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  1. Nice fish! Ill be on a boat Friday fishing the mouth of the Merrimack. Thinking of bringing eels, which I rarely use. Have eels been working for people there? Any other bait/lure recommendations for that spot thats been productive? ...I don’t typically boat fish, and am not super familiar with that water. Were not gonna have enough time to jig/snag live bait
  2. 5 keepers this week b/w Boston Harbor and Marblehead. Nothing over 32”. Its getting hot tho
  3. Anybody getting any size over 30” yet? Trying my go to early season spot after work. It was hottt for the first two weeks of May - at least 10 fish a trip, at least- but has slowed down dramatically since then. Last couple times Ive only managed one micro. Tides right tonight so well see...
  4. Big blitz in a North Shore river today just at the start of incoming. Just out of casting range, of course. Birds slamming the water, and stripers blowing up from the bottom nonstop for over an hour! I managed to get one schoolie, but if i was 50 yds closer I would have had a fish every cast. So aggravating!
  5. 3/8oz jighead w 6" Gulp pearl white jerk shad--my go-to. Caught a 40" tarpon from shore down in Marco Island FL with the same setup. Gotta love the aggressive strikes it gets!
  6. The fishing is heating up fast! Got another ten today in a river—this was the biggest and just about a keeper.
  7. They’re here! Got thirty plus schoolies today on a river in Boston Harbor. Most were 18-24”. Some had sea lice. Let the races begin!
  8. No bites this morning from shore. Tried ocean & harbor side of Winthrop. And tried inner harbor.
  9. Thats enough to get me excited!
  10. Walked down to the Charlestown locks after work to see if I could spot any herring. I didn’t see any herring, but I did see a big 36” striper surface-cruising the salt side of the locks. Cant wait for this season to heat up!
  11. Its freshwater season for me
  12. Hey anyone catching still? In/around the harbor, or N Shore area? Bait or lures during the day? What bait/lures working best? Trying to squeeze the last drop out of the season this weekend and trying to gather some intel. As always, any info is appreciated!
  13. I had an awesome weekend on the oceanfront just north of the harbor... Saturday I got a keeper at high tide after eyeing fleeing baitfish and tossing a bucktail into the action. About another dozen of smaller ones in the 24" range. Sunday I showed up at dead low to a couple hundred gulls slamming the water at the edge of the beach. Bait and bass everywhere. After about an 1.5 hrs of non-stop action, I managed to land 2-dozen in the 16 to 24" range. Yellow popper worked best. One of the best days of fishing Ive had and a ton of fun. At one point the blitz moved right in on top of me and I wish someone was there to take a picture; water boiling at my feet, my rod bent tight on a fish breaking the surface, and a flock of 50 gulls feet from my head as they try and pick the bait at my feet. Eventually a gull flew into my line and wrapped its wing, while Im reeling in to try and fix that situation I had a schoolies grab my lure. That was the first time I ever landed a gull and a bass on the same cast (and hopefully the last time)! The fishing is fine!
  14. Anybody catching stripers of size in *Inner* Boston Harbor? There's plenty of bait in the harbor, but haven't been able to find fish on least from land. Might try night fishing the harbor tonight chunking bonito I've been jigging up.
  15. Had a great weekend on Plum Island chunking bonito. Non-stop bites on the incoming tide Sat & Sun. No keepers but a bunch of ~24".