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  1. Is there a 9' version of this rod?
  2. However, this is why we have laws & law enforcement: to protect against peoples’ worst instincts. If murder wasn’t illegal, with very stiff penalties for doing so, do you think the murder rate would stay the same? Do you think if there weren’t environmental regulations in place to prevent manufacturers from dumping toxic sludge into our waters there wouldn’t be more of it? ( though our current admin seems to be doing their part to enable that possibility, but that’s another topic for another thread.) I still think education, as some have indicated, would go a long way toward lessening the “scumbag” quota as you refer to it; some people don’t necessarily mean any harm, they just don’t know any better or haven’t been afforded an alternate perspective. Others are just inherently reprobate, unfortunately and so it is for them, and for others who might be “tempted” that we have laws in place. Despite the many good people we hear from here, and elsewhere, human nature on the whole ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Law enforcement, for better and worse, will always be a necessary part of the equation.
  3. That's a mighty big fish to have been taken from such a small body of water. Impressive.
  4. 10 mins of my life I will never get back. Seeing as this was a Marty thread, I felt sure it would be time wasted, like a terrible movie you get drawn in to just to see how it ends, knowing all the while it will end badly (for you). Still, I got reeled in by the sheer # of posts in a rather compressed time frame. I don't understand about the multiple cell phone/spot-burn-in-Delaware conspiracy, and I don't want to. Frankly I'm a bit surprised TimS has allowed himself to be drawn into the whole debacle as deeply as he has, since he strikes me as a fairly level-headed fellow, but again I don't profess to know all the details. Suffice it to say, as the owner of the site he is free to do as he wishes, to whom he wishes. One thing I will say about Marty he certainly knows how to push buttons and how to get attention (ok, so that's 2 things). We have no one to blame but ourselves. For those of you who are entertained, god bless. I apologize for my contribution in making this interminable and nonsensical thread even longer. Out.
  5. CWitek ^ knows stuff.
  6. I think it falls somewhere between enjoy and endure.
  7. Another vote for Tiderunner. Easy to use, well constructed, fairly priced. It just works.
  8. I think Friendly's was a default place to go have lunch with my grandma many, many years ago. I vaguely recall the last time I was in one, still many years ago but I think not with gran, and it was pretty dreadful: poor food, poor service (I mean, it was never great to begin with, but it had a certain homey quality and maybe a bit of integrity way back when). Perhaps it's time to die a respectful, semi-dignified death. Different era/ not remaining relevant.
  9. I drop one of the split back seats in my coupe, which gives me access from the back of the trunk up through the bucket seats up front. Good for a 7' one piece, could possibly do an 8' w/o hitting dash but never tried.
  10. Many years ago I fished a MA reservoir that was loaded with good size largemouths. It was clearly posted that fishing wasn't permitted, but I'd sneak down there and fish anyway. At one point I was stopped by a ranger and asked to leave. Happened on a few other occasions (including being issued a fine at one point). At a certain point I decided it just wasn't worth it, good as the fishing was, to be constantly looking over my shoulder, having to skulk around, and worrying about approaching footsteps (usually folks just out for a woodsy stroll). That and the fact that, even though I'm a scrupulously neat fisherman--and sadly there was evidence of other "scofflaws" who weren't as conscientious--it wasn't legal, and I figured I needed to behave a little more responsibly, i.e. grow up. How does this story relate to your situation? An excellent question, with perhaps a convoluted answer. Really, the parallel I wanted to draw is that at a certain point, it began to be less pleasurable for me, because I worried about being caught, and I knew I was in the wrong. While it sounds like you may be legally entitled to fish here, you have a dual situation going on in that you have upset birds and residents squawking at you. If that combo platter begins to infringe on your enjoyment, i.e. concern for the birds' habitat coupled with aggravation from the neighbors, I'd say move on and consider coming back when the birds have fledged. IMO it isn't worth the stress factor in the pursuit of an activity that should be pleasurable. (others may wish to "prove a point" by standing up to the neighbors and asserting themselves, not for me).
  11. Absolutely, it makes perfect sense to be prepared for such an event, I'm just saying it also makes sense to pair that preparedness with care and proper procedure when unhooking a fish. I'm sure you agree. Speaking of being prepared, do you have a recommendation for how to carry that Knipex tool on a belt, while keeping it dry? (I assume it has parts that will rust). As I mentioned in a post a few days back, it seems to make sense to have the tool on your person in order to deal quickly with a potentially ugly situation such as the one you describe above.
  12. Makes perfect sense to me. I don't know what it is about guys here who feel there's an inevitability that they're going to imbed a hook in a body part--of course it can happen in any given circumstance, by chance or bad luck--but some people make it sound like it's almost a rite of passage and I don't get that. Caution and being properly equipped should make this kind of thing an exception, not an inevitability. Unless of course you enjoy embedding hooks in your body in which case please disregard.
  13. Payment sent, thank you!
  14. In before 18 pages of internet outrage, but yes, good post, and yes, people can be stupid, thoughtless, disrespectful and/or underprepared.