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  1. These Pencil Poppers have Owners Hooks on them
  2. 55$ shipped for the 2 Canal Bombs, the white one has a cool slight glow btw, these things bomb extra far
  3. sounds good man, Surfster is yours, sending PM
  4. Price drop to 81$ Shipped
  5. WTS this mint Big Fischer Surfster and 2 KU Canal bombs Pencil Poppers New, Now 81$ Shipped total for the lot , PayPal
  6. Looking for Skippy's Used or new. Thank you.
  7. I’ll take it
  8. Looking for multiple patterns, but in Slims. Such as all Macs, wahoo, Bluefish, Blackfish, Black White, Black Gold. etc show me what you got thanks
  9. $$$ WTB
  10. Have this Sick Black Talon Mint condition Sinister, I’m looking for a equal value GRS . Looking for a Slim Surfster in a cool pattern, Interested in atleast Slims only. show me what you have, Thanks
  11. bump
  12. awesome man, sounds good
  13. off course id pay over 200$, depends on pattern but I'm interested in all Skippy, a Foil, or any cool pattern, Im interested in all tho generally
  14. Sounds good sending pm
  15. I would trade the Cyclone for the Slim Bluefish, I don't have that pattern and could use it