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    I fish freshwater in the Metrowest area and surf fishing in the harbor and the cape, instagram: wycedoesfishing
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    sports junkie, fishermen, work out enthusiast
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    Catch fish

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    Framingham, Ma
  1. In search to replace a 8’ triumph surf (st croix) that is suited with a quantum smoke 40, looking for a lighter surf set up that will still get my plugs out there, looking for the st croix tide master, triumph surf or mojo surf specifically but am open to looking at what you guys got for sale, length must be between 8-8’6. Medium to medium-heavy action preferred.
  2. Looking to replace a 5000 quantum smoke inshore with a 4000 or the 5000 if anyone has them for sale, i’m in the metro west area!
  3. I visited the charles at the run and only saw a few herring, lots of current now, got a smallie lol.
  4. Nice! I got some topwater action as well, in a different way, the bass were feeding so actively they came up and followed our lures almost all the way to our feet, swirling on our lures and such, it was pretty cool
  5. I went down to RI's south shore chasing holdovers in one of my brackish rivers and found a nice school of holdovers all in the 15-19" range but fun all the less, considering we were out there 40 minutes. Anyone else having luck here in Mass? Are the rising herring populations going to attract more early season fish? Just a thread to talk early season fishing, tight lines!
  6. got a few rainbows and made a day of it! thanks man, lots of streams and rivers and reservoirs.
  7. Thanks man, got a bunch of trout and had a blast, saw wipers busting on bait with birds and all near Cherry Creak, Colorado, it was quite the site, loved it there, I gotta get back and find some 30lbers!!
  8. Hi guys, as the striper season is weaning towards the end, I am going out to denver, colorado for a little 5 day vacation and the weather is going to be perfect to fish for stocked stripers and or wipers if possible, I will be out there with my plugs and soft plastics hoping to wake a few up, has anyone tried this before? Striper fishing in ponds and lakes can be wicked different than the surf and was wondering if you guys had any tips & or places to hit in denver for advice and etc. Just gonna snoop around not too far from denver so we may not travel too far out, thanks!
  9. Nice guys thanks I like some flexibility in my rod tip, i’m not a stiff pool stick kinda guy lol, moderate action is more my style
  10. Nice, yeah I feel like my 5500 ultegra is a rad light for the canal so I wanted some beef in my stick but I may go smaller, it suits my body well I feel like
  11. I didn’t see much on this specific rod and the canal, was curious
  12. So I am looking into replacing my surf king with an insane surf because the tip broke and is less effective now. I am interested in the 11’ moderate action 2-6 oz spinning rod they offer for the insane but was wondering if anyone’s used it at the canal? My only issue is it being enough power to bring in some big boys, as the surf king took some effort to bring them in (fun as hell through) any comments or reviews help! P.S 11’ is a foot more than my 10’ (9’6” now) surf king, also wondering on the size being too much for me, I am 5’8/5’9 thinking it could be a little too tall for me but i’m looking forward to what you guys say, tight lines!
  13. It’s sad how stupid people are and can be lol
  14. I was talking about the other big guy in town lol but I do visit whites often, hoping for a salmon one day..
  15. The other day in Concord I was chasing a golden trout parallel to where a guy was fly fishing and wading.. he was cruising right around away from him obviously as he was creeping him out.. I dislike it sometimes but you do what u gotta do I suppose.