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  1. Wanting to hear a few more opinions on the two rods if anyone has used them looking to buy very soon
  2. Anyone else with opinions on those rods? Use them etc etc etc
  3. I've actually have the 10 foot rod in the beef stick along with a bigwater 10 and 12. I do like them both just looking to get something a little nicer.
  4. Ok, so I'm looking to get a 12 ft surf rod for shark fishing from the beach. Right now there will be a penn slammer 3 8500 going onto it. And if a 9500 or 10,500 go on sale I'm gonna scoop one up. Right now I'm leaning towards a Tica (I think dolphin is the go to surf?), or Ocean Master 12ft. Heard they are the best bang for your buck. I did look at the penn carnage II also in 12ft. Right now I am catching sharks between 4-8 foot casting from the surf on a Ugly Stik bigwater. Just looking to get a little nicer rod I have the money right now so why not. As of now I cast out a spider weight (home made from people I know) 5-6 ounces plus bait depending if the surf is rough or not. When the surf isn't rough I'll cast a 4-5 ounce pyramid plus bait. Usually I'm casting out Big bonita chunks whole whiting or blue fish. Sometimes I'll cast out the whole bonita head but the ugly stik isn't chunking it very far. I was reading you might have to cast a heavier weight to get the OM to load and cast far. So far I haven't had to use anything higher than 5-6 ounces in weights. Tica looking really nice. If I go for one that's rated 6-12 do you have to put a 6 ounce or bigger to get full benefits of it? Or will using a 5 ounce be ok. But with the heavier weight limit I can chunk out those big heads and bigger baits further. Well also look at other options and recommendations. But those two are the ones I'm looking at right now.
  5. If I order from Amazon and it's not the newer model. Would Amazon let me return it for a newer model? I'm gonna order one tomorrow most likely. Wish you could ask questions before they ship lol.
  6. Anyone mess with the kastking? Was just looking around before I buy today. Big spools pretty big lb for cheap.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. What about in the middle price lol. I dont want budget. I want some good stuff.
  9. I'm uping my braid from 50 LB. To 80 or 100 depending on price. What brand type do you guys recommend right now. I fish mainly for sharks from a pier or surf fishing. Use steel leaders and always cast.
  10. I just chunk baits out and let them soak. It's time to step my game up. Actually had 2 leaders break on me that day.
  11. Need some suggestions for some steel leaders. I got a couple of the steel leaders from Walmart and whatever I hooked too on the pier at Folly Beach saturday broke it off at the hook point. I need some that are strong and castable from the pier. And some suggestions for some for the surf. Dont want that to happen again.
  12. I'd like to see some pics too
  13. These look pretty nice Daiwa Coastal Salt Pro in 9'
  14. Happy New Year sol. I'm looking for suggestions for a brand new Daiwa BG 5000 I picked up for only 73 dollars. I already have a Daiwa BG 8000 for chunking big baits for sharks on a Daiwa Beefstick 10' rod. I'd like this to be mt set up for catching bait fish for sharks, or finally throwing plugs, lures or cut bait, live shrimp, fish. I'd like to be able to use it on the surf or from the piers. My budget isn't very high. I was thinking on another beefstick or an ugly stik cause of my budget. I guess something starting at 60ish, because that's where the ugly stiks kinda start at. But be willing to spend a lil more money for a lil better quality. Deff can't go into the 200 dollar range. I'm not new to fishing by no means, just new to the saltwater scene. Been landlock freshwater fishing forever. Now that I'm closer to the ocean it's all I wanna do. I like this to be able to handle big fish, that's what I wanna target big red's tarpons if I can find them, sharks. Will be throwing a lot of bait, until I learn more about saltwater plugs and lures.
  15. How long does it take to ship from there website? I need it by Tuesday next week.