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    My passion for surf fishing is something that even I cant comprehend sometimes. I fish almost entirely with rigged sluggos and I’m only a nite bite guy. The day you find me fishing during the day might mean the apocalypse is coming.
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    Fishing the shores at night. Creepin while they're sleepin.
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    Commercial Landscape Industry

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  1. It wasn’t that long ago when these big fish were way more common. Now it’s like hell froze over to see a 50. Yet, we keep doing The same crap that has lead us to the decline of striped bass.
  2. Plain and simple its the best option at that price point. I use the small for night fishing and rock hopping. Larger bag during day when usually fishing out of my buggy. Put the round tubes in large bag and like it more. They contain all the carrying options youll need for your plugs. Of course its not a $280 ODM bag but at $50-$70 it cant be beat. IMHO the Shimano's best function is the small bag for night or difficult treks.
  3. The ONLY time of night I don't have confidence is that first 2 hours of darkness. The reason is the daytime swimming and boating commotion just ended and the fish have not begun to move in close like they do as the night progresses. It takes time for things to quite down and the fish get less timid. Ive had very little luck at Dusk over the years as well. Its a more difficult time but from 1am-4am are the best times with the 3am hour being my fav.
  4. No AWD buggys are permitted on IBSP not certain about other NJ spots but not being allowed access on IBSP would disqualify AWD for me. Personally, if im doing any beach driving the AWD is not even in consideration when I can have guaranteed 4x4 vehicles. The juice isnt worth the squeez with the potential issues AWD could cause.
  5. Called my uncle for clarification on this and it was " any big bass around 30 pounds and up, the big girls" Not 30" that was my mistake. He worked on commercials back in the 80s and 90s.
  6. Thanks to the Republican Party.
  7. That back end body shot looks like a melted candle.
  8. Most likely small bass keyed in on peanuts. My uncle always says he has filteted hundreds of bass over the years and never once found a peanut in a bass over 30”.
  9. Live bait trumps most all baits but throwing clams would be your best shot at action IMHO.
  10. Bass are active at all times of the day, just not as much as at night! Way more active at night esp in summer. It’s a fact these fish go on a more aggressive, closer to shore feed during the night time hours.
  11. Can you confirm that the bailess kit will be included in box??
  12. The Shield is a $99 reel I mean did you expect it to be flawless. I have a Shield as a backup and it’s been good to be although minimal use. If this new SaltX indeed checks out with all the listed specs than $300-$400 is really not much in comparison to current market reels.
  13. Priceless information right here. Perfect example of why I enjoy this site so much. Great information from personal use..
  14. Wow sir that is an incredible surf bass right there. It’s stories such as yours that make me sad I missed the glory days of bass fishing. Amazing.
  15. Largest - 9” rigged sluggo 3am outgoing. 2nd CCW Jetty Swimmer. gosh darn perfect shallow swimmer for NJ waters.