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  1. I received the XTC 14k reel today. Perfect condition as described and 1 day shipping. Thanks again.
  2. Could you take $230 for Ultegra CI4+ XTC 14000? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Joe, $20 each or $38 for both. shipped.
  4. Hi, Joe, Are these the ones you are looking for? I have two new in package. 3.25oz.
  5. I will take this lot. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Pat, I have a Thunnus CI4 8000 in excellent condition. I bought it from another member on SOL. Too many reels for me so I haven't used it. Mechanically 9/10. A few minor scratches (see photots). Spooled with sufix performance 40lb. $200 shipped. Thanks for looking!
  7. Second for PS66LF2 if the deal falls through.
  8. I will take the following. Thanks a lot. Hopkins 8 total $20 Plastics 6 total $15 Shimano, Daiwa, Yozuri, Pop Queen
  9. Offer and payment accepted. Thank you.
  10. $85 shipped for the lot. Thanks.
  11. Donny and two Donny junior. Green Mack junior is a diver. All three are new with minor BM blems. $40 each shipped if interested.
  12. Both are new. Top one is 6.5” 2.7oz. Bottom one is a 6” slope head.
  13. I have a new Okuma Nomad NT-S-703M-MH 3 piece travel rod. Two tips rated for 15~30 / 20~60 mono. Very heavy duty. $150 shipped.
  14. Thank you. I will ship this asap.
  15. I have a brand new 8500. 4.7:1 gear ratio. $230 shipped.