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  1. I definitely wouldn't discount technique being a contributing factor. I will keep putting time in practicing with different lines. I'm going to try some obnoxiously heavy heads as well. I enjoy this sort of practice during the winter months... I could never focus on casting like this if there were fish breaking!
  2. OK, put a few hours on the water both yesterday and today with the NGT. The makeshift grip setup feels awesome. Yesterday: First tried the 25' head 520 grain switch chucker with a 10' ~120 grain rio MOW medium floater. Not enough weight. I was overpowering the launch and the tip and head were dumping early. Next tried 25' 650 grain maxcatch skagit head whipped onto an uncomfortably thin 30lb running line with 14' handling section, with the same medium MOW floating tip. Same story, don't think I'm loading the rod enough, and @Killiefish pointed out that I'm not doing myself any favors with a relatively light tip hanging off the end of a heavy head in both of these scenarios Today: Tried a sinking setup with the 500 grain 12 weight sonar titan i/s3/s6 with a full 18' of t-18 (knowing this would be underweight). Snotty weather, 12-15mph in my face. Surprisingly, this cast very gracefully. Did not expect that. Picking up with say 36' out of the rod tip, and laying out maybe another 20' of line very nicely. Not ideal, because at this point I am just seeing the first few feet of running line come off the reel. I would guess that a 700 grain ~30' sinker like an airflo depthfinder big game might do pretty well? Now I had a spare spool setup with a crazy idea, just wanting to get a feel for a "max weight". Again, not ideal, but I threw the 25' 650 grain maxcatch floater onto the end of my 25' 520 grain switch chucker. This was also surprising to me... I'd first pick up at the back end of the maxcatch head, and repeatedly layout nice casts until I had the back end of the switch chucker head at the rod tip. So now, wind cooperating, I would pickup the whole 50' of two heads making for 1150+ grains?! This definitely got the NGT to flex deep and slow down, but it would peel this out of the water with authority, and lay out a pretty graceful cast, but only to shoot a few more feet. What do I make of all this? Nothing, I'm completely confused! LOL In searching for a nicely matched floating setup, and sinking setup, I'm going to guess that I need something like 900 grains in a 25' or 30' head. Maybe a little less for the sinker, considering the skinnier, denser lines. And leaving the ability to slap on say another 10' of an extra heavy mow floater, or 10' of t-18 for the sinker Those of you that have been down this road before, feel free to chime in. Thanks again
  3. I received the NGT, and rigged up some nice comfy grips by wrapping a base layer of silicone tape directly over the stock reel seat and lower grip. Then some handlebar tape over that, with some super 33+ to bind down the ends from unraveling. Feels great! Love the fat, contoured grip that the reel seat provided. Lol I’ll get some casting time on the water this weekend. Feels awesome, lots of backbone, and like you said @Killiefish, 4 less ferrules to worry about is going to be a treat
  4. Briefly used. It’s spotless. Here it is on the reel
  5. Figure I can share some results of my recent trials Max Catch Fishing 14’ v-spey 9/10 six piece travel rod, with 8# rio switch chucker (520 gr ) and medium rio MOW floating tip (120 gr). I don’t have much to compare this rod to, but I think I might be unrealistic to expect much better performance. Today I was actually getting close to throwing the entire line off the reel, with a small 4” craft fur streamer (this is actually fishing, up to my basket in water, but windless). With a bob’s banger, the cast falls apart sooner than that, but still probably hitting 80’? I think as I keep practicing I may actually throw the whole 120’ line plus 10’ tip plus 10’ of leader, with a small streamer Max catch fishing also sells a slightly more premium 15’ 10 weight that I’m curious about that is all of $120. The funny thing is, this 15 footer has a listed weight that is significantly lighter than my v-spey 14 footer. Makes ya wonder… They also sell floating shooting heads and running lines for way too cheap. Like $10 a head, but I haven’t really tried them yet But after reading through all the info on these few threads, I decided to give a carp rod a try. I have an NGT XPR 12’ 2 piece 2.75 test curve on the way. I’ll be trying this with the same line setup as the spey rod, as well as a 12# sonar titan i/3/6 that I found on Sierra for $50 (still a few shown in stock) Today I also lined up my cabelas switch LSi 8 weight (the rod I actually had the switch chucker line for) with a wulff 350 grain striper taper sink line. Very meh. Probably wasn’t even hitting 50’. I really like the dense, rubbery feel of this wulff line, but I couldn’t shoot much of anything. Was coiling a bunch. I’ll probably try more lines that I have laying around on this switch rod to try and find a match, because it’s so light and fun to fish compared to the broomstick! I’ll report back after getting some fishing time in with the carp rod
  6. Anyone have a spare spool, or even a whole reel to sell?
  7. I’ve been using a “max catch fishing” 14’ 9/10 v-spey rod. It works pretty well, but I have nothing to compare it to. I think it may get a bit over loaded with these grain weights. But I’ve got an NGT XPR 12’ 2.75tc on the way, along with a sonar I/s3/s6 in 12 weight. I’m excited to see how this carp rod compares to the spey rod I’ve been using. Thanks for the wealth of info from you guys across all these threads, it’s a fun pursuit
  8. Looking for a 1598 and a spare spool as well
  9. Nice. Thank you.
  10. What are some of your “go to” lines in both float and sink? I’m really liking my rio switch chucker #8 (520 grain) w/ assorted 10’ MOW tips (~100 grain). Works well as a floating setup but 10’ of sink tip doesn’t really cut it when trying to get deep. So I’m looking at full sink DC lines. Do you guys prefer to run a sink line that meets your target grain window without having to add a tip like a MOW or length of tungsten? I don’t mind adding tips to achieve grain weight on my switch chucker (25’ head plus 10’ tip), it still casts well, but I’m wondering how well these DC lines might cast when trying to carry such a long head. I’m seeing some that are 30’ heads, so now we’re talking 40’ if also running a tip. Favorites? Airflo big game? Sonar 3/5/7? Depth charge?