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  1. Hey when your right, your right david
  2. Going out on a limb and saying 1201M
  3. I’ll take it tomorrow also...
  4. Would you take 280 cash? I’ll have someone pick this up from you.
  5. I can offer $225 shipped. Thank you for consideration
  6. 80 This bid has been withdrawn, for good reason, for it was no fault of the bidder's.
  7. Slammer 6500 brand new plus some cash?
  8. I didn’t expect it to be better I never said that. I just said I have both. Im a shimano guy through and through. Be the first to admit. I have a small Obsession with my clash 3000 however. That reel has been through the ringer and continues to perform. i used the 4500 bailess for 15 minutes and wasn’t impressed. Took it off and now it will sit on the shelf for eternity probably
  9. No prob. Offer stands. PayPal ready and reel is boxed up ready to be shipped.
  10. I might not use em’ but I still like looking at em’
  11. I retract my offer. Didn’t realize it was older VS no. X i can do reel plus 250. Ill ship you reel on my dime and paypal you 250
  12. Does anyone have experience with a newer Jeep Compass or the smaller Cherokee. Saylike 2014+ on the beach. i currently have a 2017 explorer sport which I would never dream of taken on the beach. Lease is up next year. We just got my white a 18’ Tahoe for her and the kids so I’m looking to downsize. i had a 2014 grand Cherokee and loved it but now I’m looking at the smaller jeeps
  13. Metal lips. I have Zero faith in them. For me the SP does just about the same thing and casts 10x better. I have 7 or 8 expensive metal lips and I always bring them but they never work for me