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  1. I think part of the issue is Simms quality isn’t what it used to be. I still do it sometimes, but now I throw the fob in a plastic bag before throwing it in the pouch
  2. That’s what I do, most fobs have a spare key hidden inside, I generally just hide the fob in the car and take just the key with me to lock and unlock it
  3. I killed a key fob doing that with a pair of simms waders one time lol
  4. Careful taking meclizine or other anticholinergic medications in large or prolonged doses frequently, there seems to be a strong correlation between taking anticholinergics and developing or worsening dementia the bands may work, but it seems to be a placebo effect as much as actual science involved. Things like the bands or chewing ginger are always good to try fist and keep the medication as a backup if they don’t work imo i know some people can’t go out without taking some form of medication beforehand, if that’s you keep taking it, but for the party boat regulars or the people who take it preemptively, it may be good to find another alternative in the long run
  5. I’ve bent out several of the hooks before I started pouring my own heads. some of the hooks bent out on snags, and others bent out on large fish
  6. They have a few different hook options, one is the classic, thin gauge, one is a tinned heavy gauge (I think mustad) and one is a short shank black nickel owner. I don’t touch the thin gauge hook version, but sometimes I find the tinned hook variety for sale cheap, and I think they’re stronger than the hooks on the savage gear
  7. Free wood is the best kind of wood, hopefully I’ll get to put it to use
  8. They’re pretty light in hand and honestly feel a little fragile at first, but you can put a bend down to the butt on a nice tog without it breaking
  9. This time of year I love crawling huddlestons as slow as humanly possible on the bottom
  10. The curado 300 is a good bit bigger than the 200 (iirc 7.6 oz VS 10.4 oz) if you want a lightweight combo, fish the lower end of the weight range, and plan on using braid, I would go with the 200 if you want a little heavier combo for fresh and saltwater fishing, plan on fishing bigger baits (3oz +), or if you plan on fishing straight fluorocarbon/mono go with the 300, the extra weight is worth the extra line capacity if you’re fishing straight 16-25lb fluoro if you are dragging big, slow baits like Huddlestons in the winter, the lower gear ratio will help keep it slow, but for most techniques having a little more gear ratio is better. Sometimes burning a big glide bait or wake bait will draw reaction strikes. I’d personally go with the 6.2:1 gear ratio
  11. Awesome, I’ve been eyeing the 500n, but I know there are some diehard maxel fans in the tile world
  12. What reel do you have on the 78h? I’m thinking about picking up one of the innovate 2.0s but haven’t made up my mind on the reel yet.
  13. What’s the guide train on the rod like? If it’s loud and casting distance is bad, it may be an issue with the guide layout not playing well with your reel or line
  14. It could be a bad blank, it happens sometimes when you make thousands + rods, eventually a dud will slip through qc it also could’ve have been a nick or small damage to the blank. I once fell on a rock and put a nick in a blank, a few casts later the rod snapped right along the nick I’d bring it to century and they may warranty the blank, the offer a 1 year unconditional warranty, and on their website it says they will give a full replacement for free if it failed due to manufacturing defect
  15. 1-6 oz is a pretty optimistic rating, I wonder how well it throws that range it would be pretty awesome to have a rod that can comfortably throw 1 oz - 6oz well
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