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    My passion for surf fishing is something that even I cant comprehend sometimes. I fish almost entirely with rigged sluggos and I’m only a nite bite guy. The day you find me fishing during the day might mean the apocalypse is coming.
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    Fishing the shores at night. Creepin while they're sleepin.
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    Commercial Landscape Industry

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  1. Almost certain it is Brigantine/North Brigantine
  2. Talking Strictly plug selection. Which is the best shop you’ve been to? Not including Tackle Direct. 1 Fisherman’s Supply ( largest inventory overall) 2 Grumpys (Largest custom inventory )
  3. Don’t criticize what you can’t understand ?. It said one glory night 2 guys had 1000 pounds of bass with 33 fish over the 30lb mark. didn’t keep them all. One of these guys is well known and always on the forum sharing and helping people out. One night in Montauk Joe Bragen had 560 pounds of bass on Redfins. This event is told in an issue of that journal.
  4. It’s interesing because I am not aware of another fisherman who feels the fish will just bounce back without a massive, state spanning intervention. It’s been on the decline year after year with the fish mass. Yes, more guys C&R now but there are also way more guys fishing from boats and keeping fish. How about the seal problem? The seals Alre causing huge issues. Conclusions have to be made with facts and evidence and that all supports bad stuff.
  5. Um so what was the posters first question? He asked for opinions right? Im not trying to change whats not broken with the ancient GSB but im trying to suggest a better rod. And I said that I like the GSB 1 piece rod and would purchase if i needed a 1 piece. What about if you could have the lightest and greatest rod with the moderate/moderate fast action and designed specifially to fish like a 1 piece rod? Just ask Lou C. how great the ODM rods are.
  6. I copied and pasted these from a discussion with another person on this subject. s - 5 fisherman could rented a house at southeast light for s 7 week period in October / November for $150 a piece. -how about when 2 guys had a 1000 pound night at the corners on one trip. 33 bass that were at least 30 pounds apiece with several 40s. - I had four 40s one night on Redfins at south west pt. My partner for the night also had four forty pound bass too. - one evening at Grove point I managed to catch only a 47 pounder while the fisherman on either side of me had a 55 and 52 respectively. - One guy had 3 fish over 50lb in a single night at southeast point on a prototyple lure. - - Tim Coleman took a 67 at southeast light one eve on a Danny Pichney single hook needlefish that he made especially for Tim. Tim also had two 50s one night at Dories cove - How about NO internet so spots rarely got blown up and you were forced to fish. - I agree it was a time when it was easy to catch but not to land!
  7. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. SBut what details are you witnessing or hearing that would lead you to believe that? New regulations to protect breeder females? Regs to control the amount of charters and party boats killing bass? For starters the biomass has been on a consistent decline for years now. The ammount of guys fishing,and especially by boat and with the technology has exploded. Sure, we may get a season of nice fish in the 20-30lb but I the closest we will ever get to those glory days are in our dreams. Good luck!
  8. Only way I would purchase the GSB in todays market is if i needed a 1 piece rod exsclusively. The GSB Serves as a solid rock/jetty rod with the strong backbone. HOWEVER, I would encourage you to check out the ODM rods if you have not already. In my opinion ODM rods make the Lamiglas and St.Croix look obsolete. The design,build and action of the ODM Genesis series is Brilliant! ODM's cheapest/bottom level rods are as good as Lami, St.Croix top shelfs.. It also holds it own against most customs.
  9. Please dont put the Slammer 5500 or any reel this size on a 12' chunking rod! Its ridiculous to see some suggesting the 5500 over the 6500 for this application. Go with the 6500 since its a little bigger, has manual bail trip, can handle 20lb mono. Personally I would go up another size to the 7000 class for a 12' bait rod. When I think of a bait rod I think of 6-8oz sinkers and bunker heads.
  10. The surf legends I see posting in this thread is so cool. I feel honored even being here to read along. Zambrotta, McKenna and Abate should really collaborate and write a book or memoir detailing the surf glory days.
  11. Not much I wouldn’t give to have been around for those block island glory days. Reading about the 1987’ snowstorm blitz and Steve McKennas night on December 1985 at Southwest almost gets me emotional!
  12. I use the singles/hookbucktail when it makes sense to. I remove back trebles on metal lips & topwater plugs often. Some plugs it’s just not possible with regards to lost action and missed fish. ( sp minnow, redfin, yo-zuri) Its a little sad to see so many guys put “themselves” or lost hookups ahead of this bass. This single hook method is a proven good practice. The least we can do is utilize single hooks when it makes sense!
  13. Agreed! I'll crush 2/3 barbs on that treble. If every guy carried a boga style grip and used them correctly it would help so much.
  14. Skip the st.croix,lamiglas, all of them and go get an ODM. These rods are brilliant and imho on an entire other level.
  15. Besides the general/required 4x4 gear I would say the Automatic tire deflators are the most essential tool. They make life SO much easier. Other essentials include: Jack support board LARGER than the required size. 18"x18" plywood is way too tiny. Bug spray.