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    originally from NJ now fishing NH and Mass .
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    light tackle striped bass, fluke, seabass, haddock, tuna, tile, tog
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  1. Lionel Trains is probably a better example that Toys r US. There have been periods when Lionel has put out crap (just like Penn) but eventually good ownership saves the name by selling quality products again.
  2. the component systems finish is awesome!!!! All credit to Big Don for sharing. It is what we used on BC Plugs. Corey did all the finish work but I remember he did use a medium tip airbrush (I thing badger)to spray it not a special gun. Trick was to do 6 light coats.
  3. me too - I fish it really fast with pumping the rod with some pauses to get reaction strikes during the day. I fish SP minnows 80% of the time when I am tossing lures and my own pugs the other 20% - SP's are perfect once canal rigged and de barbed
  4. Thanks Kil. I like the 8 ft size for boat it can get around outboards easily. I'll see you at the March shows to get one
  5. Thank prican1. This post has gotten me motivated to finish some plugs that where test plugs. I bought some primer last night going to make some Christmas presents
  6. Kil - what is your favorite rod of all the Black Hole for throwing the 1 1/9 oz 15F size SP minnow?
  7. I have a bunch of unfinished plugs from when I co-owned BC Plugs down in Central NJ and am looking to get them completed. These where test plugs that we sealed with Waterlox and then tested different configurations of lips, belly weights, hooks and how they are configured (cut, split ring) etc. I don't have a shop or a place indoors to work on finishing these this winter. I am looking for someone who has shop with a good airbrush setup w/ spraybooth to finish these and several more I have. I will share my knowledge and some of the finished work. I don't want to do these with rattle cans and etex. Would like to use createx and component systems for clearcoat which you can spray
  8. is that a jointed 40 or Junior? I know Habs made a run of jointed juniors in 2007 or 8 that where killer. Man I miss him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. WTB BC Plugs torpedos. I only have 2 of the 100's we made looking for 6 open to colors.
  10. WTB BC Plugs torpedos. I only have 2 of the 100's we made looking for 6 open to colors.
  11. I had a 360 till my brother lost it last year overboard. That little reel was a tank never had an issue with it. I used mono so can't help with suggestions.
  12. glad I stocked up on Penn reels this year just in case it's not good.
  13. I crack it very lightly (make sure not to get edges of shell) or the hook comes out to easily
  14. that old fireline is the sh** - I think wit proper rinsing it could last 20 years for some people