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    originally from NJ now fishing NH and Mass .
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    light tackle striped bass, fluke, seabass, haddock, tuna, tile, tog
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  1. A lot more is included including great mates like Steve Ho. My friends I do these trips with don't need gear, rigs or anything other than a good mate for gaffing which isn't a problem. Food is included but people bring plenty of food to share. You either become family or don't get invited back as these are private charters. We may go south and fish along the way. This trip has gone south in years past. But remember that the Oceanographer and Lyndonia have no commercial fishing for now at least. I've fished the Baltimore and Wilmington to death out of Cape May. I haven't gone past the Oceanographer yet I'd love to fish those last Canyons before the Canadian line. I am sure Steve Sr will be in touch with Jeff on the Voyager as they are good friends and decide which way to go.
  2. I think the price is very fair, This trip is just under $1000 for 5 days and while sharing a boat it's one of the biggest boats on the east coast. Any offshore charter is 200 a day but the day isn't 24 hours and you aint goin to the Oceanographer or Lydonia.
  3. after 40 years of pb fishing I have learned to only go on limited load/marathon trips where the boat actually takes a limited load or charter the boat. Go with friends and take over the bow In the past 3 years I've had really good experiences on the Yankee Fleet trips and the little Yellowbird (Hampton, NH). My favorite pb trips are multi day Viking Fleet trips. Friends private charter and we go offshore for 4 or 5 days. I am going on one the last week of June with a former world record holder if the weather permits looking for the next world record.
  4. did BIGGESTJACK eat them all?? Speaking of do you know what he is up to?
  5. my favorite freshwater plug is the rapala husky jerk. I do all my 15f SP minnow canal style and they sometimes act like the husky jerk and stay suspended in place. When you can pause and the plug does not rise at all the results can be great.
  6. ah if they arent good to eat then I have no interest.
  7. that is enough I have caught bluefin to 160 lbs on Avet LX 4.6 that I used for Tilefish. That beig said I grab the LX raptor 2 speed when I am targeting tuna more for the low gear.
  8. I've never taken up hunting because I fish year round. The guy in my avatar is my 4th lab but they have all been ocean swimmers who retrieve tennis balls. That being said my friend Randy Drago who guides up here (fishing and hunting) has been doing super well this year. Everytime I go on Instagram I see some beautiful birds. I may do a duck charter with him just to see if I like it. I know I love to eat duck.
  9. Heck yeah fished with all of them had some great times. I really miss the scallop boat tuna fishing that was a blast.
  10. My primary port was Cape May from 2000-2014 when I moved to Ocean Beach SF for a year. I miss fishing out of there with Phil L, Timmay Tanghare, Capt Harv, Skip on the Stalker and all the great captains. When did you live in JC? I dated a wonderful woman who lived on Hamilton Park in the old hospital they converted and spent 80% of my time there from Dec 2009-Aug 2013. I NEVER would have thought I would like it there but after a month I was diggin it and still do!
  11. I am up in NH now but originally from NJ. 80% of the state is nice just nasty around NYC, Philly, and Atlantic City.
  12. I got my nephew a Spheros 5k that wobbled badly on every rod I tried I returned it to TD for a Slammer 4500. I googled the "wobble" and found it wasn't just this one reel.
  13. I hear you Brian I just went with my trust for Loomis rods and ordered one for SP Minnows and other lighter stuff. I've never had a Loomis rod I didn't love. My brother lost a GL3 last year on Joppa Flats at night that was our favorite 7' spin rod we called the albie slayer. I'll post once I get it in my hand.
  14. I use Sufix 832 - fireline is like rope not needed where I fish
  15. I'd rather not and there is no reason for me to use a 20 plus oz spin reel for striped bass. Don't need the spool size for distance. I fish by boat now and the 4500 Slammer 3 is my reel. I have a few 5500's that come along but no need to use them for striped bass.