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  1. Thank you for your service
  2. Hang in there Mike better days are coming
  3. Tell him Mike you have been taking those pictures for years
  4. Getting ready for a 20 hour soak nothing today way to windy. Nice morning though.
  5. It's January
  6. Happy new year everyone
  7. Keep taking pictures of the small ones because that's all we have left on the beach. Not complaining just saying . Happy to catch any fish at all. a frustrating year at best.
  8. Nothing doing down in o.c no visible bait threw the bag not a bump no bent rods as far as I can see. Everyone I talked to said the same thing nothing
  9. 2 little guys for me this morning one in mo.co. and the other in o.c. only saw small bait in the wash in o.c didn't see any bait in mo.co water is nice but a little bigger in o.c. but cleaner in mo.co go figure maybe later will be better
  10. Ok a fishing report not a loon report lots of bait off shore fish busting nothing but a couple of rats on the beach
  11. Yeah what he said
  12. Probably going to be poop brown if you know what I mean. Lol it's probably going to be good by then
  13. Actually yes not proud of it but you gotta go you gotta go.
  14. T.m.i. but funny