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  1. Which conventional tsunami and trevalas would you part with?
  2. Never noticed any wear issues either but I will now keep an eye!
  3. Nice, I’ll give cal’s a shot
  4. Anyone use the casttrax model? I seem to be losing studs quickly
  5. Por 15 applied with the acid etcher and then fluid film sprayed inside the frame rails as maintenance!
  6. And I will get some Cal's for drag maintenance. What would be the result of using my normal grease (corrosion block) on the drag stack?
  7. No- those are pits. Not dark globs of grease
  8. Yep I think the same.
  9. i like the aquaskinz small plug bag. 3 tube
  10. Heh that is wiped clean!! But ya, I think it’s fine. Just wondering opinions. Thank you
  11. So you’d say that pitting happened since purchase? Or does it look like manufacturing imperfection? Either way- think it’s an issue or just keep an eye on it?
  12. Check out beulah serum
  13. Wondering what others think of this. Newer 706z when they rereleased in the last few years. Limited outings in the surf- and cleaned/greased well. You’re looking at the bearing race that the handle goes through
  14. Forgot to mention... I tie most midges on an 18
  15. Midges are always a great bet on a tailwater. I will fish a small tungsten non specific nymph like a pheasant tail or hares ear with a thread and wire midge tied off the bend maybe 12'' back of the weighted one. You can try this under an indicator but tight lining is a little more "active" and can certainly be deadly when you get things dialed in. Great way to cover water. Have varying midge colors and varying weight tungsten nymphs for different water conditions. You want those flies dropping down and tumbling bottom. Hope this helps some