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  1. These normally around close to 60$ Shipped from stores. I’ll keep my offer at 37$ If you change your mind.
  2. Hey brother , lowest I could go Shipped is 37$. Sebile is brand new and the outcast is worth 30$ alone originally. Think just outcast is like 35$ Shipped from store. 37$ for both
  3. Hey man I double checked the sebile site and the only Mac is this one and a sorta chartreuse one . Here’s pic . It’s only this and the blue ish Mac but there is some green in it. The one I posted seems to be the “green Mac” . Canal bait and tackle supply more pure green macs but not official sebile. I could lower to 38$ Shipped for sebile and outcast . Best I could do.
  4. Don’t know if it helps but Iv bought 3 types of the 66. the size 2 are small and 4x and sharp but sorta small . I also bought the 1/0 and 2/0, these were bigger. Looking at them size 1/0 would be your typical 3/0 on other companies. The owner 2/0 is typical of a normal 4/0. Did you try 1/0? Not sure if this helps
  5. Would consider trading for a GRS or nice plugs
  6. Priced to sell , these are brand new Oakley half jacket 2.0 Men Regular Large Sun Glasses . Comes with box and case pouch . Black iridium lens , extremely nice vision lens , pleasure to use/look through , very comfortable vision and fit. 105$ Shipped pp
  7. I could throw this in with the outcast , 40$ Shipped for the 2 , brand new blue Mac 228 sebile
  8. There are no cracks , sending pm
  9. I have these 3 for 43$ Shipped pp. 190 sebile brand new , 2 228s in Mac , canal bait and tackle 228s
  10. I believe those 2 are knock off canal bait and tackle, still very good . I think I may have a brand new, blue Mac sebile 228. I’ll send pic when home, any interest in the 190?
  11. Would consider a surface Slim also
  12. Brand new Oakley Sunglasses, half jacket 2.0 . Regular Mens Large size. Black Iridium lenses. Comes with case pouch. Looking to trade for a new GRS Slim Surfster , open to darker or lighter colors , prefer dark but open to others. Post pics of GRS please Thanks.
  13. I’ll see if I have more too , def have those 3, pic above
  14. 43$ Shipped for these 3? One on right is a 190
  15. Weight is 3.7 oz length about 7 inches