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  1. Daiwa has the perfect reel for you for this, it's called the Coastal TWS, it's a 200 size reel I believe, and the new version has special features that make it even more saltwater resistant. I don't have any experience with it, but I'm sure @scoobydoo can tell you about it. You can also get the original version for an insanely good deal on the big auction site, which is something to consider.
  2. If you've got $200, that budget puts you above the airwave range and opens you up to an incredible rod. The Black Hole Suzuki Surf 9'6 would be absolutely perfect for what you need and is $202 on the dot I believe. @ksong can tell you more.
  3. To all the people claiming that the sheepshead haven't been in NY recently, just watch this video.
  4. I would totally get this is i was closer to you. Just curious, though, how much do you think it would be to ship to zipcode 11791
  5. The BG 5000 is more like a 6000/6500 in other brands sizing, so for a 9' rod, I would definitely go with a 4000 or 4500 at most so you still have a balanced setup. It sounds weird, but for a 9 foot rod, you want a 5000 size reel or so and the bg 4000 is pretty much a 5000 size.
  6. Where are you located? In case we're interested in picking up rather than having them shipped.
  7. Did this ever sell?
  8. Definitely go for the 2500 if it's gonna be primarily used for beach fluking, you already have the bg 3000 (similar in size to a shimano 4000) that you can use on the party boats.
  9. No way!!! Didn't realize there were other Syosset people here. This combo is so tempting but do I need another rod and reel? Lmao
  10. Are you ever in the long island area?
  11. I'd like it-but I don't know when I'll be able to pick it up. I'm in Syosset but have been stuck in quarantine. If you're open to holding it, I can pick it up at a later date-but if not, that's perfectly understandable.
  12. Did this deal ever go through?
  13. Score! I think you'll love it. Scooby has a great review video on it, and Elias V tested it out on some juvenile tarpon in Florida and it held up through a season of salty abuse, before he finally destroyed it; so I think it will serve you amazingly in freshwater.
  14. I'd definitely go with a fuego lt 2500 for that budget