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  1. For sale silver vsx200 silver handle fits vs 200, 250, 275. $65 pp shipped to your door
  2. So I love the gold Van Staal and I hate that they stopped making them but damn the price people are asking for them I’ll probably never own one again. Kicking my for ever selling my gold 200 what are your thoughts on the crazy asking price on these
  3. I had a 4000 twin power the reel the same thing as a Stella the only difference is the name and the amount of bearings
  4. Forsale silver Van Staal 200 spare spool $80 pp and shipped to your door
  5. Want to trade/ sell my penn 706 greenie and my spinfisher 6500bls with cash for a vsx150/100 or a bailess zeebaas 20 will sell just the reel for $150 (706) $110 (6500) including shipping
  6. What were you throwing with it?
  7. Anyone have any experience with using 16 strand hollow core for casting
  8. I’m buying a used vanstaal off of someone who registered the reel with Van Staal how do I go about registering it under my name?
  9. Want to trade accurate 600 with accu cast and t bar reel is like new used only 2 times when I went on a tortugas trip
  10. Thanks guys this really helped
  11. How much does a 706 greenie with the brass medallion go for these days ?
  12. Does anyone know what the lever drag version of the gold Trinidad was called
  13. Van Staal is the only one who can service the 300 N.C. it’s rounded in stead of hexagon shaped
  14. How much for the zeebaas