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  1. I got a few blackfish thanks for the offer any other ones you have
  2. What’s out there from surfday
  3. Looking for slims medium surface /surfster/ uncommon colors but may consider others top 2 giant surface herring slim medium arsenal pencil tb swimmer cyclone swimmer I also have a giant bunker looking to trade that for a bunker slim will do 2-1 for the right weasel
  4. Lmfao
  5. I will add a Luna swimmer so 2 Luna’s for a right GRS your choice of swimmer
  6. Ok deal
  7. Oh wow
  8. I’ll do asking picked up tomorrow let me know
  9. I will Respectfully offer 3900 picked up
  10. I’m interested any pics will you do a package deal for all of them
  11. No but thanks for the offer
  12. I have a jersey killer yellow skippy new and a new arsenal looking for GRS slim’s /giants rasta sea robin black over white staten island green scale block island green red head Any surfsters might be open to other colors thanks post pics
  13. No interest in this
  14. Ok all yours