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  1. Well said mc. Well said.
  2. Happy new year everyone. May 2019 be filled with joyful fishing. Tight lines and be safe
  3. Gave it a shot o.c. 5 till 8 dead sea no bait observed at all the spots. I might give it a last shot up north in mo.co. this afternoon.
  4. Just pay the money it's worth it
  5. That's what I was thinking
  6. That's awesome. Sudsy very cool
  7. Merry Christmas to all. Hopefully Santa will get to everyone"s wish list Enjoy . Family friends fishing.
  8. Made it out this morning o.c for a little bit wasn't expecting much first cast whack Hickory on the teaser I said ok but that was it a nice walk on the beach for me. I might try tomorrow morning if the weather is good. Too late in the year to beat yourself up.
  9. Spot burn. I know that tree!! I have one just like it in my living room
  10. I've been asking myself the whole year why do I do this it started out bad and it ended bad. It's all for the love of fishing.
  11. I have been getting nothing down in o.c. I would go to mon. co. But that's just my opinion.
  12. Well gave it a shot last night and this morning o.c. I think this is going to be the last outing for me. I'm throwing in the towel on the worst season I ever had in 50 years. I just hope it gets better next year but I don't see that happening with everything that's going on. Well anyway the fat lady is singing time to clean the gear and change hooks keep busy till spring. Good luck be safe tight lines.
  13. We have been dealing with that all year dirty water Friday and Saturday won't be any different.