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  1. interested in trading for St Croix Wild River WS96MF2? May need to ship
  2. when do you think will be the season end? End of June or 06/15/2019? thanks
  3. friend went there at mid night last week and he did not bother text you or call you. I will check with him to see when will be his next trip. If you could not hold them, it is fine to sell them. Please keep me updated and I will check back with you too, thanks
  4. Is the season over for Connect River?
  5. any update today? Are the fishes still running?
  6. Deal. Please PM me your contact info. My friend is at canal now. He will be there this Sunday night and Monday morning. If you guys can meet, that would be great. thanks
  7. Does $35 for 42 jigs work for you? If so, will ask my friend meet you near Canal most likely herringrun. thanks
  8. Pick up price and location? thanks
  9. What is your zip? Let me check shipping first. my rod is in excellent condition used only once
  10. Are you interested in a 9’6 St Croix wild river spinning rod for Salmon/steelhead thanks WS96MF2
  11. where in MA? zip code? What the lowest price for the rod?
  12. Please