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  1. We had big fish this summer up north the ones we usually trailer down to the Cape for. They left last week with the pogies and we have a bunch of schoolies and a few 30 inchers around.
  2. Monday my friend and I ran from Plum Island Sound up to Hampton and back and found schoolies on small bait right in the surf with small bluefish and ocean sunfish (mola mola). I only saw ONE pogie flip maybe the east wind will push them back in. I hope so! We pulled out and trailered down to the Cape and made the run to Monomoy and the fishing was slow. We fished for 6 hours and had 8 fish over 34" and maybe a dozen 30-32" fish.
  3. no way I dont even use my bombers anymore. I was late in the game to the sp minnow being a former wood plug builder. I dont even use my own plugs anymore the Sp minnow outfishes any artificial I have
  4. I bought a black hole 701L blank that I will be building over the winter. Great blank.
  5. club club club
  6. I've been casting slammers for many hours and also have never once had the bail flip. You save a little weight I guess - not enough to make a difference to me.
  7. Good luck! Check your pm's
  8. Love the Slammer 3 series. One look at my boat and it's pretty obvious it could be a Penn commercial.
  9. I own both I prefer the Slammer. I was tied to Shimano spin reels for awhile (2000-2016).
  10. I see both inshore and off. Googled them myself didnt realize there are 30 species or more - I see the greater shearwater often.
  11. I have my slammer 3's on st croix tidemasters. For light action fluke the TIS70MF
  12. Left rye Harbor at 3:15 am yesterday and ran east of the isles of shoals looking for surface feeding tuna with heavy spin gear. Found shearwaters working but didnt see any tuna. We jigged some Ron Z's for awhile and then decided to head in and look for the pogies north of Rye Harbor. After not finding any we ran south 10 miles and found a fleet of 30 or so boats including a whale watching boat or two on the pogies. Couldnt get a bite with all the traffic but stuck around and glad we did. The wind laid down and the fish started eating. It was like a natural geographic episode with whales feeding and bass pushing pogies harder than I have seen all year and only 5 boats on them. We didn't keep count but I would safely say we released 20-25 fish from 34"-39". A nice woman in a 15ft whaler who saw us bailing them asked some advice which we gladly gave her and she snapped . About 20 minutes later I hear a cheer (and a whale hadn't surfaced) so I was hoping she had caught a fish which she had
  13. Its the same on all the party boats. I bring an xl offshore bean bag and throw on a heavy hooded sweatshirt and sleep outside on the top deck behind the wheelhouse. Learned this trick year ago on the Viking boats I get much better sleep.