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  1. I’m not selling to anyone I’m keeping my reel it’s not worth the headache dealing with you scumbags tread is locked
  2. Your one of those “special” people that feel entitled aren’t you. Your right dude I’m wrong I’m the ass that made the mistake of trying to cooperate with you sorry I didnt meet your standards
  3. Your just mad Tim s put you in your place now get off my thread
  4. Puppet pulled out are you still interested?
  5. Bro how was I sticking you with paypal fees your probably some old **** sitting at home scratching you notts with nothing better to do then troll people online sorry I have a job and you weren’t my first priority today
  6. Sorry yes it’s been registered I’m the original owner and no I haven’t had it serviced it’s 2 years old but I haven’t used it enough to feel I needed to send it in
  7. 520 with insured shipping
  8. I’ll send you more pics when I get home I’m at work rn
  9. 10/10 mechanical cosmetically it only has one scratches I will ship it insured but at your expense
  10. Van Staal vsx silver 250 reel is 2 years old I live in Florida and use it to cast at cobia from the pier never been dunked asking $500
  11. I just sold the whole arm for 30 on here idk if this helps
  12. Most definitely not I lost. 60lbs amberjack next to the boat because I had a snap swivel straightn out