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    My passion for surf fishing is something that even I cant comprehend sometimes. I fish almost entirely with rigged sluggos and I’m only a nite bite guy. The day you find me fishing during the day might mean the apocalypse is coming.
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    Fishing the shores at night. Creepin while they're sleepin.
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    Commercial Landscape Industry

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  1. It’s totally unacceptable. He shouldn’t be taking our money if he can’t hold up his end of the deal. I’m 17 days out so I wouldn’t cross your fingers.
  2. RM Smith Bayminnow ?? Where the hell is my plug that I paid you for 17 days ago, Marc??
  3. Hey Sudsy. What is the name or brand of this tool?
  4. I guess when Toyota sells as many vehicles as they do someone will always have a negative experience. However, its not even a debate that Toyota produces a much better product than any domestic and most all other companies. The longevity of their vehicles esp the SUV and Trucks is brilliant
  5. Anyone have any feedback on this plug yet? Is it on the market yet? I saw it was out of stock @ their website. I’m super excited for this plug as it should cull out some bigger fish with its increased size. Also, should handle rougjher conditions better.
  6. Can you elaborate a bit here?How quick did you start seeing rust? How long were you driving it on the beach before it got bad? I’m JW cause I’ve taken some steps to try and minimize the body rust but I know some is unavoidable.
  7. Can’t comment on your specific question but I will say this rod is hands down amazing. The hype is real on this rod.
  8. Hey thanks for suggesting the Redgill teaser. This plug casts like a missle so the teaser shohld be awesome. Do you fish teasers on a lot of your metal lips?
  9. $30 works for me
  10. Offer $28 for Habs SR Mullet
  11. Off $28 for Habs SR mullet
  12. If you want to split I’m interested in the Habs Sr Mullet
  13. The black eyed sinking model 1. What color has been your most productive? 2. Do you swap the back trebble with a single dressed hook? Thanks folks!
  14. I will take this for asking price of $21 please.
  15. I’m sure those days were fun but we are paying for it now! Those regulations were way too soft. 8 fluke at 14 and 14 weakies at 14 should have had doom written all over it. Christ, weakfish are practically wiped out.