action Length Feet Pieces Line Wt. (Lb.) Lure Wt. (Ounces) No. Guides STJ59XXHF XXH F 5'9" 1 80-150 5 1/4-7 1/2 7
  5. Fixter slope Green/Gold 3.7oz $35 and the black/white 2.2oz Danny $25 please.
  6. Second
  7. How many of the hammered jigs are 7.5oz or near 7oz? I need heavy ones. Thanks a lot. "7 hammered jigs 4-7.5oz $25 great for blues and kings"
  8. Got a plug elsewhere. Closing this down. Thanks Tim and SOL.
  9. I will pass. Thanks a lot for the info. Much appreciated.
  10. It's a sweet plug. Could you consider $30? I can mail money order or check to save pp fee. I saw a photo of Mike's off shore popper in another thread. Would you happen to know the weight/length of those ones? Thanks. Wish you the best luck in your fishing tournament.
  11. Bump
  12. Does anyone have any Fixter Bottleneck popper (prefer bright color)? New or lightly used. Thanks in advance.
  13. Kevin, would you have more Danny or Cigar? Thanks.
  14. *