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  1. Bump. Price drop $210 or best offer. Really looking to trade for custom/high end surf rod
  2. Nice job staying put. Great deal for both.
  3. Very nice. If this was the 10ft it would be mine.
  4. Hey take it up with greenmachine lol he’s in charge of my equipment. I just fish it lol
  5. Title doesn’t say it all. Has this been serviced ever? what knob is on there? Is it drilled out? what line do you have on it? do you take PayPal? Or can this be picked up for cash?
  6. No need for respect man. You keep on cutting your hooks
  7. Wts or trade blue camo avet sxj with 30lb sufix camo. reel is used but it VERY good condition. Custom color that avet no longer makes I believe. Will sell for $225 shipped PayPal willing to trade for a VS200, zeebaas 22, or custom 9 or 10ft rod lamiglas or odm/similar located in North Jersey but I make frequent trips to jersey shore. Thank you
  8. Spinfisher will be perfect. Spheros is a great reel also. Tsunami airwave elite 9’6 is a fantastic rod for what your looking to do. I would recommend 20lb sufix even bumping up to 30lb. The 832 breaks way higher than its rated for
  9. Same. Check out his Facebook page if your on there. He’s a young kid but very knowledgeable. Don’t mean to come off pushy but I was that impressed with him. Kid just flat out catches fish.
  10. Reason number 58 while I’ll necer fish that spot again. Place is a joke and it’s sad cause you can usually get into something even if it’s small.
  11. Just sayin is 20 minutes north of belmar outta keyport. He’s got a 37ft seahunter. He put us on 25lb bass a few weeks ago when no one else was really even fishing for them. The kid is legit and a great capt. I have him booked for nov 7th.
  12. Just sayin’ . Capt johnny is the best!!!
  13. Im afraid to cut the hook. How do you go about this?
  14. Anyone run into this problem using swivels? Maybe just the current of the canal caused this?
  15. I don’t rig it that way for any preticular reason. I just find it simpler to handle. Less chance of hooking myself.