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  1. Hello, I'm looking to take the family out here for a little camping and wanted to find out what to expect at the nearby north shore beach. I'm hearing its rocky and shallow, any thing else or tips? Thanks in advance. T
  2. Long time lurker first time poster. I was originally going to go on a party boat yesterday( 8/13) out of Belmar. Go there early and this particular boat was packed I had my pole in the pole holder and waited around until sail time. After waiting around I decided it's going to be a long day shoulder to shoulder.. so i decided to split. Fortunately I had my surf rod in the car. Went out "outfront Monmouth county and starting casting around 7AM looking for fluke. Unfortunately, no fluke but schoolie Stripers 4 in total, in about 90 minutes. I was amazed stripers were hanging around this time of the year. Btw, I was using my fluke rig, 1 oz spro white and teaser a foot above the bucktail. both tiped with white swimming mullet 4 inch. they hit both the teaser and the bucktail. goregous morning with sun coming up over the horizon. Luck of the draw as i just picked a somewhat random spot.
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