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  1. That would be an epic battle on most any tackle
  2. Will do. Thanks again to all for the advice. I'm pretty sure I will be pleased.
  3. Both will be loaded with Power pro Super Slick as well.
  4. Yes sorry Tsunami Airwave Elite. I've been looking at too many lately and my brain hurts trying to keep them all straight after reading and watching so many reviews. lol
  5. Yes they are. I was torn between the two and opted for the Penn's. I went with Lamiglass Airwave Elite for the rods.
  6. Thank you all for your input. I decided on a mid priced 11' and a matching 9' for the lighter tackle both paired with Penn Battle II reels.
  7. Not trying to throw accross the canal just looking for the best all around rod to do it all and still be able to handle big fish in the current.
  8. Thank you Bridge Fisher. I appreciate that.
  9. What's everyone's favorite length rod and rod action for the canal? I'm looking at getting a new set up and I'm in between a 10' medium/heavy moderate fast action and a 11' medium/heavy fast action.
  10. I have 33" mud tires and they didn't say anything to me about it when they saw them. It was just one of the office girls from crmc but she didn't care about the tires.
  11. Should be able to no problem and they recommend street tires not mud tires
  12. The couple of stores I've been to in the past week haven't had much of anything left in the fishing department.
  13. Not sure then. I know they have the boulders at the parking lot but figured there would be an access point to the beach further down the sand trail. I will have to ask my buddy. I'm pretty sure he said he was on the beach.
  14. My buddy went down there today and got out on the beach no issues
  15. Really? I was planning on going down there on Monday and shouldn't the beach be open today to drive on not the trails anymore?