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  1. I’ll take it for the asking price
  2. Reopening. 700 shipped.
  3. That is what I have been reading. Thanks for the info
  4. Bump, last bump before I close it down.
  5. To big. Need one for vs100
  6. What size is the bag? For which reel size?
  7. Looking for van Staal blue reel bag. Prefer the soft blue one. Paying 25 per. Need 2.
  8. Payment received, sending out today. Thx SOL
  9. Price drop 720.
  10. Looking to sale my boga 30, barely used and in excellent condition. Comes with flatlander holder in green stetching. Holder is in excellent condition Barely used asking 100 PayPal shipped. Pictures in the morning.
  11. Don’t want Swiss. I prefer German legend or US model.