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  1. I never knew she was Babe Ruth's sister.
  2. Manhattan

    Lol, I'm one of the homeowners and yes, the non-fishing folks are very protective of their beach. Spoke to one of the security guards and "someone" ratted to the EPA about fishermen taking shorties. Well, that got their attention and since last year, the EPA has been a daily presence. Personally, I don't mind but obviously the homeowners' true motive is to get people off "their" beach (which they never use anyway). I saw a Hispanic family who came regularly to the beach get ticketed for three shorties they kept. It sort of sucks because you know that was their dinner.
  3. A lot for sure. But that guy is a winner if I ever saw one.
  4. Easily the highest toll crossing in America.
  5. Congestion pricing is going to happen and Im gonna need to accept it. My only hope is that they'll have reduced fares (or no fares!) for motorcycles.
  6. Well, my opening day skunk streak continues. Spent two hours on the Sound near Throgs Neck Bridge using bunker and worms. Threw a few casts using SPs but it got too windy and the rain came in. My buddy skunked out too. But it was good to go out and wet the lines a bit. Going to try again when the water temp rises a bit. Good luck all in the 2019 fishing season!
  7. You're getting my hopes up even tho I never caught a fish on April 1st. Seems like they're pulling a fast one every April 1st.
  8. And weather is suppose to be nice and warm. I'm so freaking excited at the prospect of going out first time this year and catching no fish. But hey, you never know.
  9. I use the Thule Aero Blades and foam pads. Suppose to be the quietest in the market but it still whistles unloaded. Others love it but I don't think its worth the cost when its not that quiet.
  10. Stripers are in Joisey now. A couple more weeks before they hit the Big Apple. Thank you for the report.
  11. Go enjoy your trophy. Eagles fans no longer can commiserate with Jets fans on football misery. Only Detroit fans can talk to us.
  12. Then you must be one tough son of gun with steel for skin. 51 years and counting.....
  13. You haven't been a Jets fan long enough.
  14. After the signings, anyone know how much money we have left?
  15. Congrats....if I and others should be so lucky.