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  1. Looking for FK/FL line up. Also 2 reels package deal type.
  2. ya I miss that deal, that would of been perfect
  3. Looking for a 3k to 5k size only
  4. I usually cast 1/2, 3/4, 1oz egg leads. Notice their is some variety on Lamiglass and G Loomis Versus just a St Croix Avid. I Prefer 9'6ft-11ft due to casting distance.
  5. Looking for 3k-5k Note: Seen 3k and 4k, thread got closed. If that deal is still open. 2 reels Thanks!
  6. Sometimes near the fishing section, they have clearance racks. They do it here, on my location. Good Luck
  7. Some of my fishing buddies are using Assassin Rods. Pretty good bang for their buck
  8. I used a saltiga 30 narrow, very versatile setup. Conventional. If you wanna go up to your budget
  9. I use a lot of egg setups with 1/2 to 1oz with 2" grubs. very fun for shore casting beach/rock areas
  10. nice deal find
  11. I'm trying to locate a G Loomis IMX 1264-2S STSDR Can't seem to locate one, would fit my setup. Thanks for your reply
  12. I currently have a St Croix Avid Salmon Steelhead Rod, great rod. I do light weight shoreline casting, distance and sensitivity on bites and structures. Seems they won't have something similar, due to the Covid. Back ordered too October. Any other recommendations?
  13. Looking for 1 Reel Conventional Combo, to use bottom fish rigs/Sabiki. Meaning catch small live bait, re tie and drop some live bait to handle some Tropic Reef Fish. Amberjack, Snapper, GT etc... Around 100ft-300ft of water. Possibly even jigging or light tackle trolling. My buddy has a small boat, so space is limited. Need 1 Versatile Setup. Also a Rod as well, sensitive and great back bone. Previous i had new Torium 20, drags went out quick. Looking something a little more beefier Recommendations! Mahalo from Hawaii!
  14. Thanks for all the feedback. Are the penn battalion rods, are easy to brake the tip of the rod? Just word of mouth I been hearing.
  15. I like using spinning outfits. I'm not good casting conventional. My budget rod n reel. Keep it under $400.