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  1. I'm surprised they're not here bitching at us that's so funny
  2. Just got in fished o.c.outback 3 bass about 20in 2 blue fish about the same size. Staying away from the crowds but the fish were popping on small baits for about an hour or so going to try back when the crowd thins out a little
  3. Yes he was a master with crabs & eels he had the baby pool in his basement we had to change the water every day we would go to St. Alfonz with buckets to get water he was a great guy. Taught me a lot about fishing the beach. But I miss the hole group. With it being father's day it's nice to remember my dad and all his buddies from the tackle shop spent many a day there. I'm sure I would know some of you guy's just by hearing what you have to say about the old day's. It was a different world back when I belonged to Steven's surfsters that was 1974 till jo passed away. well that's enough reminiscing for tonight I'm going fishing. Happy father's day to all you dads go catch some fish and have a great day with friends and family.
  4. Or Bruno Defonz and Bob Batino
  5. The last time I saw my rake it was on the wall at the old Stevens Bait and Tackle after Brian left I never went back to get it after my father past away it was next to the eel gigs on the wall he probably gave them away. It's been a long time.
  6. Thank God some good news. Glad to hear that.
  7. That's what made it fun
  8. Yes now that sudsy let the cat out of the bag. L.o.l
  9. Just like the old day's
  10. Avoided the skunk today o.c.outback no bait observed water a little dirty but not bad some grass one 25in bass on a sp minnow & 2 30in blue fish on bucktails that's it
  11. Calicos haven't seen one of those in year's. I gotta maybe break out the rake. A great summer time bait guarantee fish .
  12. It's June
  13. Out this morning o.c out back and front nothing. Saw one blue fish caught by my son that was it no bait observed nothing.
  14. Had too cut my outing short made it in before the storm came thru going to give it a couple hours then go back out o.c. out front & back ? I don't mind the rain it's the lightning I don't like.
  15. It's June went out o.c out front what a difference a day makes same tides same spots all night not a touch no love oh well that's fishing maybe tonight.