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    My passion for surf fishing is something that even I cant comprehend sometimes. I fish almost entirely with rigged sluggos and I’m only a nite bite guy. The day you find me fishing during the day might mean the apocalypse is coming.
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    Fishing the shores at night. Creepin while they're sleepin.
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    Commercial Landscape Industry

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  1. Again, it was tested and tested exstensively over an entire season I belief, by a surf fishing master. Each has its benefits of course like anything and I agree the single hook is stronger but cheaper and easier is null to me. Same reason that the vast majority of dead eels are rigged with both hooks as opposed to one. Same concept really.
  2. I’m no expert but I’m almost certain the single VMC rigged sluggo doesn’t work as good as the rigged. Atleast for me it hasn’t and I tested it over an entire season which is really the best way. You did say some of your largest bass came via the rigged style. I remember when I was experimenting first time with it rigged single siwash and nail inserts. It caught very well for me and it did so consistently. Still after several months of back and forth it still didn’t produce in the quantity and quality of the rigged style. I stand by the rigged sluggo looking the most natural when retrieved just sub serface.
  3. Probably 10% on the back hook which isnt much. ( I crush the barbs)But rigged with the 2 hooks presents the most natural presentation of an eel swimming sub surface. The back hook keeps it swimming straight and even.. Also makes it easier to work just under the surface, on a straight swim which I have found the way they wanted it at night. Believe me I would love to toss the 2nd hook in a heartbeat but doing so drastically changes the success of it. I wouldnt be too concerned with the hooks either, the barb on the Gamis do just fine. Weve all seen 16" eels fished on those tiny 6/0 hooks.
  4. I have marinated them or held them with some juice or potion in the bag. I have not found much of a difference except for on extremely calm nights in when fishing close quarters like a boulder field. Started fishing these rigged sluggos going on my 3rd season and its been life changing haha. 80% of the time I try to make myself fish other plugs I find it almost impossible not to revert to my sluggos.
  5. Properly rigged eels can last several bass. Even large bass in the 30+ range. Its not uncommon to use a single rigged eel all night and take many fish. With the sluggos you are correct in that you get one fish on each bait. I buy the pre-rigged Sluggos with the molded hooks and have found them to be better but not much. Still i would rather have great action and a pile of used sluggos than no or less action with other plugs.
  6. The black 9' rigged sluggo is hands down the best artifical on the market and will outfish any and all other artificials/plugs. Im speaking specifically rigged with 2 hooks and insert weights. Sluggo's are also killer lures rigged on a single hook/jighead/weightless but not as deadly as the rigged application. It really makes complete sense given the sluggos similarity to an eel and how bass love eels. I always say an eel is the only thing close that a Surfcaster has to a " fishfinder" like our boat friends.
  7. Hey Island. As far as reel brands I’m looking for the usuals. Shimano, PENN, Daiwa. Thanks for your interest hope to speak soon.
  8. Will NOT fish plugs with only single hooks. I wish I could but the amount of lost fish was insane. The juice is not worth the squeez with the single hook plugs even tho it should be great. I do however fish a single hook in the rear whenever possible. when I have to fish trebles due to plug style I make sure to crimp all of the barbs. * Folks, please crimp all barbs esp when fishing SP Minnows. This plug OFTEN does great harm to the fish with is trebles. I’m guessin the slim profile is to blame
  9. Hello all, I have 6 plugs I am looking to trade for a backbay/light inshore spinning reel. Looking to match it with a 7’ rod. So I’m thinking something in the 2500-4000 size please. Reel should be new or in almost new condition. Listed below are the plugs I have with the specs listed. All new and in original packaging. Plugs are listed from left to right. Total value is around $130. -M.Fischer Popper 5.75” 2.75oz Bunker -24/7 Lures Sea Special Pencil 7” 3oz Mackeral ( amazing plug) -Guides Secret M80 Popper 5.75” 2.25oz chartreuse top/pearl bottom -Tac Angler JR Sub Darter 5.75” 1.75 oz Mullett - Striper Maine Popper 5.75” 3.1 oz green top/yellow bottom -Tank Lures JR Pencil 5.5” 2.25oz parrot color? Thanks -Joe
  10. Imagine the armpit of a state NJ would be if it weren’t for the Jersey Shore points. But yeah from now to Labor Day is really a hit or miss as far as what kind of clown show we might run into. Glad a only fish at night.
  11. Hello all, I currently have 6 plugs I am looking to trade for a backbay/light inshore spinning reel. I’m looking to match it with a 7’ rod. All of the plugs are brand new and in original packaging. So I’m thinking a reel in the 2500-4000 size area please. Reel must be also NIB or as close to new as possible please. Listed below are the plugs I have with the specs listed as well as pictures. Plugs are listed from left to right. Total value I put at $130. 1 M.Fischer Popper 5.75” 2.75oz Bunker 1 24/7 Lures Sea Special Pencil 7” 3oz Mackeral 1 Guides Secret M80 Popper 5.75” 2.25oz chartreuse top/pearl bottom 1 Tacrical Angler JR Sub Darter 5.75” 1.75 oz Mullett 1 Striper Maine Popper 5.75” 3.1oz green top/yellow bottom 1 Tank Lures JR Pencil 5.5” 2.25oz parrot color? thanks in advance.
  12. Their are a few reasons why and beach replenishment is one for sure. As far as the lack of blues changing the feeding patterns of the bass statement then you must know more about the game than Doc Muller. Silly me to even consider anything that guy says.
  13. The 9” sluggo in the “ angry squid” ( reddish) has always worked very well for me.
  14. Hmm, shouldn’t be happening like that. Sometimes right after putting the line on you might run into an issue but shouldn’t keep happening. Go to a field or area with a lot of space. Tie off to something and walk back as far as you can. Then reel back in keeping the line as tight as possible. Should solve your issue. I always do it after a fresh spooling.
  15. It’s not nonsense by any means in terms of solely surfcasting. The bait schools are further out now due to the limited amount of blues pushing the bait in tight to the beach. Declining blues has been a big part of the reason bass from the surf has been getting worse for seasons now.