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  1. Would this work well for schoolie stripers and cocktail blues? Or is it too light?
  2. What can it realistically handle? What's the max ounces the rod can safely cast?
  3. 40 for all of them?
  4. Crap-did the fishfinder sell? If not, I'd like to pick it up along with the battery box for $200 if you could do that. I'll be in Boston this coming week for college orientation at Northeastern.
  5. Hmmm, I might be interested. I did a little research and it looks like I could make it work. Could you do 125 for the fish finder? Or maybe 175 for the fish finder, battery, and the battery box? I'll be in Boston the first and second day of July for college orientation.
  6. Where are you located? Interested in the 714z. Could you do 25 for it?
  7. Where are you located? Interested in the 714z
  8. Could the battery power a trolling motor in addition to the fishfinder? Or would it only power one or the other?
  9. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I really really love this $15 ultralight South Bend Microlite Combo I bought a year ago. I've used it for everything, and its tackled it all with ease.
  10. Would you consider just selling the lexa? If so, how much would you want?
  11. Where are you located? Would you do 70 picked up?
  12. I'm in!
  13. You ever in the Syosset area of Nassau County? If so, I'd do $10 on the shimano.
  14. I think I remember you also had a used version of this rod for sale. If you still have it, I'd love to buy it.
  15. I'll take it if the other offer falls through.