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  1. I always start with 'adieu' maxing out my vowels. Got it in 2 guesses today
  2. Unfortunately shore bound, but if you're ever looking for anyone to join you, I'd be happy to chip in for ice and fuel
  3. What are the specs on the rod?
  4. Did the trevala end up selling?
  5. Bumping one of my favorite old threads but I have to say that this three piece fiblink surf rod I have feels awesome with a 5000 size reel on it, though I havent landed any fish with it yet. My 4 piece ugly stik gx2 travel spinning rod (6') has landed more fish than I can count and is still as good as ever.
  6. Go for it! Too difficult for me to get there for pickup, so it's all yours
  7. I'd like to get these, I'm at Northeastern in Boston. Whereabouts in Dorchester are you and are you ever in the Fenway area or the Ruggles area?
  8. This offer available to a college student in Boston looking to get out on the water for a change? It gets a little boring to fish the Fens from the bank all the time Lmao
  9. The fact that this is allowed to be on this thread is shocking and a little disturbing. You are aware you are talking about human beings, with feelings and lives, who have done nothing to personally affect or hurt you. Nevertheless, you seem quite comfortable to spew hatred towards trans individuals.
  10. I really hope you're aware that medical diagnoses and definitions change over the years as we gain more understanding. There was a time when any woman deemed unruly or fussy by a man could be professionally diagnosed with hysteria and institutionalized. Of course we now know this was blatant sexism and an effort to further oppress women. The fact is medical professionals, psychiatrists, researchers, and doctors have come to a general consensus that trans people are valid and do not necessarily have a mental illness. Even gender dysphoria is not a necessity for some trans people, rather-gender euphoria-the joy felt when one identifies with traits of a gender they were not assigned at birth is grounds for many people to transition. I'm frankly disgusted with the the amount of bigotry, transphobia, slurs, and general disrespect for human beings-some of my closest friends in fact, that I've seen on this thread. @TimS i can't report everything I've seen, but there are so many comments here that violate your terms of service on behavior expected of members on here.
  11. I'm sorry to hear of your loss Tim, he sounds like he truly was quite the character. I would have liked to meet him, RIP. Catch them up gentleman, in his honor.
  12. @Tom T just remembered I have my wisdom tooth surgery on Wednesday, there's no way to change it either. I guess I have to pull out now, I'm sorry
  13. Well I was about to message here that I wasn't gonna be able to come because I don't have a way to get there tomorrow morning using the trains, but I saw it was changed to Wednesday. I suppose I could take the train tomorrow night but I don't know where i'd sleep because I won't have the truck to sleep in. Does the motel still have any availability left?
  14. My parents don't really want me staying overnight at the motel, so I've been researching the morning trains. The trains that actually go to Belmar won't get there until after 7 am. However, I found a train to penn that arrives (in Penn) at 4:18 am. There's then a 4:30 am train to long branch, except it doesn't go to belmar, and it arrives to long branch after 6 am. There are several stops though (Avenel, Perth amboy, aberdeen matawan) that, if driven directly from–to the belmar marina, i'd get to the boat exactly between 5:55 and 6 am. There aren't any buses operating at that hour, so I'm a little stumped as what to do. Was there anyone who lives near any of those areas who might be able to pick me up from the train station around 5:30ish and drive me with them to the boat?
  15. My mom isn't letting me drive my truck early in the morning to new jersey, but theres no way in hell I'm not going on this trip. Is anyone driving from Long Island to Jersey for the trip that might be able to spare a seat in their vehicle (I'll bring snacks and help with fuel if you want). Thanks in advance guys! I hope all who celebrated today had a wonderful and merry Christmas