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  1. It's not because I won't commit a crime. I dont cheat or steel, I pay taxes and pretty much just like any other citizen here... As for dune driving, it was just once here on LI, literally once for a span of 1 minute. Just yesterday I drove over the sidewalk because some idiot double parked against my car... I'm not going to idle 30 minutes in the cold for towing... Seriously, you think I am some sort of serial killer careless invader and are failing to realize that I dont have any motives to commit any crimes. Yeah, I got a parking ticket twice, but a lot of people do to... I payed the price, but I'm no wacko. My post was originally about how terrible the state of mental stability is combined with gun laws here compared to other nations, and yes, my examples can be stupid, but some of the people here who know absolutely nothing, have the audacity to speak up. I didnt say "USA sucks screw america death to america eastern europe is better fk all of you" at all, and only pointed out a few problems, and guess what, the apes here woke up have shat on me. Not saying you're an ape, because you bothered to argue reasonably with me, which i respect, but some people here have like 3 brain cells blindly rooting for a cause. I actually think that mentally ill people should be treated and guns should be banned from at least them, but these guys dont get it and instead call my home country a prostitution camp... Common... I know I'm wrong a lot here but these guys remind me of apes. Last post of SoL. Goodbye.
  2. *
  3. Ignore him. He thinks is Columbus.
  4. the whole point is to do it when no one is there....
  5. I follow most laws since I agree with them usually (keyword). ^^It doesnt work like that. You can only get deported for felony, treason, serious crime, etc. Imagine if they deported everyone for jay walking in NYC...
  6. How does it feel to have three chromosomes? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_by_country
  7. As a foreigner, eating dicks is new to me. Perhaps you can share your experience.
  8. For you, it doesn't matter when because I don't affect your life choices. I am thinking in around 10 months, but if I stay 12 I get a bigger bonus from my job
  9. Perhaps, but it still hurts to take things from people, especially those less empowered. I have soft spots for weaker people.
  10. No, I am paying for everything. I hope you get better because your brain isn't doing too well.
  11. I am paying for it, (2 cars actually) and am also supporting a parent.
  12. In order to get my citizenship revoked, I'd have to commit a serious crime, just as any of US born citizens can. Naturalized citizens don't get any special treatment actually. Bobby Fischer is a perfect example, but he was publicly racist against racial groups for many years and was stripped of his US born citizenship. A lot of illegals get deported because they dont pay taxes. The one's who don't care usually dont pay taxes and commit crimes, and of course, ICE takes them. Driving over a dune might get my permit revoked, or driving 100 might get my license taken away, but that is about it.
  13. parents left Eastern Europe due to the communistic regime. they are splitting, one is going back because it got better, other is unfortunately very poor and wants to stay here for life. I liked it here from 1998 to around 2011, then lived in the city and disliked it a lot. Am planning to make next trip to a good old friend (US Navy expat) in Japan or Australia to raise a family due to recent problems in the states. Moving back to homeland is risky due to the migrant crisis, so that is no option.
  14. bool ( "America" ! == "World" ) === TRUE.
  15. I dont care about laws usually, but when there are people who can kill innocent people on the street, there needs to be Federal involvement. We can't have maniacs running around with guns. Either remove the maniacs, or remove the guns, or both yes, I think my damages to this world are minute and tolerable compared to lets say, bigger events... and there are many. I think health care should be more serious and affordable because if this young man was treated correctly and given better opportunity in his life as well as his parents, then just maybe he might have not been in the mood to kill people. This is just a maybe, but even the best places with mental issues on the low have had mass killings. I think we are all minorities here and that the only real people who have the authority to say "gtfo" to me are native american tribesmen, because this was their land for many years before our arrival. Call me stupid, that is just the thought I want to follow.