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    originally from NJ now fishing NH and Mass .
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    light tackle striped bass, fluke, seabass, haddock, tuna, tile, tog
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  1. they suppsoedly move by sunlight (length of day) not water temp. This year would prove this to be true.
  2. never made it wound up working on the engine. Found out the hard that the water pump replacement kit from yamaha doesnt have 2 little pieces of plastic for the housing outflow. Soon as I got on plane the overheat alarm went off. Luckily neighbor stopped by who had the part from his old yami water pump gonna take a shakedown cruise this week. I did get out with a friend yesterday and he got a few schoolies ant the ver end of the outgoing. Incoming was cold and dirty and nothing to show for it.
  3. my guess was they all probably use the same checkout system and it's down just saw this on Penn site - Due to unprecedented demand resulting in delivery delays, we will be unable to fulfill website orders until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this disruption.
  4. There are tog in southern Maine and Portsmouth NH area but very few. I've talked to a few lobsterman who have caught them in there traps. My friend Dave dove the rocks at the Merrimack mouth last year and only saw one. I would not bother Tog fishing north of the cape (maybe in a few years with global warming). I trailer my boat down to MA or RI.
  5. Im going Saturday and Sunday - seas look great for a change
  6. Can you put the reel to max drag without crushing the boca bearings? I never bothered putting Boca's beacause I figured while they are better bearings they would get crushed as well on max or max plus drag settings.
  7. Congrats on the boat! I got my first one last year after wanting one for 20 years. I already had a lot of gear from doing multi day and specie offshore trips but thanks to some great Penn deals My inshore conventional setups on my boat are Avets SX & Penn Fathom 25 Narrow 2 speeds on St Croix Tidemasters and Black Hole rods. I tried a few of the low profile bait reels and the Maxel Hybrid 25 and prefer the Penn's and Avets. I use Avet LX and Penn senator narrow 113 for deepwater stuff. Spin setups are Slammer3 4500 & 5500's on Tidemasters. Tuna spin setups are Slammer 8500 and Sargossa 20k on Black Hole Cape Cod Nano rods. Convetional tuna are my friends 130's till I get enough money to buy my own.
  8. yep get away from the land crowd and another trick is if you can't get live herrring or if they are banned get a Northbar bottle darter and troll it (or cast). I have friends who have fished the Delaware herring run for 30 year and after the taking of Herring was prohibited 10 or so years ago they switched to trolling the bottle darters and they crush big fish with them.
  9. 2 of my friends have been doing well on Jeffrey's with bait. Hope to get out and jig some soon.
  10. Congrats Keith! That's awesome you did it on foot and with a flyrod!
  11. speak for yourself I havent picked up my new reading glasses
  12. I would never look at 6 pack charter as a way to save on meat. Your friend is trying to justify the cost with fillets. I would justify it with you'll have a good time on a good boat and take some meat home.
  13. Avets are great I've fished them since 2003 being a lefty it was them or Accurate. Just make sure not to set the drag over the max rating or the pinion bearing will get crushed. A lot of people seem to do this day 1 not knowing it will happen.
  14. Ive been out for Haddock already on a friends boat. Got my boat all ready to go last Saturday will fish Haddock in May and begin stiper fishing in June. I hope the pogies show up thick in July again this year.
  15. Its a good question others have asked for a lighter startup but that's due to the design of the drag as you mentioned. Penn hasnt to my knowledge made a "kit" to lighten the intial drag. For stuff that small I use a Clash 2500 on a Gloomis Greenwater 9000s or Clash 4000 on St Croix 7ft tidemaster. No sealing but I want a true ultralight. Yes the Conflict 4000 would be a great choice.