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  1. daiwa makes the TD minnow for freshwater. swims very similar to the the SP and its loaded with a weight transfer system that runs along a through wire. a weight glides along the wire from the back of the plug to the front during the cast. crushed large mouth and smallies on it in the lakes and reservoirs i fish
  2. next time she asks drop your pants and give her some of the good ol' brasciole. if shes looking for more meat after you come home from fishing repeat the process
  3. Yellow over white or the all white have worked best for me
  4. swimming the popper with the dressed siwash hook is DEADLY
  5. i'm in! Thank you
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. Hey VanStaalSteve I've recently came across the Sund top online and was wondering how it fits? does it fit true to size? I'm looking for something i can throw another layer on underneath just in case on those cooler nights
  8. the first pic is a mojarra aka sand perch and they are good bait for snook and tarpon. the second pic is a mangrove snapper and i think you caught a pompano in that last pic
  9. i use this same rod for one of my back bay setups. ive thrown up to 2oz with this rod and haven't had any issues. i was throwing 3/4 oz bucktails this past spring with some steady wind in my face and the rod held up just fine.
  10. never really used pencils at night but you can swim the SS little neck popper (red and black eye) at night on the surface or a few inches below. DEADLY
  11. looks like a sand tiger shark to me
  12. fish the piers and inlets and use a sabiki rig to catch bait (sardine, cigar minnow, pilchard, google eye, pinfish, etc). use a fish finder rig with circle or long shank hooks or live line the bait fish with no weight if the fish are in close. if you plan on throwing lures you can't go wrong with sp minnows, x-raps, bucktails, krocodile spoons, got-cha, top water. you should be able to catch some barracuda, jacks, spanish macks, snapper, snook (out of season), and possibly tarpon. Don't count out the open beaches. A lot of them you can only fish in the evening or early morning. people are generally friendly down there and will help you out with any questions you might have.
  13. wow it was just a matter of time before 3D printing made a splash in the fishing market. What's your take on these lure? They seem to catch fish just like your standard wood designs
  14. I use the 10'6 in the 3-8oz model. Its most definitely overrated and the sweet spot is 2-5oz. The rod is a work horse and you wont be disappointed
  15. Thanks Lou! Yea i noticed that about the lip too but it seemed to work just fine. That's the way it was when it was given to me. I was fishing about 8-10 ft of water on a slow roll and the plug never seemed to hit bottom on the retrieve. We figured out who makes the metal lip. it was made by Walter Kluge