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  1. Finally he's getting some love. He was GREAT last year: https://www.sbnation.com/2018/1/23/16918858/tony-romo-broadcast-nfl-cbs-2017-season He's football's version of A Rod.
  2. I was 44 when I got my leg dopplered. Encountered some leg pain after a long distance flight from Asia. Initially thought it was cramps but it was strange....the pain traveled up and down my leg from the calf to the thigh throughout the day. When the pain didn't go away for a week, I knew it wasn't a cramp or sore muscles. Went to the doctor and he IMMEDIATELY scheduled a doppler test. He looked scared as ****. The medical technician didn't tell me squat and told me to go IMMEDIATELY back to my doctor. She looked scared as ****. Anyway, I got a heavy dosage of Eliquis (blood thinner) which I was on for one year. The blockage was very severe and usually, the regimen would have been 3 months. The worst thing that could have happened is if the clot travels up to your lungs in which case one would have not too much time to live (pulmonary thrombosis). The doc said since I smoked heavily (I quit now), and have somewhat high cholesterol, I would need to take blood thinners whenever I go on long distance flights. Good luck and its a very good thing you're getting dopplered early on.
  3. Tom Brady is football's Michael Jordan. 9 trips to the big dance. Man just keeps on winning and doesn't let anyone in his division or conference win anything.
  4. The set up for failure has to be bigger and grander than that.
  5. Yea, crazy Mike couldn't spend it all. Now we have $100 million for 2019. And it won't matter bc we'll still mess it all up.
  6. I second the Okuma bait feeder reels. Had it for 2 years, did not service it, thinking it'll fall apart and give me an excuse to buy a better reel but it still works fine (although I think Ill take it apart this winter). Handled two keeper bass double headers on multiple occasions and had the strength to reel them in with no problem.
  7. I rue the day when, as a 10 year old kid, I stayed home sick and put the TV on a Jets game for the first time. They beat Miami in over time and all kinds of passing records were set. They started the season 10-1 and they played those games like it was Madden football. Their defense was very mal-disposed towards quarterbacks (the Sack Exchange) and their offense was a series of passing highlight reels. Was thinking to myself, this Jets team are great...I'm gonna to be their fan! They lose their next 5 games, won a lucky wild card game (giving me hope), then lost, of course, in heart breaking fashion their next playoff game. Same old Jets was not a familiar term to me back then. Its funny how its the little things during childhood that viscously affects you for the rest of your life.
  8. Had high hopes for him when he started....he ticked off all the boxes: smart, experienced, even-keeled, and known as a players coach. NY Jets are a cursed franchise...no one will succeed there. Ever.
  9. For kayaking, something 7' or less, medium action. The rest is how low in price you want to go. Ugly Stiks make good cheap rods. If you want to go cheaper, there's the Daiwa Beef Sticks. There's a lot decent reels for around $50.... which is perfect for a first time kayaker. He'll most likely dunk it often, if not lose it so starting cheap is a good idea. Okuma Avenger, Penn Fierce, Pflueger Presidente. For kayaks, Id get the 4000 size.
  10. Good fishing day?
  11. Dayum. Thats a good deal.
  12. Just don't let that get too close to your nuts ....
  13. Im a bit ambi except in fine motor skills (can bat right and left but can't write left). Like you casting itself does not hurt, even yakking is ok. Shoulder hurts most when I drive a lot and during night, right before bed. Typing on a PC is also uncomfortable. Feels like I have a cavity deep in the shoulder but popping advils and nighttime massages are enough to clear the pain. Keeping busy to forget about the pain, as usual, works too.
  14. I appreciate everyones good advice. I turned 46, I suppose Im at the age where stretching becomes even more important or else issues you never thought of having when you were 20/30s will sprout up. So I ordered a Airwave Elite 9'6" paired with Daiwa BG 4000 ....seems like this rod fits the bill given my budget. No more heaving bait with 6 oz sinkers ... till next year!
  15. You sound like a retired football player!