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  1. braid is usually kind of noisy, especially 4 strand braid
  2. I’d like to offer $200 for both Suzuki pick up at canal
  3. The gear is the only main difference , oversized cast zinc vs machine cut aluminum.
  4. it means seabass in Korean I believe ,
  5. I would like to offer $20
  6. Top notch smoothness ... best drag in the market... Stella is also a high speed reel some people need w/o sacrificing power.
  7. I have used all of them , Saltist bb and ballistic feels very similar , they are light and feels less sturdy , the slammer feels much more sturdy and is a brick . In term of performance, maybe it’s due to the high speed of slammer , the Saltist and ballistic reel lures against current effortlessly Compared to the slammer much more resistance . & also in terms of free spin the Daiwas are top notch. Slammer drag is much stronger. If you want finesse , the Daiwas , if you want strong , slammer.
  8. Hi , I was wondering if anyone knows what the handle grip material on the Shimano tirajelo 10’6 , not the flock one. Thanks T,
  9. highly recommend other than the fact that its jdm, my friend has one and its a tank, out of your price range I beleive
  10. saltist backbay 4000, slammer 3500, clash 3000, Daiwa bg 3000-4000, penn ssv 3500 in that order for $200 and under,
  11. im going to let it ride out for some days as I am leaning towards selling it jus obtain a Saltiga but I may be interested if it doesn't sell
  12. I have both top section in the new model, shares the bottom section , the rod only bend 3 ft from the top but the power is medium which will warrant more of a bend for 3/4 but still bend very little. In my opinion the legend are the fastest of all st. Croix from inshore to surf in the same ratings .some may feel otherwise.
  13. the 3/4-4 10'6" legend
  14. if you like the legend, the 10'6' legend feels a lot a lot like the 10' mojo in terms of hand feel weight and range minus the handle and guides. both very fast
  15. price drop $770