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    My passion for surf fishing is something that even I cant comprehend sometimes.
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    Fishing the shores at night.
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    Commercial Landscape Industry

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  1. Bump & Final Price Drop $44 Shipped Paypal
  2. Price Drop $40 Shipped Paypal
  3. Misc lot for sale. Plugs are all new except for the Black bomber which was fished once. Blurple Redfin is BB loaded. Chicken Scratch Redfin unloaded. RM Smith Bay Minnow 6” and 1.3oz Ron Muccie Metal lip. 6” and 2.5oz $50 shipped PayPal
  4. Want is the best rigging method on these needles? Hook sizes both trebble and siwash ? Thanks folks.
  5. BUMP & Price Drop to $48 shipped PayPal
  6. If you support increased beach access points and increased personal rights to walk on God’s given beaches VOTE Democrat. If you support less beach access and allowing a few rich elites to decide the beach laws for everyone VOTE Republican.
  7. 6.5” D Mag Needlefish Plug is new in original package. Taken out only for pictures. I know paint doesn’t catch fish but it’s still brilliant stuff. $60 Shipped PayPal.
  8. Please close. Thanks
  9. Sold to morningwood. PM coming
  10. D.Mag Metal Lip Brand New. Taken out of package just for pics. . 6” and weight is in pictures. I know paint jobs don’t catch fish but it is still brilliant. $55 shipped PayPal.
  11. BM and SS sold to Nomad92
  12. RM Smith sold to Bwstriper.
  13. Black/gold CCW sold to Goldy
  14. Goldy- do you still want that plug for $17?
  15. Ok I’ll split the lot. Prices are BM- $ 28 CCW -sale pending to Goldy CCW- sold to Chewwy Muccie- $13 RM- $13 SS- $ 13