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  2. Sounds good. PM coming your way.
  3. One more shot at $225 ppl/shipped before she goes to auction. Thanks!
  4. Bump
  5. Please quote when replying to post. Thank you!
  6. New in box. Never used or loaded with line. $239 shipped / ppl. Retail price $350.
  7. Closing. Thanks for the interest guys and thank you SOL.
  8. How about $415 to cover the shipping? Please quote when you respond so I get an email. Been super busy and not checking in enough. Thanks!
  9. Mightyrime, are you interested in the 9/10/11 for $235? Otherwise, these are going to auction tomorrow. Thanks.
  10. I'll meet you half way and go $235. Considering I have to ship and ppl….
  11. Very surprised that these reels have not sold at this price. Couple more days and they are going to auction. If you don't know about these reels, read some reviews and watch some videos. They are one of the best big game reel for the money. C'mon boys! Stripah season is comin! You know you need a new reel...
  12. Please quote this when responding.
  13. Hi All, I have two sizes in the Redington Grande (7/8/9 & 9/10/11) that are brand new in box. I purchased them last fall when they were 1st released and never ended up using them. Just have too much gear. I am VERY impressed with the quality of this reel and can't think of a better big game reel on the market for the $$. Read some review and you'll find that everyone feels the same way. If you like the Behemoth, you'll love this reel! Both reels priced $100 under retail, PPL/Shipping included. $250 of the Champagne 9/10/11 and $200 for the Black 7/8/9.