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  1. I saw they dropped those yesterday, they look killer my only fear is durability. the tentacles are long and soft so I have a hard time seeing the bait holding up to bluefish very well
  2. Yeah same, I was too cheap to ever buy a whip finisher so I learned to do it with my fingers pretty quick, I do it with 3 fingers in a triangle shape
  3. Tying bucktails is rewarding and easy to get in to. you can make is a cheap or expensive as you want to. when I started trying bucktails I was around 12, I would buy painted heads and get deer tails from the local butcher. I’d dry the tails and use sewing thread pinched from my grandmothers sewing kit, then top it off with my sister’s clear nail polish. For a vice I used a 4” desk vice. now I use a Peak Jurassic rotary vice, UTC gsp thread, uv cure resin. I also powdercoat my jigheads, it holds up well to banging into rocks better than paint that being said, the bucktails I tie now don’t catch any more fish than the bucktails I tied than. Any decent rotary vice that is large enough to hold saltwater hooks will do, and materials like thread, bucktails, and feathers are all in large part personal preference. I like to buy my bucktail material in person so I can see and feel the length, density, and quality of the hair
  4. That teaser is sweet, I love the greens and natural/artificial blend
  5. Yeah I won't point fingers or anything but they are practically the same bait except for the colors and plastic used. Personally I prefer the zingers, his colors are killer and I love the 11" size
  6. Yep, it’s a sweet potato pie megashad. Like others have said you can still buy them, but if they’re out of stock you can also look at the zinger baits xcite shad or the Bass Kandy Delights, they’re all very similar baits
  7. Honestly I’m the opposite. I see no use for the 30, I carry a 60 almost always. for controlling smaller fish a plastic lip gripper will do the job just as well as the 30lb boga but for $10 instead of $200. I carry the 60 because it’s really not that heavy, and I’m pushing hard to top 50, so I’m only weighing fish if they’re 45” plus, in that case the 30 does me no use. also, I have a carp weighing basket that I use to weigh fish so I don’t have to hang them by the lil. The mesh basket holds the fish horizontally and supports the whole weight of the fish, i hook the boga through the handles on the basket and lift the fish horizontally
  8. Those smaller sharks tend to be more ornery than curious whereas the bigger sharks generally seem more curious and relaxed
  9. I think 90% of surfcasters either fish manual pickup reels or they disable auto bail trips on reels, not having an auto bail is a good thing if its not a Walmart zebco reel, close the bail with your hand. It’s a good habit
  10. Besides watching shark week as a kid and being too scared to swim in the ocean for a year sharks don’t bother me too much. I’ve had a few close encounters with sharks from nurse sharks to adult whites and the only time they bothered me was a mid size blacktip in Florida who tried to nose me while wading. that one freaked me out, but I hit him in the nose with my pliers and he left me alone after that
  11. Then it must’ve been magic for it to have worked in the 80s
  12. How solid does it feel? I’ve never liked the feel of telescoping rods before. It’s a bit heavier but I’m happy with Daiwa’s Ardito tr, similar specs to your rod, 7’6” MH. I use it for travel and as a beater rod, I’ve caught everything from albies and a 40” bass to smaller jacks to Scottish pike. I’m hoping to add a chicago River drum to that list pretty soon
  13. While wading and swimming at nigh rocks, currents, waves and the cold are far more likely to kill you than sharks
  14. The level of bronzing varies from reel to reel. Some are worse than others, and that’s a particularly bad one
  15. Lots of guys use 300 yards. If you’re using 40lb braid 300 yards will almost perfectly fill the 8k gosa I like more line just for that one in a million “what if” scenario where I need more than 300 yards, so I generally use 500 yards. if you fall in the the latter category get the 10k. The 8k and 10k are the same reel with just a larger spool on the 10k, so the weight is only like .5 oz different between the two, the drag is the same, and the IPT are basically the same. if you don’t see yourself using more than 300yards then I’d go with the 8k, it’ll be less bulky