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  1. That’s a great pot. They don’t make them Like that anymore. We just through out a bunch of my great grand Mother’s coffee pots and toaster ovens. I kept one percolator to use. Good luck with your search
  2. 832 was always the gold standard of line in my eyes. When I wanted pure strength I went with 832. I’ve never heard of issues like this. I have been using the new diawa line on some of My reels lately however.
  3. Looking for anything to trade for? I’m in Verona.
  4. I never said gear up wasn’t high quality. Don’t put BS out there. I said I’ve never seen one so can’t comment. And chitala never said gear up wasn’t high quality either. Good for you that you’ve apent time with owner of gear up. I’ve had 100 emails and phone calls with Jamie and I can say all the same things about him.
  5. I’ve been screaming about this for years. Give me a waterproof pullover with a hood and sealed pocket/pouch.
  6. Go to Flatlander’s website from a desktop. His Facebook mobile isn’t compatible with his order process. He will then send you an email Confirming your build. Then you can tweak/ax questions. Jamie is first class. His bags are higher than first class. Anyone who tells you to get something else or it’s not worth the wait is just a hater. I have several bags and have friends and family with several of his bags. Call me a fanboy I guess. ODM is a very nice bag also. Not familiar with gear up products so I can’t say.
  7. Try switching a tad lighter on the buck tail. You shouldn’t be dragging bottom that easily.
  8. The new spinfisher reels are very impressive. Have you considered a stradic or a clash? Also checkout the classifieds, there’s a Florida fishing products osprey 2500 for sale. It’s basically a nicer version of a Stradic but with carbon drag. Great little reel.
  9. Garbage
  10. What kind of fish are you targeting in a freshwater lake that soak you on a 6500 class reel? U sure you have the drag tightened?
  11. 2018 Tahoe and 2017 explorer sport. Between 2 kids and fishing it’s impossible to keep my cars clean. The Tahoe has more French fries and crumbs in the back than McDonald’s and the explorer has more sand and fish scales than the beach.
  12. Black. Used is fine as long as it’s not destroyed
  13. 5000 is plenty. Ignore the guys using stella’s And dogfights with 60lb+ of drag. Your not tuna fishing.
  14. Uni knot has yet to fail me. I’ve used it on trout, bass, all the way up to canal stripers.
  15. Fished the border of Monmouth and ocean, not quite out front and not quite out back yesterday 15:00-20:00. Micro bluefish. Water was surprisingly clean I was expecting a lot worse. All on SP. shocked no bass around. Weather wasn’t really that bad. Very light rain and I had the NE wind at my back and I was protected from where I was standing. Tide was ripping by 8pm