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  1. I see you using hackle instead of bucktail as well. I really like hackles the only con being it’s not as hardy as the hair. - Probably a dumb question but have you found any hackle to be more durable than another ?
  2. VMC permasteel here as well. I know I’m late to the party but I got some Siwash w/hackles for a few choice plugs & man are they heady.
  3. This is interesting because I had the exact same thoughts as you. -I learned my lesson one time with my 7ft “backbay” setup. I hooked into a really nice fish late spring and it kicked my a** with that rod. So the 7ft only gets used very early in the season. - I got the ODM Genesis 9ft and use it for the same applications you mentioned. I have over a season on it and it’s FANTASTIC. Perfect bay rod & surf rod handling 3/8oz-2.25oz plugs perfect. -I’ve paired it with reels up to 16oz and it was a nice match. IMHO get the Saragossa 5000 it will match a little better and it’s more Than enough reel.
  4. It is a spinning reel. I’ve been using a 10ft 50lb mono shock leader & loving it. My main reason was because I hate throwing heavy rigs with the thin braid even with finger protection. I still use tape but my casting distance has definetly improved quite a bit. and I haven’t had any problems with the knot on guides or reel issues.
  5. A long strange trip indeed.
  6. I’m assuming this question is in regard to surf fishing, right? - With the beaches I fish most often tide & wind are definitely top. - When I’m on a big fish hunt I find water temp & moon phase to be essential. ( 68Degrees & 3 or 4days before or after new moon) - If your talking boat fishing then tide gets switched to current speed.
  7. Check out Flexx-Rap finger protection tape. It’s the best out there in terms of tape and def better than hockey tape for this application. It’s waterproof, flexible and won’t slide off. Remember to wrap to your middle knuckle. For heavy chunking I love the AquaSkinz glove. It’s the only Aquaskinz product that is junk.
  8. I’ll PM you now.
  9. Sorry for delayed response as I’ve been fishing. First, I need to change he condition of the bone swarter to fair condition. It has storage marks from only ridding In the tubes inside a milk crate. Blurple is good. Yellow has a tiny storage mark. Plug is from a purchase this spring. So I apologize for the mixup, I’ve never done this before. 2 options are: -If you agree to original price Of $27 I’ll make it right and include this brand new small size Mag Darter free. - Revised price of $24 shipped. Lmk pal.
  10. I can’t get over the folks in this thread who can’t read and understand my gosh darn point. All I said was that tiny amounts of Mercury in CC’s can safely be handled and injected into a lure without the threat of inhaling or death. That is a fact. CC’s even if evaporated don’t emit enough fumes to inflict hard. Ok morons? Sandbar, your comment is a ramble of words and info that surely didn’t come lips.
  11. I’m beginning to understand the reasons folks are petrified of mercury & it’s because of total BS statements like this. No human data ties Hg to cancer & the DEP states it likely doesn’t cause cancer.
  12. Thanks for the input by everyone. I Have never used a shock leader Since switching to braid however long ago. Had a couple reasons to make the switch and so far this year I really like it a lot. I can cast farther, more control and do t worry about the braid cuts. however, I will say I haven’t caught as many fish while using a shock leader. Hopefully it’s not for a reason
  13. Deal! Plugs sold to BW. PM coming.
  14. My final post regarding HG. I’m not advocating for Hg just facts only. If you literally took 10 minutes to research mercury you would see rather quickly you are the only confused one here. A couple of CC’s of Hg is NOT deadly like I keep hearing. But it’s ok because you are all just confused. Most all poisonings takes place from exposures to fumes from much larger amounts of HG usually from machines & they are repeated exposures. Not tiny CC amounts lol. There’s little fumes resulting in a few drops. In all the research I’ve done I have not become aware of a single posioning when dealing with tiny CC amounts. Read more folks.
  15. Definitely not when it comes to striped bass. If you are even a tiny bit passionate about striped bass & fishing for them then this thought shouldn’t even come to mind. If you think you care about bass and keep more than an occasional bass you are a fraud. It’s that simple. I raise my hand to god and can say I’ve never killed or kept a single Striper in my entire life of fishing. With the current state of the fishery I’m not killing something I love.