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  1. I believe I saw one this past weekend on a Western CT reef near high tide. It was far enough away where I could not make out any detail, but the shape of the head and behavior suggested an otter. It caught my attention with a spash that was not fish-like. It stayed in the area, always at about the edge of my casting range for maybe 20 minutes, floating and then disappearing, maybe grabbing some shellfish. Very cool indeed!
  2. I have not caught a ton of fish overall this year, but think I have caught more on the fly rod than spinning and conventional combined. Mainly it's the wind that dictates if I can fly fish or not. If I have a few hours to fish then I might split my time between conventional and fly. It is quite satisfying to tie a fly and then catch a fish on it. It is all about quality rather than quantity for me.
  3. Shore or boat? I fished shore/reef from 6:00-9:30 am and saw just one school of decent size bait fish jump. But, I came up empty handed...again.
  4. A little sampling from my collection. I will try to take some better pictures...I destroyed my phone fly fishing by going up to my chest, wheras if I had just stuck to my conventionals I would have gotten the distance I was after So still working out the kinks in this camera. So here is a lineup from L to R of the Penn Peerless series: 9, 109, 209 and 309 (levelwind has been removed except from the 209). And the Penn Long Beach series: the 60, 65, 66, 67, and 68.
  5. Thanks for the thread. I alternate between spinning, conventional and fly. But, I think my favorite setup is a Penn Long Beach 60, a rod rated in the 1-3 oz range and small bag of tins and plugs. I like the challenge of it (you have to have some degree of concentration so you don't bird's nest) and also the control you have of the line while in flight. For popping you don't have to worry as much about slack in the line like you do with a spinning reel. And for reeling in a fish, having the spool motion parallel to the line feels more natural.
  6. I saw an osprey this week carrying a single stick in the direction of a lighthouse a mile off shore. When you think of a whole nest, that's hard work.
  7. A nice school of snappers came through today within a half hour of low tide. Very fun on the fly rod.
  8. I will work up to the 3 nail knot method of securing a loop after a little practice. At the moment I have Ande 30 lb leader material nail knotted to the fly line. And yes, the 333 line has a mono core. The "30 lb gel spun" material in the video link, is that fly tying thread? Can you use 6/0 or 8/0 Uni which is what I have? Thanks again.
  9. Great ideas. Thanks guys. For what it's worth, I am using the Cortland 333 saltwater line (8 wt).
  10. My fly line does not have the welded loop at the tag end. But, I want to do a loop to loop leader connection. Do you recommend a perfection loop directly on the end of the fly line or instead, add some mono to the fly line (via nail knot) and making the loop at the end of the mono. Thanks!
  11. Yep, I was putting a butterfish lure back into the bag and my butterfingers dropped it in a mere foot of water. I had to wait an hour before I could find it because the water was so dense with sand/etc. Even the sea robbins eluded me the last two times out!
  12. You might check out Bluff Point St. Park in Groton. Has all the fish you mentioned. It is on my list of places to get to this summer. I have not actually fished it yet, so those from that end of the state can weigh in more appropriately.
  13. I mostly fish Fairfield at dawn / early morning with plugs and metals. I have caught a couple of the harbor blues and have seen a couple of schoolie stripers prowling the reef. But, I have not caught one in this area since April!
  14. Thanks guys! It is really nice to add saltwater fly fishing to what I can do. I like stream fishing for trout on the fly, but there's always been something about the salt water that is a little more mysterious and magical.