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    originally from NJ now fishing NH and Mass .
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    light tackle striped bass, fluke, seabass, haddock, tuna, tile, tog
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    IT Product Manager

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  1. here in Portsmouth NH area they usually show in July
  2. still no call back I am going to dispute the charge at this point. I have been patient enough and written and called them.
  3. update - I ordered my rod on Dec 14th. Today is 3/1. They must have gotten busy before the holidays or forgot my order. I emailed support 3 times in the past two weeks and made 2 phone calls leaving voicemail asking someone call me and let me know what the deal is. Going to call again today.
  4. What GOM needs is a seal culling so the Cod can rebuild.
  5. I have the 2500. Was a Stradic user until I gave the Clash a try. I use it in early season for schoolies as well as freshwater fishing. No issues with it or the four 4000 size reels we use on my boat.
  6. I use mine for fresh and salt. Replaced my Stradics with Clash reels and I am very happy.
  7. yes they do just like all animals they are made to eat. Unless you are some hippy vegan who eats no animals you are a hypocrite. Id rather eat a fish I caught then some chicken raised in a coop. I like to provide for myself.
  8. Big Dons back in the day and Tattoo's which are being made again
  9. Mike did you get in the order I placed for the @@@@barn members with Ryan for the jointed bunkers? Back then he only sold on Surfcasting RI and shops I think. Ill look for some old pics.
  10. I am going to go this year been wanting to for awhile
  11. my favorite for ultralight saltwater is gloomis greenwater GWR9000s it's 7'6" though a little shorter than you wanted. I got it to cast 6" Arkansas shiner sluggos to bass on small sandeels. I had a 360 Slammer on it but have been using a 2500 Clash the past 2 years its a joy to fish.
  12. commercial fishing snag and drop last year I used a slammer 3 4500 with 40lb suffix and 40 lb leader. I fish with about 20 lbs of drag and even the 40" - 48" fish barely take any drag, Show them who is the boss from the start and break their will.
  13. surprised at all the swivel users I only uses swivels on trolling gear
  14. in 2017 I lost two fish that broke upgraded splits. In both cases the hook hanger wire twisted but did not break. Last year I made all my 15F Sp's canal style to solve that problem. The large size I only fish at night. I always crush the barbs regardless of rigging.
  15. This was the 3 Day TNT Far Eastern Canyons trip. Yeah not easy to move that rod but thats what it hit. I am no sword expert and have never targeted them myself I am usually chunking for yellows at night or sleeping. Bent butt gives you more leverage fighting. So does shorter rod. Plus and minuses with different setups.