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  1. Sharpen your hooks! The stock sp minnow hooks and split rings are also weak.. upgrade them to Vmc. And you need a stronger split ring. Other than that i don’t seem to have any trouble keeping fish buttoned on plugs
  2. Yes, I’m sorry Charlie. Had some unexpected things come up these past few days. First time back on the site since I last posted. I appreciate your time. I’ll pass on the 250.
  3. Could you send some pictures of the reel? Thanks. Would like to check it out
  4. Looking for a VS 250. Thanks
  5. Was casting tonight, and reeling at a moderate pace. My danny plug seemed to be diving a little deeper than I and most would deem the right depth. I did catch on it, but only schoolies. In your experience have you caught fish on a Danny plug that dives up to 4 feet? It was my understanding that they are most effective when fished right on the surface? What have been your experiences?
  6. Really interested in a deep metal lip swimmer made by Dave! If anyone has one they’re willing to part with let me know! Thanks
  7. Lol!! Fingers getting chomped!! This is a very cool thread.. an ode to a the blues. I personally love bluefish. When the bass experience another low the blues will keep us going
  8. I once read a book about the blues... in it was a statement from an old timer who noticed that every 50 or so years the bluefish don’t show up in the numbers that previous years had seen.. this was in mass and has not been scientifically explained to my knowledge
  9. Let’s hope they do come down, and the bite remains mum... lol. But a good friend once told me that the block fish kind of have their own weird patterns where they pretty much only travel from Montauk to block island, he dubbed it the retirement home for stripers lol.. i guess we never know
  10. Managed to get out the last two nights, it feels good to fish in the dark.
  11. Thanks guys!! All helped to put me a bit more at ease! Luckily for my fishing time, not married yet, but my girlfriend and family definitely get on me for fishing at night, it’s kind of like breaking in a new baseball glove, takes time.. lol
  12. Being fairly new to fishing at night, but having fished my whole life, I’ve enountered my fair share of growing pains with helping my family and loved ones understand my approach to night fishing. i try to leave detailed plans of where I’ll be fishing, and what time I’ll return, but sometimes still my family doesn’t understand the need to be out fishing at night. Lol, anyone have any tips for helping family and loved ones to understand?
  13. I’m glad they got them. I’m so sick of people and their lack of respect for this fishery. I’m only 24 and striper fishing has completely changed from when I was 10 years old to now. People pass the word on through social media, the canal blows up with hundreds of people fishing with 7 foot boat rods and penn battles, wearing Jordan’s, and they litter tbelmace with trash and some are over fishing. Then you have the crew who come in and fish with like 8 other dudes and they cross your lines, cast from the service road. It’s disgusting. I was raised to be extra secretive about my fishing. And I’m damn glad I always have been, because I have a fishing etiquette that many have, and many more need to learn. Great work mass environmentals.
  14. Looking to buy a VS 275 to pair with my century 1327, been fishing with my 250 but am looking to add the larger sized reel to my assemblage.
  15. I’ve always let the rod tip down any time I’m looking for maximum depth..I second that