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  1. Dude, you're a legend! I love the idea of only tensioning the cut eye instead of bending.
  2. :Shrugs: Sadly, the juice is worth to the squeez here.
  3. With regard to his style of fishing being shore/wading, wouldnt this possibly disqualify the Stradic reels as a solid option due to their sealing ? There will be obvious splashing and maybe dunking? Am I wrong in thinking the Stradics did not have the sealing/anti corrosion properties of some of the other reels mentioned ??
  4. With regard to these inner city problems... -Sadly, it has nothing to do with RACE and everything to do with Culture. -The black single motherhood jumped from 20% to 70% since the civil rights movement. This alone tells the whole story of it being a cultural problem.
  5. origin- First tested in Spring 2005 on beaches of Nantucket and was his hottest lure. Any input from anyone that fished the Mr.Wiggly plugs?? Good or bad?
  6. - Theshadow- Tony’s needles are in that $15-$20 range & fairly easy to obtain. - Angcorsair- I say the same exact thing to my friends about the Choopy & Stetzko needles! The action is as close to exact as well as the structural build. ( Choopy certainly has better hardware and is a more “stout” plug IMHO). -The small Choopy is my favorite needle and I was thrilled when I found Stetzko’s Nantucket Needlefish! Many of my spots are rather shallow & these plugs have a SLOW sink rate with a 7 degree head up. Both the 1.5oz are great too.
  7. Sure. I can smell the B.S. from here.
  8. You are comparing apples to oranges with regard to these 2 rods IMHO. 10’6 3/4-4 medium & 10’6 2-6 medium-heavy rods are very different. The 10’6 3/4-4 is perfect for most NE surfcasting. My little brother Spanky has one and says it’s a good rod.
  9. It seems the single inlines are becoming more and more popular as folks continue to swap out trebles. VMC,Owner and Mustad being the most popular and none of them are the same size of course!
  10. Mods please close
  11. Regarding the SP Minnow, wouldn’t it be better to switch to In-Line single hooks instead of single siwash hooks?
  12. Sounds good. Korkers sold to Captahab416. PM coming ..
  13. These are available.
  14. Also need clarification. I understood your question as “using only tins/metals every time you go fishing”. This IMHO would be a silly approach. You mean when throwing Tin/metals on a fishing outing, right?