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  1. Ok pm sent thanks Ejd63 and SOL
  2. Vs250l gold lefty reel is super clean has a spare spool both spools have new braided line 1150 shipped pp box and bag included uded
  3. Thanks for the offer I want all cash
  4. I have a gold mint 250l if your interested it’s posted on here
  5. Closing this I found one thanks
  6. Looking to purchase a GRS striped bass PP IS READY
  7. Looking for rare grs /sea robin/fire tiger/striped bass weasels show me what you got
  8. This is the striped bass
  9. I’m looking a grs striped bass I have these and a bunch of other plugs and builders or and cash in hand let me know is you have one thanks
  10. Respectfully offering 120 shipped
  11. GRS

    Black over copper 110 shipped
  12. On the hunt looking for grs robins reversed and regular one thanks
  13. 35 each plus shipping
  14. New goo goo and RB 40 each 8 for shipping thanks
  15. Interested in any of these
  16. I’m looking for new or rare patterns or some weasels will do 2/1 for the right weasel
  17. Dmag lava 130 Strategic angler Banana 150 price is with shipping
  18. I paid 130 myself I need to get as close to that as possible sorry
  19. They are all giants add 5 shipping Rainbow 130 bone withe 130 bunker 120 scup 120 black over copper 120
  20. Bone white bunker and black over copper still available drop 10$ on each
  21. Ok cool
  22. Ok you got it pm sent thanks
  23. Ok thanks Pm sent
  24. Montuak med slim 145 shipped bone white med slim 140 shipped price is firm not looking for offers