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  1. Pearl necklace?
  2. Well, Toronto scheduled a press conference (forget when). So, Im going with Toronto.
  3. Rod on the lap doesn't work for me but the rod on the holder just might do the trick.
  4. This is a great thread. Gotta try some of the other fishes/seafood listed here.
  5. Dover sole in Paris, red snapper sashimi eaten just minutes after it was caught off the coast of Los Cabos, and monkfish liver at Nobu. H.M.: fresh sea urchin caught by elderly women free divers in Korea. Surreal both in taste and experience.
  6. yes....changing lines/bait/lure will be a PITA without dunking your reel. which I guess is ok in fresh water. 7' is maximum for me but 6' is most comfortable (but can't cast too far). YMMV depending where and the conditions you fish.
  7. I have the Ceymar. Actually, I have an assortment of $50 reels...Okuma Avenger, Okuma Ceymar and Penn Fierce 2. Had them all for a minimum of 3 years and with an annual breakdown and lube, they are still good as new. I have no complaints about any of the three but the ceymar is built like a tank.
  8. Seems eons ago but economy did very well I think. He oversaw the first tech boom.
  9. Biden versus, say, Sanders? Or Warren?
  10. You're right, the zip tie trick doesn't work 100% of the time. Might have to try the reef anchor altho where I fish, I don't think that'll work either. I mean, I sometimes see car engines during low tide...lol.
  11. Noice. For me, I find using paddles in wind possible only when faced directly against the current. Couple of strokes, couple of jigs, couple of strokes, couple of jigs, rinse and repeat. Facing any other direction, Im using too much of my hands on the paddle to keep the yak straight and not enough on the fishing. At that point, I'm just bottom fishing. I use the chute to keep relatively still. Have an anchor but theres just too much junk down below where I fish.
  12. Depends on which Democrat gets elected. If you get a centrist, then the economy will do fine. If you get a socialist Democrat, then yea, I can see them raising corporate taxes across the board. You do that, then the stock market will tank even before they even start passing legislation.
  13. Probably the best in terms of scale and spectacle but this episode was by no means perfect. I HATED the way they dragged on scenes that tried to show how desperate their situations were....I mean ALL of them should have been dead as they waited for the Night King to be assassinated. The best episodes to me were those that left your mouth open and made you wait for next episode....the Red Wedding, Ned Stark's be-heading to name a few, Cersei destroying the temple. Just MHO.
  14. Anything above 20mph wind speed...and if I see white crests in the sea, forget about it. I kayak in an inlet that's sheltered somewhat but if in the open, I wouldn't kayak when its 15mph+. *******...it gives you all the metrics that you need to decide. Its not 100% accurate but the metrics that it gives you goes down to a very local level. But usually, I just eyeball the shore and make sure there isnt going to be a drastic change in weather for the day.
  15. Using this method, I have an assortment of cheap reels that refuse to die. Just rinsing after each trip, and lubing after each season pretty much keeps my cheap-o reels new.
  16. Using this method, I have an assortment of cheap reels that refuse to die. Just rinsing after each trip, and lubing after each season pretty much keeps my cheap-o reels new.
  17. I never knew she was Babe Ruth's sister.
  18. Manhattan

    Lol, I'm one of the homeowners and yes, the non-fishing folks are very protective of their beach. Spoke to one of the security guards and "someone" ratted to the EPA about fishermen taking shorties. Well, that got their attention and since last year, the EPA has been a daily presence. Personally, I don't mind but obviously the homeowners' true motive is to get people off "their" beach (which they never use anyway). I saw a Hispanic family who came regularly to the beach get ticketed for three shorties they kept. It sort of sucks because you know that was their dinner.
  19. A lot for sure. But that guy is a winner if I ever saw one.
  20. And weather is suppose to be nice and warm. I'm so freaking excited at the prospect of going out first time this year and catching no fish. But hey, you never know.
  21. Easily the highest toll crossing in America.
  22. Congestion pricing is going to happen and Im gonna need to accept it. My only hope is that they'll have reduced fares (or no fares!) for motorcycles.
  23. Well, my opening day skunk streak continues. Spent two hours on the Sound near Throgs Neck Bridge using bunker and worms. Threw a few casts using SPs but it got too windy and the rain came in. My buddy skunked out too. But it was good to go out and wet the lines a bit. Going to try again when the water temp rises a bit. Good luck all in the 2019 fishing season!
  24. You're getting my hopes up even tho I never caught a fish on April 1st. Seems like they're pulling a fast one every April 1st.
  25. I use the Thule Aero Blades and foam pads. Suppose to be the quietest in the market but it still whistles unloaded. Others love it but I don't think its worth the cost when its not that quiet.