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    originally from NJ now fishing NH and Mass .
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    light tackle striped bass, fluke, seabass, haddock, tuna, tile, tog
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    IT Product Manager

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  1. I plan on taking a look in on Sunday will report back. A neighbor I spoke to on Saturday said a friend caught schoolies in the Piscat last week. Time to bust out the 2" deceiver flies
  2. Its sad to here they were the best online store until they did that upgrade that turned out to be a significant downgrade
  3. My last order (a month ago) showed up fine. I had one issue last year before I knew the shopping cart system or whatever you call upgrade made a mess and stopped ordering from them. I am really good at testing software and finding bugs they need to hire me as a consultant in the winter when my boat is wrapped.
  4. Like Jim H, I haven't found any popper as good. The supply has never met the demand.
  5. so no commercial fishing period?? if not, why only ban it for striped bass? What is so special about them? I am for rod and reel commercial fishing of all fish.
  6. thank you for posting some SENSE
  7. The landlocks are shallow right after ice out no lead core needed. My brother and I used to get them from the center harbor dock during our lunchbreak.
  8. Boat ramps are not irrelevant to people with boats
  9. my first thought and my second thought is once fishing season starts I am fishing. Shows will never have the same turnout.
  10. I check the shallowest first 130-145
  11. rare wood getting hooks replaced for tuna
  12. be careful with converting reels and getting the balance right. My only bailess reel is a greenie 704. I dont see a need with todays Penns. I've ever had a bail flip on any my Slammers or Clashes and the weight savings is not worth it.
  13. not many. I fish the pogie schools with pogies and the past 2 years 9 out of 10 fish I've caught have been over the 34" commercial minimal. Small fish cant eat a bunker. I do release plenty of micro and bass under 24" before the pogie show as a rec fisherman.
  14. damn right we can. And we can sell them to feed people rather than release them to float.
  15. I'll be doing my part to make sure the quota is met.