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    originally from NJ now fishing NH and Mass .
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    light tackle striped bass, fluke, seabass, haddock, tuna, tile, tog
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    IT Product Manager

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  1. Interested for sure
  2. that is less fishing time more riding better to stay in Nantucket.
  3. yes one of the "LA Gang" came up to the Farallon Islands a few years ago and took down a great white. Hundreds of GW sharks that were there to breed all left.
  4. someone will grab this dont worry its a sick trip and well worth it.
  5. Slammer 3 4500 on a Tidemaster TIS76HF
  6. not mine it wobbled so bad. I had only read all the threads praising it not the parrallel reel foot/wobble threads. Slammer3 is the reel for me.
  7. show people - thats your ego talking. Anyone who fishes knows its not as good as 98-2005. You arent God nor or you a jufge so go ahead and waste your energy "showing" what we already know.
  8. used ones with owners that are looking to get rid of them quick can be reasonably priced - can be. It's the costs of keeping it up/repairing that adds up. Latest thing for me only $120 bucks which I won't complain about is replacing 2" x4" x 4 ft bunk boards and the mounting hardwear.
  9. yes I fished in a Dusky this spring and almost broke my ankle when we got waked. I have a 2005 KW Bluewater 225 has a nice flat deck and bow rail for rough days. W
  10. I love the Tidemaster 7'6 Heavy. I have 2 for my boat and they are the most used rods. I am ordering 2 more today so when I go to grab a rod its not something else. I fish Slammer3 4500's on them.
  11. I picked up a Engle 123 (108 qt) for $290 shipped last month. There was a deal on grey the white one was $399. It kept ice for 5 days on my last trip offshore and so did my 10 year old Igloo max 94qt. I replaced the hinges and latches with stainless steel ones should be good for many years.
  12. people like this is why people dont post. I just ignore them. Today 7 hours not a single fish hooked. Hopefully tomorrow is different.
  13. Not a fan of swaping. The bunker may swim back to the school or it may hide under the boat. You reel the bunker in you took it out of the feed zone. Most of the fish I get are hooked in the first 45 seconds of the snag. Today we tried chunking bunker for a bit on a fishfinder rig when the bite slowed but wind against tide had the lines straight up and down. We sometimes fish bunker with ballons and circles. Tomorrow I am going to try jigging the edges with diamond jigs.
  14. I don't spend much time on a school. I always look for the biggest school that is getting pushed. I move in front of the direction I think its going and then pull a bunker out in front of the school so it stands out. If nothing hits I'll reel in toss the bunler in a bucket and fish the back side of the school on the next cast. Keeping constant pressure seems to be a big difference. I never fish a bait for more than 4 or 5 minutes I want to be on the edges to at most 25 ft off.
  15. My brother and I released 5 fish today - not one gut hooked from 35"-42". I didnt even need pliers. I've found nothing smaller than 32" seems to be able to swallow an adult bunker and if you keep the rod tip up at like 11:00 with constant pressure (I slowly reel and if I feel slack I speed up till there is none) not ony do you not miss hits you don't gut hook many. We are lure fisherman but not when the pogies are thick. SP minnows do WAY more damage in my hand (and in the hands of 1000 of recs). Even with rear hook removed and front hook barbs crushed I had several schoolies commit suicide this spring plus. They should require single inline hooks on plugs and/or barbless along with the circle hooks for bait with an exemption for commercial fishing and that should be rod and reel only like MA coastwide. Bring back the pinhookers and get rid of the nets. Better for the fish and employs more people.