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  1. Brand new in packaging. leader wallet and D ring. $40 shipped PP
  2. I feel exact same way. The dude from lamiglas was complaining about being so far from Washington....guy no one held a gun to your head to be there. jamie from Flatlander was mobbed but he made a point to come around the table and say hi and chat with me. And Steve from odm is the best. He hooked me up with some stickers for my custom rods.
  3. Show was beat this year I’m sorry. Saw the 3 vendors that I do the most business with, supported JSS and bought a shirt then I booked out. Prob 45 minutes total. Just way way to many people in such a tiny place. Can’t get near anything. And i dont know what it is with people, if your gonna BS with your buddy take it outside don’t clog up the rod rack so No one can get by you.
  4. Suffix 832 is great. I also use J braid on some reels
  5. Oh man I’ll pass then. Good luck with the sale. Great chunking rod
  6. What’s your “go to RI a lot schedule looking like” I work in fort lee. This is a spinner right?
  7. You ever get up to north jersey? Edit or are you attending surfday?
  8. Honestly man I don’t wanna offend you. I’m really looking for cash not extra work. I’d have to flip those plugs and I just don’t feel like it. If someone wants to make you an offer for your lot, then we can chat. I just don’t jnow enough about plugs or have the time to resell them
  9. Ok so what are you interested in trading? All of them? Some of them? I’m interested but attending a wedding tonight so bare with me
  10. I’m reconsidering. Can you give me a description of each? I’m not a plug junkie I apologize
  11. Forget it. This place is a joke now.
  12. Bump #1. Great reel hate to sell it
  13. Need some surf day funds. Only opened to spool. Never been used. Loaded with 330yd daiwa J 40lb in white. comes with everything that it’s supposed to come with. will take $225 shipped PayPal or money order Located north jersey. Will take a cash pickup offer
  14. I’m not familiar with Fred Smith rates. I know ups charges dimensionally now. My route was a heavy pickup route, now I pick up half of what I used to. Still fill have my package car each day, but it used to be brick loaded. Most of my shippers switched to fred smith