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  1. I'm In!
  2. I'm In!
  3. i catch and release
  4. yuppp pain in the ass! here's a bunch of info on the reel
  5. the side plate is sealed with lock tight. you gotta heat it up in order to remove it
  6. you can carry it on
  7. I support catch and release!
  8. I'm in! Thank you
  9. I'm in for the scabelly! Thank you
  10. i'm in thank you
  11. I'm in Thank you!
  12. daiwa makes the TD minnow for freshwater. swims very similar to the the SP and its loaded with a weight transfer system that runs along a through wire. a weight glides along the wire from the back of the plug to the front during the cast. crushed large mouth and smallies on it in the lakes and reservoirs i fish
  13. next time she asks drop your pants and give her some of the good ol' brasciole. if shes looking for more meat after you come home from fishing repeat the process
  14. Yellow over white or the all white have worked best for me
  15. swimming the popper with the dressed siwash hook is DEADLY