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  1. Very nice Ed! Those are great looking plugs. I hope that your wife is feeling better and that you are able to get back out in the surf...
  2. Awesome looking swimmers Lonellr!
  3. Hey J, I actually read about how it was done on a thread here. I am thankful for all the guys on SOL willing to help out and share guys are awesome.....Here is the link: Good luck and let us see some of your new creations.... G
  4. Thank you...Just keep trying new things, most have worked some haven't but all part of the journey. Just have to find a way to stop the addiction for a bit, once the fish are
  5. My first attempts at marbling that I just finished...
  6. Great job Gremlin, those are some sweet plugs....
  7. Great work punch!
  8. Awesome plugs, love that trout....can't wait to hear the swim test report.
  9. Very nice work, no problem getting past any bar with those....
  10. Thank you, still learning but having fun in the process.....which is fraught with peril at every Took my first stab at marbling plugs, just took them off the spinner and will post them as soon as I have them wired up. Your plugs look great. Awesome paint schemes, I would be interested on learning how you paint can pm me if you don't want to post in the forum. Thanks....
  11. Just finished a few surfsters and a few medium and small swimmers....Hope they catch soon....
  12. Great job none the less. Is there a link in the site to the design of the pencil and the painting technique? I would like to give it a go myself.
  13. R.R, Hope that you feel better soon....
  14. Way cool paint schemes! Yep, time to get out and put them to work....
  15. Some amazing work guys.....really nice plugs.....