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  1. I’ll buy a vs150g if u have one.
  2. PM sent. Sold pending money order.
  3. Payment received. Shipped.
  4. I mainly use it during the winter and spring for pompano and blue fish. For the blue fish I’m sure that don’t be a problem but for pompano do u think it might be heavy leader?
  5. Payment for gold knob have been received. Will send out tomorrow. 2 black power knob available.
  6. I don’t like 2 piece if I can avoid it. Over time the mid where they join get rubbed or slips or sand gets in it etc. Or during casting I put alittle to much power and they tend to be off center from my experience. I use 2 piece rod for pompano but for a 9’ I prefer 1 piece
  7. I have the nex1-935 (1/5-3 1/2)
  8. All are new never used. 45 dollars each shipped. All for vs100-150. 1x gold vsb knob vs100-150**SOLD** Available 2x black power knob vs100-150
  9. I built a 9 nex1. Great rod. I wouldn’t go with century for the tend to be 2 piece rod. Just me but 2 piece rod seem off. Stick to one piece and ODM are awesome products.
  10. I have 50lb braid on them now. Wonder if I should drop in poundage or keep it. I plan to cast 4-6 oz. I don’t understand what u mean 5-7 wrap around my spool? Please clarify what that means.