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  1. Best response yet. I aim no googan believe me. I know a lot about reels. I just couldn't find anything on this. Just saw a picture of it. And nothing else was mentioned. So I was curious. Check out my instagram page and you will be able to see my fishing pics. Ig: patrick_marsh2
  2. So ready for these nasty flood water from hurricane Irma to get out. The fish are for sure not feeding normal at our inlet like they should be this time of year. Last year to date. Double digit snook every night. Every cast. This year looks like a port a potty water on a construction site at the inlet. 

  3. I'm with you!! The only thing I will be watching is the fishing patterns!!! Monday night football? Haaaa funny. More like Monday night drag screaming. Sundays and mondays I'll be fishing!!!! Not watching the worlds tallest garbage men get over paid for wearing spandex type pants grabbing on each other. Nahhhh
  4. Ahahahaha. *nailed it*
  5. I just saw the new star reels s series reel. It looks exactly like the van staals. But super cheap. Does anyone know about them and if they are sealed and can actually be able to use them day after day in rough surf conditions??? Thanks.
  6. I'll have to try that. But these boots I swear work so good wet rocks in rain. Big waves. Algae on rocks. Everything. This photo was was raining so hard and so nasty I had to chase this fish down cause it was going for the rock piles. And they worked great.
  7. A lot of my buddies wear tennis shoes with socks over them inside out and it really helps gripping on the rocks that I wear a pair of low cut Deck boots "xtra tuff" is the name that fit just like shoes and I can actually run all over the place on the rocks without slippingand I can actually run all over the place on the rocks without slipping
  8. I fish a lot more from jetty rocks. So I keep a big net with me that I rigged up to make handle longer and stronger. So it helps a lot landing fish solo. Just have to get the fishes head in the net with the length. Then you can reposition and get the rest of body in. Works really good for me. Every time I don't bring my net. I lose a giant fish due to something crazy like off the wall reason. Lol. Never fails.
  9. Yea a buddy of mine actually yea a buddy of mine actually told me about this site. That people on here are legit and not whack jobs like that snook club page. Everyone thinks they are just entitled to everywhere and everything. Googans for sure. I like this page so far for sure. And I have noticed a lot of northern surf fishing tactics work really good down here also. I like their style up north. Bring it down here is sick.
  10. Correct. That is exactly why your suppose to bow to them. I have lost so many on the jump cause of that reason. Not knowing it's a tarpon that picked up my lure at first. If you make it thru the first 2-3 jumps. Your usually good. The first one or two always catch you off guard.
  11. Smh. That's a damn shame. Cause it's mainly them.
  12. I like that one a lot. Very good idea. I need to print some of those
  13. Does any one else on here keep a fishing log or journal?? I just started beginning on this year. Because I learned from an old school fisherman to keep a log. And every year the bite will be the same. I'm not talking about random catches. I'm talking about big schools following those breeders. And I have been putting everything down the tides the moon the date what is running. And what other movements I noticed that day. And I am seeing some major patterns. Catching fish by chance is not chance. I bet if you go back to the spot u did really good a certain part of the year you can go back next year and do same exact thing. Who else keeps logs.
  14. July has been the best month for me this year. I keep a log of all my catches chasing the schools of the breeders. Keeping track of them and their patterns and movements. I write down the moon phases. Tides I was catching them on what color plugs and what make. Whether it's a jig or xrap or top water. And what colors worked best. May for bull reds. July snook bite. This month tarpon. And November the snook again. Those months I have had many double digit nights on fish. Breeder fish. Not talking peanuts. I don't even put peanuts in my journal. And I am seeing consistent patterns
  15. Not if you have a hurricane pushing up 10 foot storm surge and dumping rain on y'all faster than is can flow out but the drains are so full because of a huge storm surge and the storm is moving at 2 mph. Just dumping rain and huge storm surge. Texas was suppose to be good for drainage too. But that storm surge will fill those drains up.