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  1. Yep. 19" girth. Most the schoolies I've caught this year are well fed.
  2. Haha yep good eye. It tried to tail slap the popper and I set the hook at the right time. Then it took off like a torpedo!
  3. Finally found a slot keeper in the Harbor. Caught this morning at sunrise, first cast. Stomach stuffed full of herring.
  4. i find it very hard to NOT throw the pencil when theyre jumping out of the water for it every cast! but, you may have a point. bigger fish cant get to it if all the schoolies are swiping it first. lmk if it works.
  5. Ive caught about 100 schoolies the past 5 days. They’re loving the 6” pencil popper bone-colored. Biggest so far 27”. Early morning bite has been hot. Cant wait for a keeper-sized fish to hookup soon.
  6. Fished from shore Saturday for ~2hrs of outgoing tide, somewhere in Boston Harbor. It was freezing with 40mph wind in my face the whole time. But, the fish were biting. Got about 6 stripers total ranging 8" (tiny!) to ~26" long. I caught everything on a 1.5oz silver/blue Kastmaster (no bucktail on hook). It was the only thing I could get to cut thru that wind. Hoping to get my first keeper this weekend!
  7. The ones I attached have English and Spanish. Try posting a flyer in Spanish if you think it will help. Doesn't hurt.
  8. Yep that’s also a good use. The info is most useful when its posted in public places for all to see.
  9. The herring are thickkk. Fished the Harbor yesterday for 3hrs and there were piles of them in the water the whole time I was there. Couldn't find any bass with em tho. But, when the big bass do find them, it's gonna be red hot real quick.
  10. I was fishing last night in MA and there was a guy that was snagging herring and then casting them out on a J-hook. I tried to tell him that he can't do that, but there was a language barrier and he couldn't understand what I was trying to say. It was frustrating and he kept doing it over and over. Did that guy know that what he was doing was wrong? Probably not, but ignorance is not a good excuse. So, I made these flyers/handouts (attached)--in English and Spanish--which I will be printing and bringing with me when I'm fishing from now on. It talks about the new slot limit, inline circle hook requirement, no gaffing, no herring, and includes pictures. I figure that if people know the rules, then they'll be more likely to follow the rules. And, if I know someone has/knows all this info, and they continue to break the rules anyway, then that's a completely different situation than someone just being ignorant...and karma's a b****. A lot of the text/pictures is copy-and-pasted from an OnTheWater article I found online and other sources. I don't claim ownership of anything attached; it was all sourced online. I have no idea how good the Spanish translated from English; it was copy-and-pasted from an online translation tool...but it should get the point across. Feel free to use these yourselves if you want; and distribute to others as you wish. I figure it can only help the more this info is distributed. Let me know if there's anything missing or wrong. Good luck to all this season! 2020 striper regulations (english, spanish).docx 2020 striper regulations (english, spanish).pdf
  11. 3/4oz just to punch thru wind. Felt like I would have got more hits w/ a lighter 3/8oz and more finesse, but extra weight was needed due to wind. 4-6" size shad was key; they didn't want anything bigger than 6".
  12. Yep. There's herring running where I was fishing. Plain white worked well too. 4-6" range worked best.
  13. Stripers are in Boston Harbor in numbers now. Got a handful of schoolies this weekend around Boston; biggest was 23" on Saturday (in pic), more smaller schoolies 12-16" range on Sunday at same spot. Everything on weighted soft plastic shads.
  14. Stripers are in Boston Harbor in numbers now. Got a handful of schoolies this weekend around Boston; biggest was 23" on Saturday (in pic), more smaller schoolies 12-16" range on Sunday at same spot. I'd guess, depending on weather, that fresh schoolies will be around Cape Ann this weekend.