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  1. I got one. Used but it is like new. 40 shipped PayPal. I can have it shipped out Tuesday morning. The white stain is paint that accidentally smudge on.
  2. Payment receiving. Sending it out first thing Saturday.
  3. Closing to to post it somewhere else.
  4. Last bump before closing
  5. Payment sent.
  6. PayPal info sent.
  7. I’ll take this for the asking
  8. Looking to sale my VSX250B. Got it about 7 month ago. It has 500 yards to suffix 832 30 LB braid. Braid is new and has not seen water. Serviced and haven’t used it since January. Looking for 660 shipped PayPal. It has minor scratch from last October trip. Mechanically it is new. Cosmetically I give it a 8.8/10. Looks worst in the picture than when you actually have it in front of you.