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  1. Any other trade that would interest you
  2. Sorry I can’t I have 115 into it
  3. Still available
  4. 110 plus shipping takes this
  5. I have a new set of Hodgman xxl I want 60 plus shipping
  6. Any trades out there I’ll do 1/2 for weasel or other rare grs I have more to trade
  7. Price drop 215 shipped
  8. Can’t go that low sorry
  9. Price drop 120 plus shipping
  10. Afterhour plug lot The two blue ones look like they have been finished but are in very good condition all others are new 225 shipped
  11. Eye is not cracked it’s the expoxy that makes it look that way
  12. New Grs giant surface was stored without hook protectors Minimal surface scratch 125 plus 8$ shipping
  13. Bump
  14. Any trades out there
  15. I’ll take this