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  1. 3 spots in moco today with a fellow sol member. Nothing. Fished 7am-2pm
  2. That IS the slammer handle. Purchased the whole assembly, threaded right in. Thank you !
  3. These comments crack me up. When did an open public beach become a secret spot lol. Gimme a break. I’m not out there to gab away I hate when a fellow fisherman grabs my ear. Say hi and keep it moving
  4. I had the 10ft genesis and someone gave me the 9ft genesis. They were essentially the same exact rod so I sold the 10ft. If you could grab a dna for under $200 I’d say you’ll be a very happy camper with that rod. Just don’t expect it to hurl big heavy lures. Use it for what it is. Light bucktails,Sp minnow, anything under 2 1/4 id say. I throw a guppy pencil with my 9ft sometimes but it’s not ideal
  5. Tsunami makes a 4inch popper. Jandh sells them
  6. I fondled a DNA at a tackle shop. It really didn’t feel much different than the genesis. Other than cost I’m not sure if there is much of difference. The vr50 is not a good match for either in my opinion. It’s to small. I had one and sold it before even using it. My buddy just sold his vr50 also after not being impressed by it.
  7. Haven’t used it. Been having line lay issues while spooling
  8. I have the 9ft genesis, and I’ve had my zeebaas 22 on it (felt great), I’ve had a spheros 6000 (felt great), vs150, and now I have the new 4500 bailess spinfisher to put in it. Surprisingly I loved the Z22 on that rod the most.
  9. The nexus rod is nice to take a look at.
  10. There are some flats on cape cod some of the locals tried dragging me out 2 miles at low tide to fish the cuts. No thanks!! Haha
  11. Appreciate the offer but 200 is lowest I’ll go. This reel is mint.
  12. I have a valiant 500 if your interested. It’s for sale on here.
  13. TTT someone scoop this up. Avet no longer makes this color I believe. Ready to go for blackfish and sea bass season!