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  1. Selling my Sig Sauer Legion P229 pistol. It is a DA/SA (double/single action). Comes with 3 (15 round) magazine, legion coin and case with everything that came with the gun. Like new condition. 400ish rounds been shot through it. Flawless precision and accuracy. Comes with blackpoint tactical IWB holster (lefty).Thinning out my collection. Bullets not included. Money order or personnel checks. Asking 850 OBO. PayPal don’t allow gun transactions so to not validate and policy, PayPal is out of the question.
  2. I’ll take Bag for 30 shipped if u willing to separate.
  3. Looking to buy a Van Staal vs100gold. Please post pictures. PayPal ready.
  4. Payment sent for bag. Thanks GilV and SOL.
  5. I’ll take the bags for the asking price.
  6. Looking for a van staal Vs100gold. Let’s see what is available.
  7. I’ll take both for 60. Pm coming
  8. I’ll take it. What is the price? If
  9. That not it. I’m looking for the silk blue bag.
  10. Looking for a van staal blue reel bag. Post picture if u willing to sell. Need it in size 100-150.