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  1. I think that’s a tad over $300. star stellar light 7’6 paired with a daiwa back bay 3000 would be something I recommend. (Have this combo and love it)
  2. I drove my old genesis to their office and they handed me a new rod. It was under warranty.
  3. If he falls thru all yours.
  4. My wife does. Let me get her Info. Send me a pm. I’ll never see that $35 so enjoy these lures your basically getting them for free hahah
  5. Some random swim baits and hogy lures everything is brand new or like new. $35 shipped PayPal
  6. Had a flatlander, wasn’t for me. (Full disclosure I’m a flatlander fan boy. Have multiple bags and accessories) switched to tiderunner belt and haven’t looked back. the tiderunner is easier to adjust in my opinion. The flatlander, once you get it just right is more secure/permanent but the tiderunner can easily be adjusted tighter or more loose.
  7. Breaking tide is when the current change happens at day break. Usually when dead low changes to incoming current I believe. I planned a whole vacation around breaking tides 2 years ago and had a blast! Look at the army corps of engineers current chart and you’ll be able to pick your days.
  8. Let me see if Dave takes it first.
  9. Yes I can do that. I’m in Verona...work in Parsippany and frequent the fort lee area. PM me.
  10. 2 piece
  11. Need to get rid of a few rods I don’t use. first up St croix avid surf 11ft 3-8 (really a 1-5 or 2-6) $160 LL Bean surf series 8ft 1/2-2 1/2 fun little back bay rod $60 tsunami classic series 7ft 1/2-1oz $35 prices are picked up North NJ area. Fort lee, Paramus or Verona. take them all shipped for $240pp
  12. You don’t need a surf blank. I’ve brought my avid 7’6 out with buddies with 9-10ft rods and I’ve casted the appropriate weight range just as far as them with a sustain 3000 on that rod.
  13. I use a avid 7’6 1/2-1 1/4 throws up to an SP minnow. Why do you need moderate action?
  14. This is a good way to put it. Very moderate and rough. There is nothing “refined” about it like the newer modern rods.
  15. I’m curious how people cast the heavy payload required for shark fishing on spinning gear. Even with finger protection that’s a lot of weight on ur finger to be ripping a cast. 8oz plus a big bunker or bluefish chunk....