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  1. Examples of stuff I have , if any Interest let me know
  2. I have some very nice Griffey cards , Jeter, arod, manny, Frank thomas, others. I can post em later if your interested. Nice ones
  3. WTS 2 NIP wacky Mac 5 oz savages with the spare tails , 2 Canal jig heads with green Mac tails also round 5oz, Canal bomb plug in mackerel 3.9 oz , and nip sebile minnow . 55$ plus 5$ shipping . 60$ total . paypal
  4. I’ll take the plug lab
  5. Cool both are 3.8? I’ll take em sending pm
  6. Weights please and price , def like the Mac
  7. cool that's the weight im looking for, if you end up splitting I'm interested to buy it.
  8. Exact Weight on the plug lab? Im interested I’f split is possible
  9. Sounds good I’ll take em
  10. Interested in the used blue and the green , how much kevin ?
  11. il take the gremlin
  12. Anyone got some Gordos out there ? Mac plug labs ?
  13. Bump , anyone got a giant or slim?