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    My passion for surf fishing is something that even I cant comprehend sometimes. I fish almost entirely with rigged sluggos and I’m only a nite bite guy. The day you find me fishing during the day might mean the apocalypse is coming.
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    Fishing the shores at night. Creepin while they're sleepin.
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    Commercial Landscape Industry

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  1. Nothing about the bailess kit being included as well.
  2. Im going from what i read on all of the sites listing the reels for preorder. None of them say anything about a bailess kit being available. How they forgot to include that is confusing for sure.
  3. You will like the VR150 as it combos with the 9'6 rod nicely as well as the 9ft rods, which you will have many more options to choose. I have a vr150 on a 9ft ODM and love it. The VR is smooth for a sealed reel and offers the bailess kit option.
  4. I know I'm not the only one seeing the massive mistake Tsunami made on this new reel. This reel was designed for the surf casting market and it's already OBSOLETE to the masses. - No bailless kit/option? This is the deal braker for the thousands of guys fishing bailess. - The 6000 weighs 19.3. Another deal braker for alot of guys.
  5. Thanks for the input and the knowledge. Just learned something new about metal lips and the dive angle. Will help going forwards.
  6. Sweet blog man! Very, very bizarre. Forums wouldn’t exist if we all followed your rules.
  7. ODM rods are brilliant. I have the 9t Genesis and my brother has the 9ft DNA. I’ve used it several times and it’s nice. I feel confident in saying it’s the best value and quality on the market at that price point. It’s as nice as some of the expensive customs. Fits the VS150 great.
  8. Hey folks, Looking for suggestions/tips on metal lips for mostly shallow sand beach. Which style has been best for you? How is the Surfster different from a Danny? My favorite is the CCW jetty swimmer. Thoughts?Thanks!
  9. I absolutely agree with you. Don’t think I would be willing to fish a vs100 or 150 at 20oz. For the majority of guys using the super light rods I have seen a few pass on the ZB. Stating that the 20oz didn’t match with their 9ft and the 22oz (25&27) with their 10 or 10’’6. I reserve my ZB for my heavier gear 11ft.
  10. I disagree that the current VS X Series and Zeebass ZX series are “ at best semi sealed”. I have had zero issues as my reels have all been sealed and water tight keeping all sand and salt out (vsx200 & zx22). For every 1 person who may have had a seal issue I hear about 10 who didn’t. If they were as average as you are implying they wouldn’t be backed by as many epic fisherman. It seems kind of evident that you have a hard on for VS.
  11. I included that in the post and It’s common knowledge that the VR models are the 2nd tier, more affordable reels. I’m speaking of the other VS and ZX Zeebass reels. VR’s removed, it’s clear that they ( and Stella’s) are indeed of the best quality on the market. The VR is at the top of the list when comparing non full sealed reels.
  12. One of the areas VS is inferior to Zeebass.
  13. Thread of the year right here folks. Some brilliant yet simple ideas. Thank you.
  14. The ODM rods are in a league of their own. The Genesis rods are right on the level of and better than most of the custom $500 rods. IMHO the GSB blanks are obsolete in comparison to the rods on the current market. I fish the 9ft genesis and it’s great. For $325 you are getting an excellent product.
  15. The most productive minnow plug for me is a loaded Redfin in “Baby Striper” color. They no longer make the “ Baby Striper” color. I was given a few still in the package from my uncle a few years ago. He told me he always had success with. Not sure what it is but it’s been my second most productive plug behind Sluggos.