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  1. thanks that's a vision I'll never get out of my head
  2. Probably all of them.
  3. L.o.l that's hilarious
  4. One more day then its game on! Whoop. Whoop
  5. Surf day is tomorrow I'm going now to get online. L.o.l
  6. Surf day is Saturday!
  7. I will be out back come March 1st
  8. It's February everyone one more month
  9. I really hate this time of year..March Can't get here quick enough...
  10. I regret to inform everyone that the fishing community has lost a great man. Ronnie Bala from Fisherman's Supply passed away this morning he will be missed. God speed & tight lines. My friend.
  11. Nice. It beats shoveling. If it works
  12. Well said mc. Well said.
  13. Happy new year everyone. May 2019 be filled with joyful fishing. Tight lines and be safe
  14. Gave it a shot o.c. 5 till 8 dead sea no bait observed at all the spots. I might give it a last shot up north in mo.co. this afternoon.